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James M. Gray

James M. Gray
Short Name: James M. Gray
Full Name: Gray, James M. (James Martin), 1851-1935
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1935

Born: May 11, 1851, New York City.
Died: September 21, 1935, Passavant Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City.

Gray accepted Christ at age 22. He was educated at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine (Doctor of Divinity), and the University of Des Moines, Iowa (Doctor of Laws). In 1879 he became Rector of the First Reformed Episcopal Church in Boston, Massachusetts, where he served 14 years. He then became dean (1904-25) and president (1925-34) of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, and directed publication of four editions (1921-28) of the Voice of Thanksgiving, official hymnal of the Institute.

A conservative theologian, Gray was one of seven editors of the popular Scofield Reference Bible. He was a fine scholar and excellent Bible teacher, but his interests went beyond mere academics. He promoted the Sunday School, and took an interest in civic affairs and patriotic causes. He backed efforts at social betterment, supported Prohibition, and wrote about 20 books

Texts by James M. Gray (114)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A servant of Jesus am IJ. M. G. (Arranger)English1
A wedding feast at GalileeJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English2
All hail the coming Son of GodJames M. Gray (Author)6
At the turn of the roadJames M. Gray (Author)2
Christ Jesus hath the powerJames M. Gray (Author)English13
Come to the Savior, O do not delay (Gray)James M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English3
Complete in thee, no work of mineJ. M. G. (Author (Chorus))English4
Der Heiland hat die KraftJames M. Gray (Author)German2
Ei sølv eller guld har mig frelse erhvervetJames M. Gray (Author)Norwegian2
Eins mit dem Herrn und brüderlich verbundenJames M. Gray (Author)German1
Ej silfver, ej guld har förskaffatJames M. Gray (Author)Swedish5
El oro y la plata no me han redimidoJames M. Gray (Author)English, Spanish4
Entschwunden ist der Sünden LastJames M. Gray (Author)German3
Even from the cradle my life Thou hast guidedJames M. Gray (Author)English3
Far, far away, in heathen darkness dwellingJ. M. G. (Author)English1
Father of mercies, when fear possessed meJames M. Gray (Author)5
Freedom reigns within the heartsJ. M. G. (Arranger)English1
Fret not, He loves thee, Jesus is thy friendJames M. Gray (Author)2
He came from the bosom of GodJames M. Gray (Author)4
He has gone out of sightDr. James M. Gray (Author)3
Holy Ghost! with light, shining on this heart of mineJames M. Gray (Author)2
Holy Spirit bending lowlyJames M. Gray (Arranger)9
Holy Spirit, Calm the restlessDr. James M. Gray (Author)4
I have no friend like Jesus, Who gave His life for meJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English4
I hear the words that Jesus spakeJames M. Gray (Author)2
I know no other JesusJames M. Gray (Author)3
I saw one hanging on a tree, In agony and bloodJames M. Gray (Author)English7
I saw One hanging on a tree, In visions of my soulJames M. Gray (Arranger)English7
I want a sense of pardoning graceJames M. Gray (Author)2
Ich sah am Kreuz, vor dem ich standJames M. Gray (Author)German1
If any man thirst, let Him come unto meJames M. Gray (Author)English8
If no one else will say itJames M. Gray (Author)4
If one bid thee go a mileJames M. Gray (Author)2
Im ganzen EvangeliumJames M. Gray (Author)German2
I'm thinking of a city, That blessed "Upper Fold"J. M. Gray (Author (Chorus))1
In all the gospel of God's graceJames M. Gray (Author)9
In all the impotence of needJames M. Gray (Author)2
In pain, on couch of weaknessJames M. Gray, D. D. (Alterer)English3
Intet jag äger i mig, men seJ. M. Gray (Author)Swedish2
Intet jag har, som jag icke har faattJames M. Gray (Author)2
Ist in dem EvangeliumJames M. Gray (Author)German1
It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord (Gray)James M. Gray (Author)3
I've parted at last from the world and its storeJames M. Gray (Author)3
Jesus is coming, is comingJames M. Gray (Author)2
Jesus knows my greatest trialJames M. Gray (Author)3
Let us exalt the name of Christ togetherJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English4
Lift up your heads, ye gates eternalJames M. Gray (Author)8
Like sweet music, softly breakingJames M. Gray (Author)7
Lord, for tomorrow and its needsJ. M. G. (Arranger)English1
