Marty Haugen

Short Name: Marty Haugen
Full Name: Haugen, Marty, 1950-
Birth Year: 1950

Marty Haugen (b. 1950), is a prolific liturgical composer with many songs included in hymnals across the liturgical spectrum of North American hymnals and beyond, with many songs translated into different languages. He was raised in the American Lutheran Church, received a BA in psychology from Luther College, yet found his first position as a church musician in a Roman Catholic parish at a time when the Roman Catholic Church was undergoing profound liturgical and musical changes after Vatican II. Finding a vocation in that parish to provide accessible songs for worship, he continued to compose and to study, receiving an MA in pastoral studies at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota. A number of liturgical settings were prepared for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and more than 400 of his compositions are available from several publishers, especially GIA Publications, who also produced some 30 recordings of his songs. He is composer-in-residence at Mayflower Community Congregational Church in Minneapolis and continues to compose and travel to speak and teach at worship events around the world.

Emily Brink

Texts by Marty Haugen (139)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the earth is ablaze with the glory of GodMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Adapter)3
All who see me laugh at me, They mock me and they shake their headsMarty Haugen (Author)English8
All you peoples, clap your hands, Shout to God in gladness (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English6
As a dry and weary desert landMarty Haugen (Author)6
As this cup of blessing is shared within our midstMarty Haugen (Author)English6
Awake! Awake, and greet the new mornMarty Haugen (Author)English19
Bless the Lord, O my soul, O God, you are great indeed!Marty Haugen (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all my being bless God's nameMarty Haugen (Paraphraser)English, Spanish7
O blessed are you who fear the LordMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Spanish1
Blest are you who made the universeMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Hebrew3
Bread for every hungerMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Bring forth the kingdom of mercyMarty Haugen (Author)1
By God's grace we were blessed to have heroes strong and trueMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Call us to be your compassionMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English7
Christ be ever before usMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)6
Come fill our waiting heartsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)5
Come gather ‘round this tableMarty Haugen (Author)English2
Come, let us bow before the God who made us (En su precensia entremos y postrémonos)Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Spanish3
Come now, the feast is spreadMarty Haugen (Author)English5
Come, O God of all the earthMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)11
Cry out in joy to the Lord all peoples on earthMarty Haugen (Author)English6
Dwell in the One who raised Christ from the deadMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English5
Este lugar, ¿ya ves cómo brilla?Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)Spanish2
Faithful God, I look to youMarty Haugen (Author)12
For all my life I will sing to youMarty Haugen (Author)English2
From all that leads to deathMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English4
From out of the depths, I cry unto youMarty Haugen (Author)English7
Give thanks to the Lord, for God is good (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English, Spanish8
Glory to God who does wondrous thingsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)9
Go in peace, the peace of ChristMarty Haugen (Author)English4
God indeed is my Savior, I will never be afraidMarty Haugen (Author)6
God is my shepherd, so nothing shall I wantMarty Haugen (Versifier)English18
Lord have mercy (Kyrie eleison)Marty Haugen (Author)English, Greek, Spanish, Xhosa3
God of all, we look to youMarty Haugen (Author)English11
God of day and God of darknessMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English13
Good Christian friends, rejoiceMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (alternate verses))English2
Halle, halle, hallelujah!Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (Verses))English1
Happy all those who fear the LordMarty Haugen (Author)English, Spanish9
Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English3
Have mercy on me, God, in your kindnessMarty Haugen (Author)English, Latin, Spanish5
Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most HighMarty Haugen (Author (refrain 2))English, Spanish1
Healer of our every illMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)2
Here, a million wounded soulsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English10
Here in this place new light is streamingMarty Haugen (b. 1950) (Author)English37
Holy Child within the mangerMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English8
How can I make a return to the LordMarty Haugen (Author)English6
I have found David my servantMarty Haugen (Author)English2
I remember, and my soul melts within meMarty Haugen (Paraphraser)2
I will bless the Lord at all times, God's praise ever in my mouth (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English7
I will sing God's praises all the days that I shall liveMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)4
If we have died to ourselves in JesusMarty Haugen (Author)English3
In the cross of Christ, our glory (Glory and praise to you)Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)1
In the east, the place of dawningMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)2
In you, O Lord I take refuge, Let me never be put to shame (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English2
Jesus Christ, lifted upMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Jesus, Lamb of GodMarty Haugen (Author (additional text))English2
Joyous light of heavenly gloryMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Paraphraser)English8
Keep me safe, O Lord, without you I am nothingMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)2
King Jesus rides a milk-white horseMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (v. 3-9))English5
Kyrie eleisonMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)Greek1
