Charlotte Elliott

Charlotte Elliott
Short Name: Charlotte Elliott
Full Name: Elliott, Charlotte, 1789-1871
Birth Year: 1789
Death Year: 1871

Elliott, Charlotte, daughter of Charles Elliott, of Clapham and Brighton, and granddaughter of the Rev. H. Venn, of Huddersfield, was born March 18, 1789. The first 32 years of her life were spent mostly at Clapham. In 1823 she removed to Brighton, and died there Sept. 22, 1871. To her acquaintance with Dr. C. Malan, of Geneva, is attributed much of the deep spiritual-mindedness which is so prominent in her hymns. Though weak and feeble in body, she possessed a strong imagination, and a well-cultured and intellectual mind. Her love of poetry and music was great, and is reflected in her verse. Her hymns number about 150, a large percentage of which are in common use. The finest and most widely known of these are, "Just as I am” and "My God, my Father, while I stray." Her verse is characterized by tenderness of feeling, plaintive simplicity, deep devotion, and perfect rhythm. For those in sickness and sorrow she has sung as few others have done. Her hymns appeared in her brother's Psalms & Hymns and elsewhere as follows:—

(1) Psalms and Hymns for Public, Private, and Social Worship; selected by the Rev. H. V. Elliott, &c., 1835-48. In this Selection her signature is "C. E." (2) The Christian Remembrancer Pocket Book. This was originally edited by Miss Kiernan, of Dublin. Miss Elliott undertook the editorship in 1834. (3) The Invalid's Hymn Book. This was originally compiled by Miss Kiernan, but before publication was re-arranged by Miss Elliott, who also added 23 hymns in the first edition., 1834. These were increased in the following edition to the sixth in 1854, when her contributions amounted to 112. From that date no change was made in the work. (4) Hours of Sorrow Cheered and Comforted; or, Thoughts in Verse, 1836. (5) Morning and Evening Hymns for a Week, printed privately in 1839 for sale for a benevolent institution in Brighton, and published in 1842. (6) Thoughts in Verse on Sacred Subjects, 1869.

Miss Elliott's Poems were published, with a Memoir by her sister, Mrs. Babington, in 1873, and an additional volume of Leaves from her unpublished Journals and Poems, also appeared in 1870.

In addition to her more important hymns, which are annotated under their respective first lines, there are in common use:—

i. From The Invalid's Hymn-book, 1834-1841:—

1. Clouds and darkness round about thee. (1841.) Resignation.
2. Not willingly dost Thou afflict [reject]. (1841.) Divine Chastisement.
3. O God, may I look up to Thee. (1841.) Teach us to Pray.
4. This is enough; although 'twere sweet. (1834.) On being debarred from Divine Worship.
5. With tearful eyes I look around. (1841.) The Invitation "Come Unto Me."

ii. From H. V. Elliott's Psalms & Hymns, 1835-1839:—

6. Glorious was that primal light. Christmas.
7. Hail, holy day, most blest, most dear. Easter.
8. My only Saviour, when I feel. Jesus His people's Rest.
9. Now let our heavenly plants and flowers. Monday Morning.
10. The Sabbath-day has reached its close. Sunday Evening.

iii. From Miss Elliott's Hours of Sorrow, 1836:—

11. Father, when Thy child is dying. Prayer for a Departing Spirit.
12. Leaning on Thee, my Guide, my Friend. Death Anticipated.
13. My God, is any hour so sweet? The Hour of Prayer.
14. O faint and feeble-hearted. Resignation enforced.
15. There is a holy sacrifice. The Contrite Heart.

iv. From her Hymns for a Week, 1839:—

16. Guard well thy lips; none, none can know. Thursday Morning.
17. There is a spot of consecrated ground. Pt. i.
18. This is the mount where Christ's disciples see. Pt. ii. Monday Evening.
19. This is the day to tune with care. Saturday Morning.

v. From Thoughts in Verse on Sacred Subjects, 1869:—

20. As the new moons of old were given. On a Birthday.
21. I need no other plea. Pt. i.
22. I need no prayers to saints. Pt. ii. Christ, All in All.
23. Jesus, my Saviour, look on me. Christ, All in All.

