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Michael Haydn
Short Name: Michael Haydn
Full Name: Haydn, Michael, 1737-1806
Birth Year: 1737
Death Year: 1806

Johann Michael Haydn Austria 1737-1806. Born at Rohrau, Austria, the son of a wheelwright and town mayor (a very religious man who also played the harp and was a great influence on his sons' religious thinking), and the younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn, he became a choirboy in his youth at the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna, as did his brother, Joseph, an exceptional singer. For that reason boys both were taken into the church choir. Michael was a brighter student than Joseph, but was expelled from music school when his voice broke at age 17. The brothers remained close all their lives, and Joseph regarded Michael's religious works superior to his own. Michael played harpsichord, violin, and organ, earning a precarious living as a freelance musician in his early years. In 1757 he became kapellmeister to Archbishop, Sigismund of Grosswardein, in Hungary, and in 1762 concertmaster to Archbishop, Hieronymous of Salzburg, where he remained the rest of his life (over 40 years), also assuming the duties of organist at the Church of St. Peter in Salzburg, presided over by the Benedictines. He also taught violin at the court. He married the court singer, Maria Magdalena Lipp in 1768, daughter of the cathedral choir-master, who was a very pious women, and had such an affect on her husband, trending his inertia and slothfulness into wonderful activity. They had one daughter, Aloysia Josepha, in 1770, but she died within a year. He succeeded Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an intimate friend, as cathedral organist in 1781. He also taught music to Carl Maria von Weber. His musical reputation was not recognized fully until after World War II. He was a prolific composer of music, considered better than his well-known brother at composing religious works. He produced some 43 symphonies,12 concertos, 21 serenades, 6 quintets, 19 quartets, 10 trio sonatas, 4 due sonatas, 2 solo sonatas, 19 keyboard compositions, 3 ballets, 15 collections of minuets (English and German dances), 15 marches and miscellaneous secular music. He is best known for his religious works (well over 400 pieces), which include 47 antiphons, 5 cantatas, 65 canticles, 130 graduals, 16 hymns, 47 masses, 7 motets, 65 offertories, 7 oratorios, 19 Psalms settings, 2 requiems, and 42 other compositions. He also composed 253 secular vocals of various types. He did not like seeing his works in print, and kept most in manuscript form. He never compiled or cataloged his works, but others did it later, after his death. Lothar Perger catalogued his orchestral works in 1807 and Nikolaus Lang did a biographical sketch in 1808. In 1815 Anton Maria Klafsky cataloged his sacred music. More complete cataloging has been done in the 1980s and 1990s by Charles H Sherman and T Donley Thomas. Several of Michael Haydn's works influenced Mozart. Haydn died at Salzburg, Austria.

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Tunes by Michael Haydn (23)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ST. ALBAN (Haydn)J. M. Haydn (Composer)233221 55566 24433
BEFIEHL DU DEINE WEGE (Haydn)Johann Michael Haydn, d. 1806 (Composer)2055354 32132 65643
STILLE NACHTMichael Haydn (Composer)3856535 65322 77115
DIE SACH IST DEINMichael Haydn (Composer)1951113 32243 42171
[Fader, du som från din himmel]M. Haydn (Composer)213456 71766 55243
[Fortgekämpft und fortgerungen]Mich. Haydn (Composer)534535 54243 45345
GREENLAND (Haydn)Johann Michael Haydn (From)11735555 13322 44323
HOLY COMMUNIONJ. Michael Haydn, 1737-1806 (Composer)413467 17665 52435
DULCE CARMENMichael Haydn (Composer)7712345 43211 14321
LYONSJohann Michael Haydn (From)32751123 14432 51123
NEWBURY (Haydn)M. Haydn (Composer)515555 13224 44323
OFFERTORIUMJ. Michael Haydn, 1737-1806 (Composer)1834511 76715 53234
PILGRIM LINEJohann Michael Haydn, 1737-1808 (Composer (attributed to))211132 12234 56452
PROSPECT (Haydn)Michael Haydn (Composer)313355 11224 43233
DAYSTAR (Haydn)Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1803) (Composer)115332 11712 15332
RESURRECTION (Haydn)Michael Haydn (Composer)151111 12344 44423
SALISBURY (Haydn)Michael Haydn (Composer)211533 21171 2
ENDSLEIGHJohann Michael Haydn (Arranged from)632112 23117 62171
SALZBURG (Haydn)Johann Michael Haydn (Adapted from)7913554 33211 17154
ST. AVOLDMichael Haydn (Composer)511332 21112 34632
ST. MICHAELS (German)Johann M. Haydn (Composer)155435 43243 16217
[Und es ward Finsterniss]Joh. Mich. Haydn (1737-1806) (Composer)211133 44555 66722
BRADFORD (Haydn) Jo­hann M. Hay­dn, 1737-1806 (Composer)551721 32112 34217

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