Melvin L. Farrell

Short Name: Melvin L. Farrell
Full Name: Farrell, Melvin L., (Melvin Lloyd) 1930-
Birth Year: 1930
Death Year: 1986 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Melvin L. Farrell (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All praise and glad thanksgivingMelvin L. Farrell (Author)English5
Behold, O God, this lowly breadMelvin Farrell (Author)3
Christians, sound the name that saved usMelvin Ferrell (Author)7
Crown Him with many crownsMelvin Farrell (Author)English1
Do not be angry, Lord our God, No longer be mindful that we have sinnedMelvin Farrell (Author)3
Father, God of all things livingMelvin Farrell (Author)5
Father, while this bread is readiedMelvin Farrell (Author)3
Hail, holy Queen enthroned aboveMelvin Farrell (Author)1
Heart of Christ, we sing thy praisesMelvin Farrell (Author)6
Humbly let us voice our homageMelvin L. Farrell, 1930-1986 (Translator)English, Latin7
Humbly we adore thee, Christ Redeemer KingMelvin Farrell, 1930-1986 (Translator (vss. 1-4))English15
Let the earth rejoice and singMelvin Farrell (Author)English6
Let the hungry come to meMelvin L. Farrell, SS (Translator (Sts. 4-5))English1
Let us praise our noble GodMelvin Farrell (Author)3
Lo our Savior King is hereMelvin Farrell (Author)4
Lord of nations, bless in kindnessMelvin Farrell (Author)4
Merciful Savior, hear our humble prayerMelvin Farrell (Author)6
Now in joy we sing thy praisesMelvin Farrell (Author)4
O Christians, let us join in songMelvin Farrell (Author)4
O God, upholding these United StatesMelvin Farrell (Author)4
O God, who called the Hebrews once of oldMelvin Farrell (Author)4
O great Redeemer, King of all creationMelvin Farrell, SS, 1930-1986 (Translator)English2
Ad te Rex summe, omnium RedemptorMelvin Farrell, SS, 1930-1986 (Author (English))Latin2
O heart of Christ, in thee we see, A joyful harbor from our caresMelvin Farrell (Author)4
O Holy Spirit come to usMelvin Farrell (Author)6
O King exalted, Savior of all nationsMelvin Farrell (Author)5
O Lord of light, who made the starsMelvin Farrell, b. 1930 (Translator)English8
O sacred head, now wounded, With grief and shame weighed downMelvin S.S. Farrell (Author)English1
O sacred head surrounded By crown of piercing thornMelvin L. Farrell, 1930-1986 (Translator (vs. 2))English1
On this day we sing your praisesMelvin Farrell (Author)6
Praise the grandeur of our GodMelvin Farrell (Author)3
Praise to the holy TrinityMelvin Farrell (Author)4
Praise we Christ's immortal BodyMelvin L. Farrell (Translator)English5
Sing, my tongue, acclaim Christ presentMelvin Farrell (Author)2
The King of Kings, Christ Jesus reignsMelvin L. Farrell (Author)English4
To God almighty we confess that we are sinners allMelvin Farrell (Author)7
Virgin, full of grace, purest of our raceMelvin Farrell (Author)English8

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