Timothy Dudley-Smith

Short Name: Timothy Dudley-Smith
Full Name: Dudley-Smith, Timothy, 1926-
Birth Year: 1926

Timothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) Educated at Pembroke College and Ridley Hall, Cambridge, Dudley-Smith has served the Church of England since his ordination in 1950. He has occupied a number of church posi­tions, including parish priest in the diocese of Southwark (1953-1962), archdeacon of Norwich (1973-1981), and bishop of Thetford, Norfolk, from 1981 until his retirement in 1992. He also edited a Christian magazine, Crusade, which was founded after Billy Graham's 1955 London crusade. Dudley-Smith began writing comic verse while a student at Cambridge; he did not begin to write hymns until the 1960s. Many of his several hundred hymn texts have been collected in Lift Every Heart: Collected Hymns 1961-1983 (1984), Songs of Deliverance: Thirty-six New Hymns (1988), and A Voice of Singing (1993). The writer of Christian Literature and the Church (1963), Someone Who Beckons (1978), and Praying with the English Hymn Writers (1989), Dudley-Smith has also served on various editorial committees, including the committee that published Psalm Praise (1973).

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Wikipedia Biography

Timothy Dudley-Smith OBE (born 26 December 1926) is an English hymnwriter and a retired bishop of the Church of England. Born in Manchester, United Kingdom, he was educated at Tonbridge School and Pembroke College, Cambridge before moving on to study theology at Ridley Hall. He was ordained deacon in 1950 and priest in 1951. Shortly afterwards, he became editor of Crusade magazine and ran a Boys' Club in Bermondsey, South London. He served as Archdeacon of Norwich 1973-81 and Bishop of Thetford 1981-91. He also served as President of the Evangelical Alliance. Since his retirement in 1991, he has lived in the cathedral city of Salisbury, England. His wife, Arlette, died on 14 December 2007.

