Jennie Evelyn Hussey

Jennie Evelyn Hussey
Short Name: Jennie Evelyn Hussey
Full Name: Hussey, Jennie Evelyn, 1874-1958
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1958

Jane Evelyn Hussy was born 8 February 1874 in Henniker, N.H. She was an invalid from rheumatism. She began writing verse as a child. The first were published when she was thirteen. At sixteen she began to write stories, articles and designs for crochet needlework for magazines. In 1898 her first hymns were published. She was a member of the Society of Friends.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Jennie Evelyn Hussey (52)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
我今俯伏,生命的王 (Wǒ jīn fǔfú, shēngmìng de wáng)Jennie E. Hussey (Author)Chinese2
يا منبع الحب اجعلنJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)Arabic1
Blessed thought, that when our earthly toils are overJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English3
Consider now, said He, all the lilies of the fieldJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
For the blessings all unnumberedJennie E. Hussey (Author)English4
Had you dwelt in Bethlehem cityJennie E. Hussey (Author)5
Has a message come to you from the kingJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
Has your life been burdened with a weight of careJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
Have you heard the master sayingJennie E. Hussey (Author)3
He is crowned with glory and honorJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
He that is victor in the daily struggleJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
I am but a penny, but I'll add my miteJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
I never knew how beautiful this earthJennie E. Hussey (Author)2
I stood [all] alone at the bar of GodJ. Hussey (Author)4
I stood beside the crimson tideJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
I think that among the most preciousJennie E. Hussey (Author)English3
In lowly and hidden placesJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
In our days of care and sorrowJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
In this busy earthly kingdom there is work for all to doJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
Is Jesus grieved when the heart of sinJennie E. Hussey (Author)2
I've a very precious blessing in my soulJennie E. Hussey (Author)6
King of my life, I crown thee nowJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English117
Long ago 'twas told in storyJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
Long with sin my heart was burdenedJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
Longing for help and healingJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)3
Love is a beautiful storyJennie E. Hussey (Author)2
O child of the King, a message I bringJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
O Lord, keep watch between usJennie E. Hussey (Author)English3
O my brother, are you livingJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)3
O soul unsaved from all your sinJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
O the wondrous mystic powerJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)4
O it is sweet to be serving todayJennie Hussey (Author)2
On this, the brightest dayJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
Out of earth's heart breaking sorrow and anguishJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
Over the plains and hillsidesJennie E. Hussey (Author)4
Revival flames are kindlingJennie Hussey (Author)English4
Rey de mi vida tú eres hoyJennie E. Hussey (Author)Spanish7
Rey de mi vida tú eres yaJennie Evelyn Hussey (1874-1958) (Author)Spanish3
The beautiful water lilyJennie E. Hussey (Author)English2
The bright summer days have been fleetingJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
The Savior is standing with low bending headJennie E. Hussey (Author)3
The sparrows sow and reap notJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)2
There's a call for active workers for the LordJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
There's an evil in our land, And a foe we must withstandJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English5
Unfathomed as the deepest seaJennie E. Hussey (Author)English2
Unto the uttermost, cometh to eachMiss Jennie E. Hussey (Author)English2
Vo’ coronarti Re, SignorJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)Italian2
When burdens press, and cares distressJennie E. Hussey (Author)2
When darkness surrounds meJennie E. Hussey (Author)3
When our feet have reached the summit of the weary hills of earthJennie E. Hussey (Author)English5
When the Savior had gone into heavenJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English2
Who shall ever separate us from the wondrous love of ChristJennie Evelyn Hussey (Author)English6
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