Winfred Douglas

Short Name: Winfred Douglas
Full Name: Douglas, Winfred, 1867-1944
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1944 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Winfred Douglas (28)sort descendingAsInstances
Ah, dearest Jesus, be my guestWinfred Douglas (Author)1
Awake, my heart, and renderWinfred Douglas (Translator)1
Awake, thou Spirit of the watchmenWinfred Douglas (Translator)5
Awake, Thou Spirit, who of oldCharles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)1
Blessed Jesus, here we standC. W. Douglas (Author)1
Blessed Jesus, we are here, Your beloved word obeyingC. Winfred Douglas (Translator)3
Commit thou all that grieves theeCharles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)4
From heaven high I come to you, I bring you tidings good and new (Douglas)Winfred Douglas (Translator)4
Give praise and glory unto GodCharles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)2
He who would valiant beWinfred Douglas (Author)1
He whom joyous shepherds praisedWinfred Douglas (Translator)2
He whom shepherd men came praisingWinfred Douglas (Translator)3
He, whom the faithful joyously do honorC. W. Douglas (Author)2
Here betwixt ass and oxen mildWinfred Douglas (Translator)2
Jesus, lead the way Through our life's long dayC. W. Douglas (Author)1
Now Christ unfurls, in triumph highC. W. Douglas (Author)1
Now let us all right merry beWinfred Douglas (Translator)2
O Jesu, Crown above the skyC. W. Douglas (Author)2
O more than mighty cities knownC. W. Douglas (Author)1
O sorrow deep!Charles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator (st. 1 and 4))6
O that I had a thousand voices, A thousand ways to praise my GodWinfred Douglas (Translator)1
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryCharles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)1
Peter the blessed, bidden by Christ's messengerC. W. Douglas (Author)1
O Queen of heaven, be joyful (Regína caeli, laetáre)C. Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)3
Spread, O spread, thou mighty wordCharles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944 (Translator)5
This the confessor of the Lord, whose triumphWinfred Douglas (Author)2
Virgin of all virgins fairestWinfred Douglas (Author)2
Wakantanka Cinhintku kin Makata hi qa ṭaWinfred Douglas (Translator)1
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