Several of the earlier of these hymns were repeated in the later works, and are thus sometimes attributed to the wrong work. [Rev. James Davidson, B.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Elliott, Charlotte, p. 328, i. Other hymns are:—
1. O how I long to reach my home. Heaven desired. From the Invalid's Hymn Book, 1834.
2. The dawn approaches, golden streaks. Second Advent. From Thoughts in Verse, &c, 1869.
Of her hymns noted on p. 328, Nos. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, and 13, all appeared in the 1st edition of Elliott's Psalms & Hymns, 1835.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Elliott, Charlotte, pp. 328, i.; 1561, ii. Further research enables us to give amended dates to some of her hymns as follows:—
1. With tearful eyes I look around (No. 5). This is in the 1835 Appendix to The Invalid's Hymn Book.
2. My only Saviour, when I feel (No. 8). Also in the 1835 Appendix.
3. Father, when Thy child is dying (No. 11). In the 1833 Appendix.
4. I want that adorning divine, p. 559, i. In the Christian Remembrancer 1848, p. 22.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Charlotte Elliott (18 March 1789 – 22 September 1871) was an English poet, hymn writer, and editor. She is best known by two hymns, "Just As I Am" and "Thy will be done". Elliott edited Christian Remembrancer Pocket Book (1834–59) and The Invalid's Hymn book, 6th edition, 1854. To this latter collection, she contributed 112 hymns including "Just As I Am, without one plea", a hymn dated 1836, which was translated into almost every living language of the day. In spite of being raised in a Christian home, she reflected on her conflicts and doubts and was unsure of her relationship with Christ. So she penned her words of assurance about Jesus loving her "just as she was". William B. Bradbury composed music for her lyrics and published the song in 1849. The hymn was translated into many languag

