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Laurene Highfield

Short Name: Laurene Highfield
Full Name: Highfield, Laurene
Birth Year: 1870
Death Year: 1970

Laurene Highfield was born in Quincy, Illinois. She wrote about three hundred hymns and sacred songs, the libretto of one orotorio and several cantatas among other works.


Texts by Laurene Highfield (284)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A glad message rings through the world todayLaurene Highfield (Author)16
A shepherd so kindly, so gentleLaurene Highfield (Author)2
A wonderful Friend is the Savior of menLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Afar in the desert of sorrow and sinLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
All hail to the King who reigns aboveLaurene Highfield (Author)2
All praise be to Jesus, the Lamb of God who bore allLaurene Highfield (Author)2
All ye ransomed children of the heavenly KingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
America, awake to your dangerLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Around the cross of JesusLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Around the table here we meetLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Arouse ye from your dreamsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
As I travel on my way, to theLaurene Highfield (Author)2
As the dawn of Easter dayLaurene Highfield (Author)1
Awake, awake and sing with joy and gladnessLaurene Highfield (Author)6
Be constant in prayerLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Be not dismayed, the Lord thy God is with theeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Be ye strong in ChristLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Better far than goldLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Bless the Lord, let all within meLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Brave men of Zion going forwardLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Bring your joys to JesusLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Built upon the hill of ZionLaurene Highfield (Author)2
By the great white throne of GodLaurene Highfield (Author)2
By the help of God we stand togetherLaurene Highfield (Author)2
By the shore of the countryLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Can you not watch with ChristLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Cast your cares upon the Savior who will bear your heavy loadLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Cheerfully raise a jubilant strainLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Children of the kingdom with triumphant praisesLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Christ died on the cross that the lostLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Christ entered the garden of shadowLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Christ is calling us into the teeming marts of lifeLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Christ the Lord is walking the watersLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Clinging to the Rock of AgesLaurene Highfield (Author)1
Come happy and freeLaurene Highfield (Author)5
Come sing with joy unto the LordLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Come to Jesus, the Savior, in childhood's mornLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Come to the feast that in mercy is spreadLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Come to the fountain of blessingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Come, walk in the sunshineLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Come where the river of life is foundLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Come, ye people who have heardLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Crown the mighty King of GloryLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Dear mother, I'll be thereLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Do not let your heart be troubledLaurene Highfield (Author)1
Don't lose your trust in JesusLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Ever be in earnest with a hopeLaurene Highfield (Author)4
Ever gleaming through the darknessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Every day I trust thee moreLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Exalt the name of Jesus, Since Christ and God are oneLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Father, keep me by thy sideLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Father of love, who didst not spareLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Father of love whose infinite wisdomLaurene Highfield (Author)2
For his gifts so rare and preciousLaurene Highfield (Author)3
For the deeds we have doneLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Free as the air and sunshineLaurene Highfield (Author)2
From the lowly vale of darknessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
From the shining courts of heavenLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Gladly we come with heartsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Glorify the cross of the Lamb of GodLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Glowing with immortal beautyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Go forward, falter not, nor shrinkLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Go ye into all the world (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)2
Go ye out with singingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
God has forged for me an anchorLaurene Highfield (Author)2
God is not willing that any should perishLaurene Highfield (Author)2
God is pleading gently with your heart todayLaurene Highfield (Author)2
God is very near unto thoseLaurene Highfield (Author)2
God so loved the world he gave his only Son on the cross to bleed and dieLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Golden grain in beautyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Golden sunbeams, we would catchLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Grander far than are the lofty hillsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Great is the Lord, and strong his handLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Greater love could never beLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Hasten to the reapingLaurene Highfield (Author)9
Hastening down the courseLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Have faith in God (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)2
Hear the voice of Jesus who offers comfort and graceLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Holy, holy, he, whom God hath givenLaurene Highfield (Author)2
I am trusting God todayLaurene Highfield (Author)2
I do not ask for happy daysLaurene Highfield (Author)2
I will consecrate all my mind to theeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
If the Savior be upliftedLaurene Highfield (Author)2
If we keep the faithLaurene Highfield (Author)2
If you have heard that our God is loveLaurene Highfield (Author)11
If you have hope in the beautiful lifeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
If you keep in stepLaurene Highfield (Author)2
If your life is hid in GodLaurene Highfield (Author)2
I'll build my life upon the solid rockLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In God's holy Book we readLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the ages long agoLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the harvest of GodLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the kingdom fair and brightLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the kingdom of the LordLaurene Highfield (Author)3