Lord God, the Holy GhostJames M. Gray (Author (chorus))English1
Loving Father, Lord of allJames M. Gray (Author)3
Macht hoch das Tor, macht weit die TürenJames M. Gray (Author)German1
Missing the lost, O Shepherd trueJames M. Gray (Author)3
My Father, I give thanksJames M. Gray (Author)2
My heart has come to the place of restJames M. Gray (Author)English6
My sins laid open to the rodJames M. Gray (Author)10
Naught have I gotten but what I receivedJames M. Gray (Author)English99
Nicht Silber noch Gold hat erlöst meine SeeleJames M. Gray (Author)German3
Nicht silber noch gold war der Preis der ErlesungJames M. Gray (Author)2
Nichts habe ich, was nicht frei ich empfingJames M. Gray (Author)German3
Nor silver nor gold hath obtained my redemptionJames M. Gray (Author)English56
Not by works of righteousness that you and I have doneJames M. Gray (Author)2
Nur sein Erbarmen ließ mich zu ihm nah'nJames M. Gray (Author)German2
O brother, beloved in Christ JesusJames M. Gray (Author)4
O Christ, thy precious self hath borneJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English2
O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy headJames M. Gray, D. D. (Alterer)English2
O dear and longed for SaviorJames M. Gray (Author)English5
O drink of the fountain that never runs dryJames M. Gray (Author)English3
O God we want to thank theeJames M. Gray (Author)2
O hört uns rühmen immer wiederJames M. Gray (Author)German1
O how can we thank thee our God for the BibleJames M. Gray (Author)2
O Jesus, I need Thee; no power but ThineJames M. Gray (Author)English7
O lauschet doch der frohen KundeDr. J. M. Gray (Author)German2
O let us keep praising, keep praising the LordJames M. Gray (Author)English3
O listen to our wondrous storyJames M. Gray (Author)English161
O never look back to the world againJames M. Gray (Author)English5
O pilgrim as you journey, Do you ever gladly sayJames M. Gray (Author)8
O saft mir die KundeJames M. Gray (Author)2
O sing of the One who is always the sameJames M. Gray (Author)English2
O tell me the story that never grows old, The story of One whom the prophets foretoldJames M. Gray (Author)English13
Thou, O my Jesus, Thou didst meJames M. Gray (Arranger)English1
O what are the pleasures that silver can buy?James M. Gray (Author)English11
O will you come to Jesus And bid the world adieu?James M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English3
O Lord, send a revivalJames M. Gray (Author)English7
Of self I am weary, My sin I abhorJames M. Gray (Author)3
On the cross His life out-pouredJames M. Gray (Author)3
One of the sweet old chapters After a dayJ. M. G. (Author (Chorus))1
One with the Lord, and bound to one anotherJames M. Gray (Author)English7
Over the river, the old sweet songJames M. Gray (Author)2
切我所有,無非是接受,全是恩所賜 (Qiè wǒ suǒyǒu, wúfēi shì jiēshòu, quán shì ēn suǒ cì)James M. Gray (Author)Chinese2
See, Jesus comes to Jordan's bankRev. J. M. Gray (Author)English3
Shall I tell you what brought me to JesusJ. M. G. (Arranger)3
Sometimes we feel downheartedJames M. Gray (Author)2
Sound the praises of our LordJames M. Gray (Author)2
The Angel who redeemed meJames M. Gray (Author)English2
The burden of my fear and sinJames Martin Gray (Author)19
The buttercups tell us that June is hereJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English4
The cross, the cross, the Christian's only gloryJames M. Gray (Arranger)English2
The refiner sat by the seven fold fireJames M. Gray (Author)4
The Savior who loves me and suffered the lossJames M. Gray (Author)English16
There is a gate, O bless the LordJames M. Gray (Author)2
There is wisdom that gold cannot buyJames M. Gray (Author)English5
There's a way out of sinJames M. Gray (Author)English2
This life is a battle for Christ and the crossJames M. Gray, D. D. (Author)English4
Two paths are before you, O soul todayJames M. Gray (Author)2
Wen dürstet, der komm' zu dem labenden QuellJames M. Gray (Author)German3
What do I know about Jesus Christ?Dr. J. M. Gray (Author)English2
What is the cross, the crimson cross?J. M. G. (Alterer)English1
When I believed on Jesus ChristJames M. Gray (Author)2
When Israel went out of Egypt, Hallelujah!James M. Gray (Author)English3
When Israel out of Egypt came, HallelujahJames M. Gray (Author)English3
Why say ye not a wordJames M. Gray (Author)6
Will you heed the divine invitationJames M. Gray (Author)English4
يا له من سر عجيبJames M. Gray (Author)Arabic1
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