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the worldMarty Haugen (Author (add.text))English2
Let us build a house where love can dwellMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English24
Let us hear what our God proclaimsMarty Haugen (Author)7
Let us rise and sing in the morningMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Let us sing unto the Lord, praise God's name with our joyful shoutsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English3
Listen to my song, Hear me when I callMarty Haugen (Author)3
Lord, have mercy (Haugen)Marty Haugen, b. 1960 (Adapter)English2
Lord, make me know your ways, Teach me your pathsMarty Haugen (Versifier)8
Love is flowing: love is flowingMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
May God's light shine ever upon youMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)4
Neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulersMarty Haguen (Author)5
Now is the feast of the Lamb once slainMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English7
Now the time of grace has comeMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Spanish9
O God, I call to you, come to me nowMarty Haugen (Versifier)4
[O God I seek you]Marty Haugen (Author)English2
O God of all the brokenMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
O God of blessings, all praise to you!Marty Haugen (b. 1950) (Author)English8
Oh, God to whom shall we go?Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)6
O God, why are you silent?Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English6
O Lord of Light, our only hope of gloryMarty Haugen (Author)English14
Oceans of earth, sing glory to GodMarty Haugen (Author (verses))9
Ho, ev'ryone who thirsts: Come to the waters!Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English5
On my breath and in my breathingMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Greek3
On the journey to Emmaus with our hearts as cold as stoneMarty Haugen (Author)English6
Once you were darkness, once you were lost in the shadowsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)4
Open up your ears to hearMarty Haugen (Author)3
Praise for the sun, the bringer of dayMarty Haugen (Author)English13
Praise the God of all creation, God of mercy and compassionMarty Haugen (Author)English6
Praise the Lord, O JerusalemMarty Haugen (Author)3
Praise to you, O God of mercy!Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English6
Let your mind and heart be one with ChristMarty Haugen (Adapter)4
Receive the sign of the cross on your earsMarty Haugen (Adapter)English3
Safely lead the young onesMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)3
Señor, ¿a quién vamos a ir? (Oh God, to whom shall we go?)Marty Haugen (Estrofas)English, Spanish2
Seek the highest gift of allMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Adapter)2
Shepherd me, O GodMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)8
Shepherd of Israel, hearken from your throneMarty Haugen (Author)4
Sing out to God a new songMarty Haugen (Author)1
Sing praise to God, Look not to earthly rulersMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)2
Sing to the LORD a new song, For he has done wondrous deeds (Canten al Señor un cántico nuevo)Marty Haugen (Author)English, Spanish1
Sing to the Lord a new song, for God has done wonderful deedsMarty Haugen (Author)10
Sing with one anotherMarty Haugen (Author)4
Speak, Lord, your servant is listeningMarty Haugen (Author)English1
Spirit blowing through creationMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English5
Springs of creation, river and oceanMarty Haugen (Author (add. Text))1
Springs of water, bless the LordMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (verses))1
Still all the angry criesMarty Haugen (Author (stanzas))English6
Sun and moon: Bless your MakerMarty Haugen (Author)7
Take from me your holy feastsMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)4
Tend your ailing onesMarty Haugen (Adapter)4
The hand of God shall hold youMarty Haugen (Author)English2
The lone wild fowl in lofty flightMarty Haugen (Author (st. 4-5))English3
The Mighty One works great things in meMarty Haugen (Author)2
The tiny child to Bethlehem cameMarty Haugen (Author)English2
The Word became flesh and dwelt among usMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)2
This is the bread of life, for all to shareMarty Haugen (Author)2
To you, O Lord, I lift my soul, My God, I put my trust in youMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (refrain))English2
To you, O Lord, I lift my soul, To you I lift my soul (A ti, Señor, levanto mi alma)Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Spanish1
Tree of life and awesome mysteryMarty Haugen (Author)English15
Turn to the Lord with all your heartMarty Haugen (Author)English4
We are fire and waterMarty Haugen (Author)English5
We do not live on bread aloneMarty Haugen (Author)English1
We give thanks unto you, O God of mightMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Versifier)English13
What do you gain from all your worryMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)4
What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soulMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author (st. 2-))English1
When Jesus had gathered with those he lovedMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Adapter)English6
When our God led us back to freedomMarty Haugen (Author)3
When pain and sorrow weigh us downMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English13
When we were dead in sin (Cuando en pecado morimos)Marty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English, Spanish3
Wind upon the watersMarty Haugen (Author)3
"With my chosen one I have made a covenant"Marty Haugen (Author (alternate verses))6
With the angels in heavenMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Word of mercy, word of justiceMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English4
Word that formed creation, earth and sea and skyMarty Haugen (b. 1950) (Author)2
You are salt for the earth, O peopleMarty Haugen (Author)English22
You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord, Most High (Haugen)Marty Haugen (Author)English, Spanish10
You who have touched us and graced us with loveMarty Haugen, b. 1950 (Author)English8
You who know our fears and sadnessMarty Haugen (Author)English28
Your words, O God, are truth indeedMarty Haugen (Author)8

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