In the Lord my hope doth restLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the love of Christ, my SaviorLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In the name of Christ, the kingLaurene Highfield (Author)3
In the name of the Union so noble and greatLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
In the treasury of heavenLaurene Highfield (Author)2
In this world of pain and sorrowLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Increase my faith, O Lord divineLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Into all the world, 'tis the Master'sLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Is your anchor fast and sureLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Jesus believes in youLaurene Highfield (Author)4
Jesus blest the little children, In the long agoLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Jesus Christ is the GuideLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Jesus gave his life a ransom that theLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Jesus is King of joy and gladnessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Jesus, thou risen Lord, Sovereign of earth and seaLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Joy and gladness are found in servingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Joyous songs of praise we will singLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Just beyond the silent streamLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Keep in the ranks, since you have chosenLaurene Highfield (Author)5
King of kings and Lord of lords is heLaurene Highfield (Author)4
Let us be glad indeedLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Let us be joyful in the LordLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Let us linger in the presence of the MasterLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Life is full of pain and sorrowLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Lift the silver trumpet, sound the chargeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Lift up a standard unto all the peopleLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Lift up your eyes and lookLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Like a crystal spring in the desert of lifeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Like a lamp unto your feet A light from heaven glowsLaurene Highfield (Author)7
Like a star in the nightLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Like a vessel fashioned by the Master's handLaurene Highfield (Author)6
Living for Jesus trustingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Look unto Jesus in perfect trustLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Looking for the promise of GodLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Looking to Jesus ChristLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Love divine, precious loveLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Loyal to ChristLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Magnify the Lord, praise His holy nameLaurene Highfield (Author)3
May God's own grace make gladLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Nearer home, nearer home When the evening shadows fallLaurene Highfield (Author)2
O Lamb of God, thou perfect sacrificeLaurene Highfield (Author)3
O tender Shepherd of the sheepLaurene Highfield (Author)3
O the wise men said, we have seen his starLaurene Highfield (Author)2
O thou who worn and wearyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Often I dream of the place of delightLaurene Highfield (Author)2
O seek ye the water of lifeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
On the mountain of sin you have wandered awayLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
On the solid Rock of agesLaurene Highfield (Author)2
One really can't begin too soonLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Only a step at a time need we takeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Onward and upward still bravely we goLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Open the gate of your life to the LordLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Our hearts are glad, our soulsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Out in the desert you've wanderedLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Over a trackless ocean wideLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Paying tribute to our well-loved deadLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Praise him, praise him (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)2
Praise the Lord in the highestLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Precious Savior divineLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Priceless is the gift of faithLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Proclaim the year of Jubilee (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)2
Reigning in the highest heavensLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Rejoice! rejoice! the Savior reignsLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Rejoice with them that doLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Rejoice, ye children of the LordLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Repent and turn away from sinLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Ring out in gladness, ye Sabbath bellsLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Round our way a light is shiningLaurene Highfield (Author)4
Safe in my father's houseLaurene Highfield (Author)2
See a clearer light is breakingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
See how white are the sheavesLaurene Highfield (Author)2
See the fields afar are spreadingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Seek the Lord of lifeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Shall we go forth with courage strongLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Since mother is on earth no moreLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Since the love of God has shed pricelessLaurene Highfield (Author)7
Sing for joy, sing for joyLaurene Highfield (Author)4
Soldier of God, sleep sweetly nowLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Soldiers of the cross, do not idly standLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Soon our weary feet will comeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Sound aloud a ringing callLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Sound upon the bugle the signalLaurene Highfield (Author)10
Sowing the precious seedLaurene Highfield (Author)1
Sweet is the promise, hear JesusLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Tenderly calling to the childrenLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Tenderly watching over us stillLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victoryLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The angels sing for joyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The army of the Lord will conquerLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The Father waits to welcome youLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The garden of GethsemaneLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The gospel feast is spread in mercyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The harvest fields are white with grainLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The harvest is ripe, but workers are fewLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The harvest of the MasterLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The Holy Spirit waits to lead the trusting heartLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
