J. Owen Long

Short Name: J. Owen Long
Full Name: Long, J. Owen (Jacob Owen), 1876-1953
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1953

Early 20th Century

We have little data on long, except that one of his songs, dated 1906, was dedicated "to my co-laborer, Evangelist G. B. Fadeley."

Always Be Kind to Mother
Awake, Arise Ye Sons of Men
Bells of Heaven Are Ringing, The
Brother, the Savior Invites You
Come and Join Our Happy Band
Come, Weary Soul, by Sin Oppressed
Easter Lilies Whisper Sweet, The
Every Flower Has a Message Sweet
Hail, Hail the King Who Came Down
Hail the King
Hark, the Glad Bells
Have You Looked in the Highways and Hedges?
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
If There’s Sunlight in Your Soul
I’m Happy in the Savior’s Love
Is Your Soul by Sin Oppressed?
Leave Them Not, O Gentle Savior
Lift Up Your Voice and Let Us Sing
Lighten Another’s Care
Listen to the Little Birds
O Easter Bells, the Day Is Here
O Merry Bells of Christmastide
Repeat the Sweet Story of Jesus
Sin Clouds May Gather Each Day
Sing a Song of Greeting to This Day So Fair
Sing of Jesus and His Love
Tell Again the Sweet Old Story
We Are Messengers of Light
We Are Singing of the Summertime
What Can Little Children Do?
When Earthly Scenes Have All Passed
Who Will Labor for the Master?


Texts by J. Owen Long (33)sort descendingAsInstances
Always be kind to motherJ. Owen Long (Author)4
Awake, arise ye sons of menJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Brother, the Savior invites youJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Come and join our happy bandJ. O. L. (Author)3
Come, weary soul, by sin oppressedJ. Owen Long (Author)3
Every flower has a message sweetJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Hail, hail the King who came downJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Hail the KingJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Hark, the glad bellsJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Have you looked in the highways and hedgesJ. Owen Long (Author)3
I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and restJ. Owen Long (Author)1
If there's sunlight in your soulJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Is your soul by sin oppressedJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Jesus commands you to go todayJ. O. L. (Author)3
Leave them not, O gentle Savior, though they are by sin defiledJ. Owen Long (Author)3
Lift up your voice and let us singJ. Owen Long (Author)3
Listen to the little birdsJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Lord, I hear of showers of blessingJ. O. L. (Author)1
O Easter bells, the day is hereJ. Owen Long (Author)2
O merry bells of ChristmastideJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Praise the Lord, I'm free, I'm freeJ. Owen Long (Author)4
Repeat the sweet story of JesusJ. Owen Long (Author)4
Sin clouds may gather each dayJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Sing a song of greeting to this day so fairJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Sing of Jesus and his loveJ. Owen Long (Author)2
Tell again the sweet old story, As the babeJ. Owen Long (Author)2
The bells of heaven are ringing, Christ the Lord is bornJ. O. L. (Author)3
The Easter lilies whisper sweet, Jesus livesJ. Owen Long (Author)2
We are messengers of lightJ. Owen Long (Author)2
We are singing of the summertimeJ. Owen Long (Author)2
What can little children do (Long)J. Owen Long (Author)2
When earthly scenes have all passedJ. Owen Long (Author)3
Who will labor for the MasterJ. Owen Long (Author)2
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