Texts by Timothy Dudley-Smith (248)sort descendingAsInstances
A city radiant as a brideTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
A glory fills the midnight skyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[A King on High Is Reigning]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
A purple robe, a crown of thornTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)9
[A Righteous God in Heaven Reigns]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
A song was heard at ChristmasTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)2
Above the voices of the world around meTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
Affirm anew the threefold nameTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)3
All glory be to God on highTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)2
All glory be to God on high (Dudley-Smith)Timothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Adapter)2
[All My Soul to God I Raise]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[All Our Days We Will Bless the Lord]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
All shall be wellTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)6
Almighty Lord Most High draw nearTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
An upper room with evening lamps ashineTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[Angelic Hosts Above]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
As in that upper room you left your seatTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
As water to the thirstyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)12
At Canas wedding, long agoTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Be present, Spirit of the LordTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)3
Be strong in the Lord in armor of lightTimothy Dudley-Smtih, b. 1926 (Author)5
Behold a broken worldTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
[Beloved In Christ Before Our Life Began]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Beyond all mortal praiseTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)6
[Bless the Lord as Day Departs]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Bless the Lord, creation singsTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Adapter)2
Born by the Holy Spirit's breathTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[Break Into Glad Exultant Song]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Chantez à Yahvé un hymneTimothy Dudley-Smith (1926- ) (Author)2
Child of the stable’s secret birthTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)4
Chill of the nightfullTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)5
Christ be my leader by night as by dayTimothy Dudley-Smith, 1926- (Author)12
Christ be the Lord of all our daysTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)5
Christ be the Way in whom we walkTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Christ bids us break the breadTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)3
Christ high-ascended, now in glory seatedTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)9
Christ is come! Let earth adore himTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Christ is Risen As He Said]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Christ Is the Bread of Life Indeed]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Christ is the one who callsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Christ, our human likeness sharingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Christ our Redeemer knew tempation's hourTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Christ pours his grace upon his ownTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Christ the Eternal LordTimothy Dudley-Smith, 1926- (Author)3
Christ the way of life possess meTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)4
[Come and See Where Jesus Lay]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Come, let us praise the Lord, With joy our God acclaimTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)8
Come, let us tune our souls to singTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Come now with awe, earth's ancient vigil keepingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Come Quickly, Lord, and Hear the Cries]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Come, watch with us this Christmas nightTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Consider him, our Saviour ChristTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Eternal God, before whose face we standTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
Eternal God, we come with prayerTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Ever heart its tribute paysTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[Eye Has Not Seen, Nor Ear Has Heard]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Faith and truth and life bestowingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Faithful vigil endedTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)10
Faithful Shepherd, feed meTimothy Dudley-Dmith (Author)1
Father God, who gave us beingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Father, now behold usTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
[Father of Lights, Who Brought to Brith]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Father on high to whom we prayTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
[Father who Formed the Family of Man]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Fathers and mothersTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Fill your hearts with joy and gladnessTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)10
[For God My Spirit Longs]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
"For God so loved the world" He sent his Son to saveTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
For peace with God aboveTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Freed in Christ from death and sinTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
Freely, for the love He bears usTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
From all the wind's wide quartersTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
From life's bright dawn to eventideTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
From the deep places, hear my cryTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[From the Father's Throne On High]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
From the night of ages wakingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Fruitful trees, the Spirit's sowingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Give thanks for every giftTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Give Thanks to God Above] (Dudley-Smith)Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Give thanks to God on high, For saints of other daysTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)5
Glory to God in the highest, Rejoice in the praise of his worth!Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
God gives us light upon our wayTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
God in his wisdom, for our learningTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[God Is King! The Lord is Reigning]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
God is my great desireTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)6
God of gods, we sound his praisesTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
God sees our world as one day it will beTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[God Shall My Comfort Be]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
God whose love is everywhereTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Good news of God aboveTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)2
Had he not loved usTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
Happy are those beyond all measure indeedTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Have we not known? Have we not heardTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[He Comes, the Way that All May Tread]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
He comes to us as one unknown, A breath unseen, unheardTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)11
He walks among the golden lampsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
He who formed the highest heavenTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Heavenly hosts in ceaseless worshipTimothy Dudley-Smith (Versifier)8
Heaven's throne ascendingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Help me, O God, and hear my cryTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Here is the center: star on distant starTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Here on the threshold of a new beginningTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
Here within this house of prayerTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Holy Child, how still you lieTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)4
[How Dark the Night of Cloud and Cares]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
How great our God's majestic nameTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[How Happy Those Indeed]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[How Happy Those Who Walk in Truth]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
"How shall they hear," who have not heardTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
How shall we sing salvation's songTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
How vast is God's unfailing loveTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
I lift my eyes to the quiet hillsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)8
[In Judgment, Lord, Arise]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[In My Hour of Grief Or Need]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
In our darkness light has shoneTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[In the Name of Christ Rejoicing]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[In the Same Night]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Jesus is the Lord of livingTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
Jesus, Prince and SaviorTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)6
Jesus, the saving Name!Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Let Every Child of Earth That Sleeping Lies]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Let the Earth Acclaim Him]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Light of the minds that know HimTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)9
Light of the world, true light divineTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
Light on the path, a lamp about our wayTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Lighten our darkness now the day is endedTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
