Dafydd Jones

Short Name: Dafydd Jones
Full Name: Jones, Dafydd, 1711-1777
Birth Year: 1711
Death Year: 1777

Jones, Dafydd, of Caio

Texts by Dafydd Jones (12)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Arglwydd grasol, tywallt d'YsbrydDafydd Jones (Author (stanza 2))Welsh2
Arglwydd y bydoedd fry (Lord of the worlds above)Dafydd Jones, Caio (Adapter)Welsh1
Lord of the worlds aboveDavid Jones, Caio ((Efel))English1
Come, ye sinners, poor and needyDavid Jones, Caio ((Cyf.))English1
Deuwch, bechaduriaid tlodion (Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched)David Jones (Translator)Welsh1
Mae arnaf eisiau sêlDafydd Jones (Author (stanza 1))Welsh2
Sweet is the day of sacred restDavid Jones, Caio (Translator)English1
O gariad, O gariad mor rhâd! O! foroedd o gariad mor fawrD. J. (Author (stanzas 1, 2))Welsh1
O happy day, that fixed my choiceDavid Jones, Caio ((Cyf.))English1
O'r nef mi glywais newyddDafydd Jones (Author (stanza 3))Welsh2
Wele, cawsom y MessiahD. J. (Author)Welsh1
Jesus shall reign where'er the sunDavid Jones, Caio ((Cyf.))English2
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