Daniel F. Hodges

Short Name: Daniel F. Hodges
Full Name: Hodges, Daniel Franklin, 1835-
Birth Year: 1835

Late 19th Century

Hodges’ works include:
Sacred Crown, with G. W. Foster (Lee and Shepard, 1871)
Lingering Memories, with John Greenleaf Whittier (J. D. Russell & Company, 1874)
Living Waters (Oliver Ditson & Company, 1875)
Golden Sunbeams, with John Tenney (Lee and Shepard, 1876)
The Shining Strand, 1881
Boundless Love, 1883



Hodges, Daniel Franklin, poet, composer, was born Feb. 17, 1835, in Belfast, Maine. He has written twelve music books; two operettas; one dramatic cantata; and a number of sheet music pieces.

from Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography

Texts by Daniel F. Hodges (13)sort descendingAsInstances
Art thou worn and heavy ladenDaniel F. Hodges (Author)2
Beneath our feet and o'er our headDaniel F. Hodges (Author)1
From Greenland's icy mountainsDaniel F. Hodges (Author)1
Hear it singing, singing sweetlyDaniel F. Hodges (Author)3
Hear the voice of Jesus calling, go work todayDaniel F. Hodges (Author)2
Heavenly Father, hear our prayer on thy loveDaniel F. Hodges (Author)2
Jesus is calling, come unto me, Hearken, ODaniel F. Hodges (Author)2
My heart was late the home of sinDaniel F. Hodges (Author)2
Nearer to the shores of promise (Hodges)Daniel F. Hodges (Author)2
O God, thou art my God alone (Hodges)Daniel F. Hodges (Author)2
There's a sweet old song with a love so deepD. F. Hodges (Author)4
This place is holy groundDaniel F. Hodges (Author)1
Thou art, O God, the life and lightDaniel F. Hodges (Author)1
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