Alan Gray

Short Name: Alan Gray
Full Name: Gray, Alan, 1855-1935
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1935

Born: December 23, 1855, York, England.
Died: September 27, 1935, Cambridge, England.
Buried: Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

Alan Gray (23 December 1855, York – 27 September 1935, Cambridge) was a British organist and composer.

Born in York, he attended St Peter's School in York and Trinity College, Cambridge. From 1883 until 1893 he was Director of Music at Wellington College. In 1893 he returned to Cambridge to be organist at Trinity College, and remained organist there until 1930.

Among his compositions are liturgical music for Morning and Evening Prayer and the Office of Holy Communion for use in the Church of England according to the Book of Common Prayer, including an Evening Service in f minor, a setting of Holy Communion in G, several anthems, including 'What are these that glow from afar?', and a collection of descants to various hymn tunes, several of which are still in use today (Common Praise (2000) includes four). He also composed a number of items for organ, for violin solo, and for voice and orchestra to religious and secular texts.

Tunes by Alan Gray (30)sort descendingAsInstances
ADESTE FIDELESAlan Gray (Arranger)1
BATTLE CRY (Gray)Alan Gray (Composer)2
BRESLAUDr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))2
BUCKLEBURYAlan Gray (Arranger)1
DARWALLAlan Gray, 1855-1935 (Composer (descant))3
DIADEMATA (Elvey)Alan Gray (Composer (organ descant))2
DIX (Kocher)Alan Gray, 1855 - 1915 (Composer (Descant))3
FRANCONIA (König)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))1
HANOVER (Croft)Alan Gray, 1855-1935 (Composer (desc.))12
HOSANNA (Gray)Alan Gray (Composer)2
HYFRYDOLAlan Gray (Arranger)1
MARTYRDOM (Wilson)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))1
MELCOMBE (Webbe)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))2
MERTON (Monk)Alan Gray, 1855-1935 (Composer (desc.))3
MONKLANDAlan Gray (Composer (descant))2
NICAEA (Dykes)Alan Gray (Composer (organ descant))1
NUN DANKETAlan Gray (Composer (organ descant))1
O QUANTA QUALIAAlan Gray (Arranger)1
OLD HUNDREDTHAlan Gray (Harmonizer)1
ORIEL (Ett)A. Gray (1855-1935) (Composer (descant))1
RICHMOND (Haweis)Alan Gray, 1855-1935 (Composer (descant))1
ST. ANNEDr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))2
ST. COLUMBA (Irish)Alan Gray (Harmonizer)1
ST. FLAVIANAlan Gray (Harmonizer (alt. harm.))4
ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (Elvey)Alan Gray (Arranger)1
ST. LOUIS (Redner)Alan Gray (Harmonizer and Arranger)1
ST. MICHAEL (Genevan)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))1
ST. PETER (Reinagle)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))2
VIENNA (Knecht)Dr. Alan Gray (Composer (Descant))1
WINCHESTER OLDAlan Gray (Composer (desc.))7
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