Ieuan Glan Geirionydd

Short Name: Ieuan Glan Geirionydd
Full Name: Geirionydd, Ieuan Glan, 1795-1855
Birth Year: 1795
Death Year: 1855

Evans, Evan, 1795-1855

Born: 1795, Trefriw, Caernarvonshire, Wales.

Vicar of Rhyl, Wales, Evans was described by Juian as "the chief hymnologist of this [19th] Century." He published two books of hymns between 1829 and 1841.

Texts by Ieuan Glan Geirionydd (9)sort descendingAsInstances
Ar lan Iorddonen ddofnIeuan Glan Geirionydd (Author)5
At un a wrendy weddi'r gwanIeuan Glan Geirionydd (Author)5
Hark! the voice of love and mercyIeuan Glan Geirionydd ((Cyf.))3
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallIeuan Glan Geirionydd ((Cyf.))1
Gogoniant tragwyddolE. E. (Author)1
Mae 'nghyfeillion adre'n mynedIeuan Glan Geirionydd (Author)3
O Dduw, O Dduw, O Dduw, rho im dy hedd (O God, O God, O God, Thy peace by mine)Ieuan Glan Geirionydd (Welsh Words)2
O Dduw, rho im'dy heddIeuan Glan Geirionydd (Author)2
One there is, above all others, Well deserves the name of FriendIeuan Glan Geirionydd ((Efel.))1
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