George P. Hott

Short Name: George P. Hott
Full Name: Hott, George P.

20th Century

Hott, a minister in the United Brethren Church, was Principal of Shenandoah Collegiate Institute (now Shenandoah University), Winchester, Virginia (1887-96). His works include:

Christ the Teacher (Dayton, Ohio: United Brethren Publishing House, 1900)


Hott, George P.: Residence, Dayton; clergyman, educator, author; a frequent contributor to magazines, and a writer of a number of excellent hymns; author of “Christ the Teacher.”

Texts by George P. Hott (123)sort descendingAsInstances
After summer's passing daysGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
And I, if I be lifted upon the treeGeorge Hott (Author)2
Angels bear the news to mother (Hott)George P. Hott (Author)2
At the crossing of the riverGeorge P. Hott (Author)4
Be a hero in the throngGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Bright and early in our placesGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
By his outstretched pierced handsGeorge Hott (Author)2
Can he know my troubled heartGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
Cheerfully, cheerfully singingGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
Cheerfully marching onRev. G. P. Hott (Author)4
Christmas boys and girls are weRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
Come and join with one accordGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Counting my numberless blessings todayRev. G. P. Hott (Author)2
Every day I'm happyGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Every day my heart shall praise HimRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
Everywhere the harvest waitethGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Far, far beyond this vale of sorrowRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
From the storms of lifeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Go ye forth to the conquestGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
Good Shepherd, 'tis to theeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Happy little children's voicesGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Has a kindly thought been yoursGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Have courage, my brother, to trust himGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
He ever lives above my Advocate to beG. P. H. (Author)2
He will keep you safeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Hear the gospel invitationGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Hear the promises of loveGeorge P. Hott (Author)4
Holy Bible, more precious than our shining goldGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
How sweet to be sitting in places all heavenlyGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
I am happy all the way, and the path’s so brightRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
I am looking for the city built of GodG. P. H. (Author)18
I am satisfied to knowGeo. P. Hott (Author)2
I am thine, yes, only thineRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)3
I have wandered over the mountainsRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
I love the flowers about my pathRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
I want to do something for Jesus, I want hisRev. G. P. Hott (Author)2
I wonder where my friends have goneGeorge P. Hott (Author)4
I'd like to be a messenger of GodGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
In from the highway, in from the bywayGeorge P. Hott (Author)7
In other years my father prayedGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
In that land where none ever grow oldGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
In the beauty of my LordRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
It's the glory story that we tellGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
I've left the land of sorrowRev. G. P. Hott (Author)2
Jesus knows the strength of my burdened lifeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Join we all in cheerful songRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)3
Just beyond the gates of goldGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Just what the future has for meGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Keep the morning sunshine in the soulGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Kneeling low at thy feetGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Lead me, Savior, ever lead meGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Let the sunshine of thy loveGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Listen, sweetly the heaven's are tellingGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Living the life of the Spirit belowGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Lonely over life’s desert wayGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Longing for mercy pardon and peaceGeo. P. Hott (Author)2
Make my light to shine upon the wayGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Marching on, ye hosts of GodGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
My heart was sore with toil and strifeRev. G. P. Hott, A.M. (Author)2
Never falter in the fightGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
No one hath told meGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
No other name so dear to meRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
O Fountain of blessing, forever expressingGeorge P. Hott (Author)6
O homeless wanderer sad and loneRev. G. P. Hott (Author)6
O what boundless wealthGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
O'er land and sea, let every tongueGeorge Hott (Author)2
Oft in my dreamings of daysGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Oft in my dreamings of days yetGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
O, a lovely valley where living waters flowG. P. H. (Author)2
O the precious promises in Jesus' nameRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
Rich blessing, oft has earth to giveGeo. P. Hott (Author)2
Savior to Thee I come, burdened with sinRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)8
Since the Savior spoke peaceGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Softly, sweetly tell the storyGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Sometime the light will shineGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Speed away, speed away swift evangel of songRev. G. P. Hott (Author)3
Take care of me, I walk aloneGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
Tell all the people, far and nearGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Tell me the Bethlehem story againGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
The angels rolled the stone awayGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
The beautiful star is beaming on meGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
The bountiful Father, the Giver of allGeorge Hott (Author)3
The clouds that hover o'erGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
The fountain of life flows free to allRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
The golden sunset gate afarGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
The highway of the King is freeRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
The home of my Savior is waitingRev. G. P. Hott (Author)2
The story sweet the story oldGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
The wildwoods bloom with flowersG. P. H. (Author)3
There are hearts full of sorrow and weeping todayGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
There are mansions of light in the city of gold Where the joyGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
There is joy in doing goodGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
There's a day when Jehovah shall comeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
There's a joy in this life which the world never knewGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
There's no friend like Jesus, so helpful and trueGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Thou art with me all the weary wayGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Though constant toil my days employGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Though tossed on life's tempestuous seaGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Tidings, tidings, tidings of great joyGeorge P. Hott (Author)4
'Tis a glad new song that the ransomed singRev. G. P. Hott (Author)3
'Tis enough to know that Jesus lovesGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
'Tis hard to bear the heavy loadRev. G. P. Hott (Author)4
'Tis mother's hand unerring leadsRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
To his dear loving arms bid them comeGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
To them that love the LordGeorge P. Hott (Author)6
Toiling on life's weary wayGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Upon the sea of life we glideGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
Wandering afar from home and GodRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
Was it in vain that Jesus cameGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
We welcome thee, thou Prince of PeaceGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
What are these precious promisesGeorge P. Hott (Author)3
When I am weary, to rest in his loveGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
When life's toilsome journey is pastGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
When my life was full of sorrowGeorge P. Hott (Author)4
When the cares of life like billows round me rollGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
When we think of earth's trials and caresG. P. H. (Author)4
Who shall be great in the kingdomGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
With every morning's rising sunGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
With joyful hearts we hail the mornRev. G. P. Hott (Author)2
With me abide, the morning hourG. P. Hott (Author)6
With me abide, the morning hour Fades swiftly into noonGeorge P. Hott (Author)2
With songs and with chorus we welcome theeRev. Geo. P. Hott (Author)2
Yo estoy buscando la ciudad de DiosGeorge Hott (Author)2
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