Texts by Charlotte Elliott (95)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أبي إلهي إن أناCharlotte Elliott (Author)Arabic1
كما أنا آتي إلىCharlotte Elliott (Author)Arabic1
كما أنا لا حق ليCharlotte Elliott (Author)Arabic1
كما أنا وليس لي عذر لديكCharlotte Elliott (Author)Arabic1
And is there nothing to be doneCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Art thou acquainted, O my soulCharlotte Elliott (Author)1
Blessed Spirit, thou who deignestCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Castoyac man napnot' babacCharlotte Elliott (Author)Tagalog2
Christian, seek not yet reposeCharlotte Elliott (Author)English132
Clouds and darkness round about theeCharlotte Elliott (Author)4
Ever patient, gentle, meekCharlotte Elliott (Author)10
Ever patient, loving, meekCharlotte Elliott (Author)1
Father, when thy child is dyingCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
Gird thy heavenly armor onCharlotte Elliott (Author)11
Glad tidings of Immanuel's birthC. E. (Author)1
Go, and in tears kneelCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
God of my life, thy boundless graceCharlotte Elliott (Author)26
God of peace and consolationCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Grad wie ich bin, nichts ruehme ichCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Guard well thy lips; none, none can knowCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
Hail holy day, most blest, most dearCharlotte Elliott (Author)1
Heaven's arches rang when the angels sangCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
How shall the young secure their heartsCharlotte Elliott (Author)English1
I cannot always trace the way, Where thou, Almighty One, dost moveCharlotte Elliot (Author)5
I heard the voice of love divineCharlotte Elliott (Author)4
I need no other pleaCharlotte Elliott (Author)5
I take my pilgrim staff anewCharlotte Elliott (Author)9
I want that adorning divineCharlotte Elliott (Author)9
I will approach theeCharlotte Elliott (Author)4
Ich kam zum Heiland, blind und blosC. Elliott (Author)German2
If e'er I seem to tread aloneCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Immortal spirit, awake, ariseCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Is anything too hard for GodElliott (Author)7
Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cryCharlotte Elliott (Author)English1
Jesus, my Savior, look on meC. Elliott (Author)English39
Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came, Born in a manger to sorrow and shameCharlotte Elliott (Author)English1
Just as I am, and waiting notCharlotte Elliott (Author)8
Just as I am, thou wilt receiveCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Just as I am, without one pleaCharlotte Elliott (Author)English1338
Just som jeg er, ei med et straaCharlotte Elliott (Author)Norwegian3
Just some jeg er, da jeg blot harCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Lead me blessed, Savior, lead me, closely holdCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Leaning on Thee, my Guide and FriendCharlotte Elliott (Author)25
Let me be with thee where thou artCharlotte Elliott (Author)48
Lord, I to thee commit my wayCharlotte Elliott (Author)1
Lord, no hour is half so sweetCharlotte Elliott (Author)4
Lord, thou hast made thyself to meCharlotte Elliott (Author (v. 1))1
Miré con ansia al derredorCharlotte Elliott (Author)Spanish5
My God, is any hour so sweetC. Elliott (Author)English247
My God, my Father, while I strayCharlotte Elliott (Author)English402
My only Savior, when I feelCharlotte Elliott (Author)8
Now one day's journey less dividesCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
Nunca, Dios mío, cesará mi labioCharlotte Elliott, 1789-1871 (Author)Spanish1
O faint and feeble heartedCharlotte Elliott (Author)5
O Father, hear us while we singCharlotte Elliott (Author)4
O God, may I look up to theeCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
O heaven abode of saintsCharlotte Elliott (Author)1
O heiland unsichtbarer freundCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
O Holy Savior, Friend unseen, Since on Thine arm Thou bidd'st me leanCharlotte Elliott (Author)English246
O Savior, hear us while we singCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
O Thou, the contrite sinners' FriendCharlotte Elliott (Author)English87
Perdido fui al buen JesúsCarlota Elliott (Author)Spanish2
Pilgrim, seek not yet reposeCharlotte Elliot (1789-1871) (Author)2
Prepare me O my God to stand before thy faceCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Savior, though my rebellious willCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
Show me thy will, Lord, every dayCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Sickness is a school severeCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
So wie ich bin, arm und unrein, Vertrauend aufCharlotte Elliott (Author)7
So wie ich bin, komm' isch zu dirCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
So wie ich bin, mein Recht und Brief istCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
So wie ich bin, nichts bringe ichCharlotte Elliott (Author)German1
So wie ich bin, ohn' alle ZierCharlotte Elliott (Author)German10
So wie ich bin, so muss es seinCharlotte Elliott (Author)German10
So wie ich bin, voll Suend' und SchuldCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Tal como soy de pecadorCharlotte Elliott (Author)Spanish15
Tal como soy sin más decirCharlotte Elliott (Author)Spanish4
Tal como soy, sin una sola excusaCharlotte Elliott (Author)Spanish2
Tal qual estou, ó meu SenhorCharlotte Elliot (Author (st. 2, 3, 4))Portuguese2
Tel que je suis, pecheur rebelleCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
The Sabbath day has reached its closeCharlotte Elliott (Author)13
There is a holy sacrificeCharlotte Elliott (Author)English15
There is a spot of consecrated groundCharlotte Elliott (Author)10
Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly crownCharlotte Elliott (Author)English4
Thou glorious Sun of RighteousnessC. E. (Author)8
Thou, who for sinners once was [wast] slainCharlotte Elliott (Author)12
Tseto'eevėhestato nenȧho'ohtsevatsėCharlotte Elliott (Author)Cheyenne2
Ua hewa au, ua nele noCharlotte Elliott (Author)Hawaiian3
Unto him whose name is holyCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
We thank Thee, Lord, For all the garnered riches we have storedCharlotte E. Elliott (Author)1
When human hopes all witherCharlotte Elliott (Author)17
When waves of trouble round me swellCharlotte Elliott (Author)40
When waves on waves to heaven uprearedCharlotte Elliott (Author)2
Wie ich bin, komm ich zu DirCharlotte Elliott (Author)3
With tearful eyes I look aroundCharlotte Elliott (Author)English193
照我本相,無善足稱 (Zhào wǒ běn xiàng, wú shàn zú chēng)Charlotte Elliott (Author)Chinese2

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