J. M. Hunt

Short Name: J. M. Hunt
Full Name: Hunt, J. M. (Joseph Marion), 1855-1919
Birth Year (est.): 1855
Death Year (est.): 1919

As of 1885, Hunt lived in Lampasas, Texas. His works include:

Harvest Bells, with William Penn
Harvest Bells No. 2, with William Penn (Cincinnati, Ohio: The John Church Company, 1885)
The Gospel Alarm, with Sanford Miller Brown (St. Louis, Missouri: Central Baptist, 1886)
The Missionary Triumph, with Sanford Miller Brown (Cincinnati, Ohio: The John Church Company, 1889)
Songs of Zion, with Sanford Miller Brown (Kansas City, Missouri: Word and Way Publishing Company, 1898)


Texts by J. M. Hunt (38)sort descendingAsInstances
As weary I wander over this toilsome wayJ. M. Hunt (Author)5
Blessed Jesus, wilt Thou hear me J. M. Hunt (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, wilt thou hear usJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
Christ, the sinner's friend, is comeJ. M. Hunt (Author)1
Come join the army, and work for the LordJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
Forward march, the children now areJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Glorious day, when Christ, our SaviorJoseph M. Hunt (Author)2
God is love, the flowers sayJ. M. Hunt (Author)4
Hear the angels gladly singingJ. M. Hunt (Author)4
Hear the cry from heathen landsJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Hear the curfew bells of heavenJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
How lonely all this lifeJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
I love to hear of Jesus, who meekJ. M. Hunt (Author)4
In my walk toward the heavenlyJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
Is my walk toward the heavenlyJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
Jesus brings a full salvationJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
Little children, sweetly singJ. M. H. (Author)2
Lonely the penitent sinnerJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
O come to the house of prayerJ. M. Hunt (Author)5
O, come to the Savior (Hunt)J. M. Hunt (Author)2
O praise the Lord who to this worldJ. M. Hunt (Author)4
One more witness for Christ tonightJ. M. Hunt (Author)8
Peace, peace, always peace, in the Savior abidesJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Ring the bells softlyJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Tarry with me, O my Savior, Tarry with me through the nightJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
The children are coming, are coming todayJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
The children are coming todayJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
There is a cross for meJ. M. Hunt (Author)5
There is a river deep and broadW. Hunt (Author)1
There's poison in the wine cupJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Though temptations may allureJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
We are going home to that happy landJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
We close the sacred dayJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
When I'm weary I am ledJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
When low in the grave this feeble formJ. M. Hunt (Author)3
While toiling through this weary lifeJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
Why should I waitJ. M. Hunt (Author)4
Woman, why weepest thouJ. M. Hunt (Author)2
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