Alan J. Hommerding

Short Name: Alan J. Hommerding
Full Name: Hommerding, Alan J. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Alan J. Hommerding (11)sort descendingAsInstances
[Benedictus: O Chosen Children, Israel]Alan J. Hommerding (Author)2
Come, sing a home and familyAlan J. Hommerding (Author)2
From ashes to the living fontAlan J. Hommerding, b. 1956 (Author)6
Jesus said: I am the Bread Kneeded long to give you lifeAlan J. Hommerding, b. 1956 (Author (st. 2))2
[Magnificat: My Soul Flies Free]Alan J. Hommerding (Author)2
[Nunc Dimittis: In Peace, Dismiss Your Servant, Lord]Alan J. Hommerding (Author)2
Praise, O Zion, voices praisingAlan J. Hommerding, b. 1956 (Translator)2
Sing, my soul, sing out your praisesAlan J. Hommerding (Author)2
[Stations of the Cross]Alan J. Hommerding (Author)2
To Jordan Jesus humbly cameAlan J. Hommerding, b. 1956 (Author)2
We sing of the saints filled with Spirit and graceAlan J. Hommerding, b. 1956 (Author)2
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