[Living Lord, Our Praise We Render]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Long before the world is wakingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
Look, Lord, in mercy as we prayTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
Lord, as the day beginsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)8
Lord, for the years your love has kept and guidedTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)14
Lord God almighty, Father of all merciesTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Lord, May Our Hearts Within Us Burn]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Lord of all life and powerTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Lord of the church, we pray for our renewingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)8
Lord, when the storms of life ariseTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Lord, who left the highest heavenTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
Love is the law that Jesus taughtTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)2
Make of our life a house of praiseTimothy Dudley-Smith, b.1926 (Author)2
Maker of all, whose hand we traceTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
May the love of Christ enfold usTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Merciful and Gracious Be]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Mercy, blessing, favor, graceTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[My Days of Waiting Ended]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Name of all majestyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)15
No longer now, as once we wereTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
No temple now, no gift of priceTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
No tramp of soldiers' marching feetTimothy Dudley-Smtih, b. 1926 (Author)6
No weight of gold or silverTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
Not for tongues of heaven's angelsTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)28
Not to us be glory givenTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
[Now Is Christ Risen] (Dudley-Smith)Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Now is Christ risen from the dead, Now are the powers of darkness fledTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O changeless Christ, for ever newTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
O Christ, our Life, our Truth, our WayTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O Christ the King of gloryTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O Christ the same, through all our story's pagesTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)9
O Christ, who faced in deserts bareTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O come to me, the Master saidTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
[O Comfort Each Believing Heart]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O God, accept your people's praiseTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[O God, From Age to Age the Same]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[O God of Everlasting Light]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
PrayersTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[O God Who Brought the Light to Birth]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O Lord, remember meTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O Lord, whose saving nameTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
O Prince of peace whose promised birthTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
[O Spirit of the Sovereign Lord]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
On God most high be blessings pouredTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Open our eyes, O Lord, we prayTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Our Father God in heaven On whom our wold dependsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Our God and Father blessTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Our God Eternal, Reigning]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Our Savior Christ once knelt in prayerTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Out of darkness let light shine!Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
Praise be to Christ in whom we seeTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Praise God for his redeeming grace, The precious blood of ChristTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Praise the God of our salvation, All life long your voices raiseTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[Praise the Lord And Bless His Name] (Dudley-Smith)Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Praise the Lord of heaven, Praise him in the height (Dudley-Smith)Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
Rejoice in God! Let trumpets soundTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Rejoice in God, my heartTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Remember, Lord, the world you madeTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
Safe in the shadow of the LordTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)11
Saint Luke, belov'd physicianTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Saints and angels sing his praiseTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Savior Christ, in praise we name himTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
See, to us a Child is bornTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
Set your troubled hearts at restTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Shall I not love you, Lord, my strong defenderTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Sing a new song to the Lord, He to whom wonders belongTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Versifier)30
So the day dawn for meTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)4
Spirit of God within meTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)8
Tell his praise in song and storyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)5
Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the LordTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)46
[Thanks Be to God for His Saints of Each Past Generation]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
The best of gifts is oursTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The darkness turns to dawnTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)1
[The Everlasting Lord Is King]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[The Faithful Are Kept As the Mountains That Never Shall Move]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[The Glory of Our God and King]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[The God of Grace Is Ours]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[The Heartfelt Praise of God Proclaim]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[The Heavens Are Singing, Are Singing and Praising]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The Hour has come, foretold since time beganTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The humble hold your kingdom's keyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The King of glory comes to earthTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)1
[The Lord Be Near Us As We Pray]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The Lord in wisdom made the earthTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)1
The Lord is here! His promised wordTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The LORD is king enthroned in mightTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)3
The Lord made man, the scriptures tellTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)2
The love of Christ who died for meTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)5
The pilgrim Church of GodTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[The Servants of the Living Lord]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
The stars declare his gloryTimothy Dudley-Smith (Paraphraser)12
The will of God to mark my wayTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
This day above all daysTimothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) (Author)2
Though pilgrim strangers here belowTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Timeless love! we sing the storyTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)9
To God our great salvationTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
To God who gave the scripturesTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
[To Heathen Dreams Of Human Pride]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
We Believe in God the Father, God Almighty by Whose planTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)7
We bring you, Lord, our prayer and praiseTimothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 (Author)3
We come as guests invitedTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)12
We come with songs of blessingTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[We Sing the Lord Our Light]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
We turn to Christ aloneTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
We turn to Christ anewTimothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926) (Author)2
What are the praises earth can render heaven?Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
[What Blessing God Bestows]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
What colors God has madeTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
When Christ was raised from deathTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
When God the Spirit cameTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)6
When He comes, when He comesTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
When Jesus lived among us He cameTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)1
When Jesus taught by GalileeTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
When John baptized by Jordan's riverTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)16
When the Lord in glory comesTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)7
When to our world the Savior cameTimothy Dudley-Smtih, b. 1926 (Author)5
[When Troubles Come and Hopes Depart]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Who is there on this Easter morningTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)4
[With All Who in this Hallowed Place]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
With undivided heart and ceaseless songsTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2
Within a crib my Savior layTimothy Dudley-Smith (Author)3
[Within The Love of God I Hide]Timothy Dudley-Smith (Author)2

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