The King is coming, naught can stayLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
The Lord bless and keep thee in all thy waysLaurene Highfield (Author)3
The Lord is my Light, no evilLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The Lord will come again some dayLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The Master is coming againLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The mighty God of hosts is leadingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The praise of God resoundsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The Savior who blessed little childrenLaurene Highfield (Author)3
The tender Shepherd of the sheepLaurene Highfield (Author)2
The vineyard waits for toilersLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Then bring our country's starry bannerLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There arose a cross on Golgotha's heightLaurene Highfield (Author)5
There is a king of wondrous beautyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There is a ray of promiseLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There is a story most preciousLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There is an army brave and loyalLaurene Highfield (Author)5
There is peace that passes knowledgeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There will come a day, when the quickLaurene Highfield (Author)4
There's a beautiful evergreen valleyLaurene Highfield (Author)3
There's a beautiful land of gloryLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a crown of rejoicing for those who believeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a day of judgment that is surely comingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a kingdom fair and fineLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a land of light and glory, Just beyond the pearly gatesLaurene Highfield (Alterer)3
There's a message full of promise, full of boundless tendernessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a pathway leading up the mountain sideLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a road that leads upwardLaurene Highfield (Author)4
There's a stream of living waterLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's a sweeter note in the melodyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
There's an anchor for the soulLaurene Highfield (Author)6
There's many a stone along life's roadLaurene Highfield (Author)3
They led Christ away up GolgothaLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Thou art indeed a friend to meLaurene Highfield (Author)5
Thou King of earth and sea and skyLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
Though life's way be rough and drearLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Though you are helpless and lonely and poorLaurene Highfield (Author)13
Through death's valley I am goingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Time is bearing us on towardLaurene Highfield (Author)2
To a far Judean hillLaurene Highfield (Author)English2
To Gethsemane came the SonLaurene Highfield (Author)2
To that land where no darkness nor shadows fallLaurene Highfield (Author)6
To the fount of living waterLaurene Highfield (Author)2
To the low, grassy bedsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
To the stream that flows from the great whiteLaurene Highfield (Author)3
To Thee, O Lord, I humbly cryLaurene Highfield (Author)English4
Trusting in our dear RedeemerLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Trusting in the Savior whoLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Unto the fields where the grain is waitingLaurene Highfield (Author)5
Upon the throne of agesLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Wait upon the Lord, leanLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Walking in the Savior's shadowLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Wander no more, ye pilgrims of sorrowLaurene Highfield (Author)3
We are climbing the steepsLaurene Highfield (Author)3
We are going home, every passing dayLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We are on the glory bound trainLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We are standingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We are traveling on together on the King's highwayLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We are trusting in Jesus, our ShepherdLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We come, we come, to sing a song of praiseLaurene Highfield (Author)3
We must say farewell to the oneLaurene Highfield (Author)4
We will praise our God in the beauty of holinessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We will send a message over the country wideLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We would be light bearers unto lands in darknessLaurene Highfield (Author)2
We would win all the world for our SaviorLaurene Highfield (Author)2
What does it matter, if pilgrims by your sideLaurene Highfield (Author)4
What is the Lord to you on life's journeyLaurene Highfield (Author)2
What kind of seed are you sowingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
What will be the harvest, when the seedLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Whatsoever things are pureLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When a raging storm crashes roundLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When my heart is sad and troubledLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the hills are hard to climbLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the Master calls you to the vineyardLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the silver trumpet soundsLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the tempests are ragingLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the trials of life seemLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When the trump of God shall sound, And the books are opened wide (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)English3
When the trumpet shall sound (Highfield)Laurene Highfield (Author)2
When the trumpet sounds aloud the callLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When upon the cross the SaviorLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When we gather up thereLaurene Highfield (Author)3
When with our God our lives are hidLaurene Highfield (Author)2
When you are anxious and burdenedLaurene Highfield (Author)6
Where our loved ones lie at restLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Who will stand for Jesus gainstLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Why days are dark and trials comeLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Why stand ye idle on the shoresLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Why will you in bondage stayLaurence Highfield (Author)5
With gates open wideLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Would you know the joy and comfort Jesus gives to souls oppressed?Laurene Highfield (Author)English2
Would you overcome allLaurene Highfield (Author)2
Ye are the seed of the kingdomLaurene Highfield (Author)3
Ye soldiers who know that the battle with rumLaurene Highfield (Author)3
You have heard the holy wordLaurene Highfield (Author)4

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