Martin E. Leckebusch

Short Name: Martin E. Leckebusch
Full Name: Leckebusch, Martin E., 1962-
Birth Year: 1962 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Martin E. Leckebusch (63)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ahead of us, a race to runMartin E Leckebusch (Author)English3
At this table we rememberMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
Bring to God your new, best songsMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
Called by Christ to be disciplesMartin Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English2
[Christ Brings the Kingdom Where Barrenness Blooms]Martin E Leckebusch (Author)English2
[Christian Soldiers in the Fight]Martin E Leckebusch (Author)English2
Come, one and all, from near and farMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
[Come, See the Lord in His Breathtaking Splendour]Martin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)English5
Come with newly written anthemsMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
Come, wounded Healer, your sufferings revealMartin Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English5
Con devoción y gratitud (Savior, with glad and grateful hearts)Martin E. Leckebusch (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
Creation sings! Each plant and treeMartin E. Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English3
De boca y corazón (Lift heart and voice to heav'n)Martin E. Leckebusch, n. 1962 (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
Extol the God of justiceMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
For the honor of our KingMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
Forgive us when our deeds ignoreMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
Dear Lord and Father of mankindMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)English1
Give thanks for those whose faith is firmMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)English3
God beyond earth's finest treasuresMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
[God Has Promised Many Things]Martin E Leckebusch (Author)English2
He came to earth in povertyMartin Leckebusch (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, will you be oneMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
How safe it is, this hiding placeMartin Leckebusch (Author)2
I call to you, my RockMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
I will sing a song of triumphMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
In an age of twisted values Martin E. Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English7
In the garden Mary lingersMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
In the night, the sound of cryingMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)3
Jesus, we have heard your SpiritMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
Let all creation's wonders Martin Leckebusch (Author)3
[Let Love Be Found]Martin E Leckebusch (Author)English3
Let us rejoice: God's gift to us is peace!Martin E. Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)3
Long ago You taught Your peopleMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
Lord, I gladly trust in youMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
Lord, listen to my cryMartin Leckebusch (Author)English2
Lord, show me how to count my daysMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
Lord, we thank you for the promiseMartin E. Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English3
Lord, we turn to you for mercyMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)English3
My Lord, you have examined meMartin E. Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)English3
One whose heart is hard as steelMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
Our hope, our life are in the LordMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
People, look east to see at lastMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
Praise to Christ the Lord incarnateMartin E Leckebusch (Author)English2
Refuge and RockMartin Leckebush (Author)English3
Robed in majesty, he reignsMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
Señor, tú ves mi corazón (Lord, see my heart and probe my mind)Martin E. Leckebusch, n. 1962 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Show us how to stand for justice Martin E. Leckebusch (Author)English4
Sing praise to the Lord, you people of graceMartin Leckebusch (Author)4
The gracious invitation standsMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
The heavens proclaim God's gloryMartin Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)2
The Lord created familiesMartin E. Leckebusch (b. 1962) (Author)3
Vengo a ti, Jesús amado (Hear my prayer, beloved Jesus)Martin E. Leckebusch, n. 1962 (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
We are called to stand togetherMartin E Leckebusch (Author)English2
We worship you, whose splendor dwarfs the cosmosMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
When circumstances make my lifeMartin Leckebusch, b. 1962 (Author)1
When David had a longingMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
When trouble looms on every sideMartin Leckebusch (Author)2
Whoever fears the Lord and lives as God intendsMartin Leckebusch (Author)English3
Why do the nations rageMartin Leckebusch (Author)English2
Within the busy rush of lifeMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)English2
Within the shelter of the LordMartin Leckebusch (Author)3
You stood there on the shorelineMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2
Your endless love, your mighty actsMartin E. Leckebusch (Author)2

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