John S. B. Monsell

John S. B. Monsell
Short Name: John S. B. Monsell
Full Name: Monsell, John S. B. (John Samuel Bewley), 1811-1875
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1875

John Samuel Bewley Monsell (b. St. Colomb's, Londonderry, Ireland, 1811; d. Guilford, Surrey, England, 1875) was educated at Trinity College in Dublin and served as a chaplain and rector of several churches in Ireland after his ordination in 1835. Transferred to England in 1853, he became rector of Egham in Surrey and was rector of St. Nicholas Church in Guilford from 1870 until his death (caused by a construction accident at his church). A prolific poet, Monsell published his verse in eleven volumes. His three hundred hymns, many celebrating the seasons of the church year, were issued in collections such as Hymns and Miscellaneous Poems (1837), Spiritual Songs (1857), Hymns of Love and Praise (1863), and The Parish Hymnal (1873).

Bert Polman
Monsell, John Samuel Bewley, L.L.D., son of Thomas Bewley Monsell, Archdeacon of Londonderry, was born at St. Columb's, Londonderry, March 2,1811, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A. 1832, LL.D. 1856). Taking Holy Orders in 1834, "he was successively Chaplain to Bishop Mant, Chancellor of the diocese of Connor, Rector of Ramoan, Vicar of Egham, diocese Worcester, and Rector of St. Nicholas's, Guildford. He died in consequence of a fall from the roof of his church, which was in the course of rebuilding, April 9, 1875. His prose works include Our New Vicar, 1867; The Winton Church Catechist, &c. His poetical works are:—

(1) Hymns and Miscellaneous Poems, Dublin, W. Curry, Jun., & Co., 1837; (2) Parish Musings, or Devotional Poems, 1850; (3) Spiritual Songs for the Sundays and Holy Days throughout the Year. 1857 (People's Ed., 1875); (4) His Presence, not His Memory, 1855, 1858; (5) Hymns of Love and Praise for the Church's Year, 1863 (2nd ed. 1866); (6) The Passing Bell; Ode to The Nightingales, and Other Poems, 1867; (7) Litany Hymns, 1869; (8) The Parish Hymnal after the Order of The Book of Common Prayer, 1873; (9)Watches by the Cross, 1874; (10) Simon the Cyrenian; and Other Poems; (11) Nursery Carols.

In these works several hymns which appeared in the earlier books are repeated in the later, and thus at first sight his compositions seem to be more in number than they really are. The total amounts to nearly 300, and of these about one-fourth are in common use. The most popular of these are, "God is love; that anthem olden"; "God of that glorious gift of grace"; "Holy offerings, rich and rare"; “Lord of the living harvest"; "Mighty Father, Blessed Son"; and "Sing to the Lord a joyful song." In addition to those which are annotated under their respective first lines, the following are in common use:—

i. Appeared in his Hymns and Miscellaneous Poems, Dublin, 1837.
1. Birds have their quiet nests. Humility of Christ.
2. Dark and dim the day-light rose. Good Friday.
3. Friend of the friendless and the lone. Jesus, the Friend.
4. My God, what wondrous love was Thine. Whitsuntide.
5. O for a heart more fervent. Holiness desired.
6. O for the time when on the world. Missions.
7. The springtide hour brings leaf and flower. Spring.
8. This day the Lord is risen. Easter.
9. When cold our hearts and far from Thee. Teach us to Pray.
10. Why restless, why so weary? Providence.
11. Yes, I do feel, my God, that I am Thine. Assurance.

ii. Appeared in his Parish Musings, 1850.
12. In Thee, my [O] God, will we rejoice. Trust in God.
13. Lord, dependent on Thy promise. Holy Baptism.
14. Members of Christ, Children of God. Confirmation.
15. So teach me, Lord, to number. The Old and New Year.
16. Soon [soon] and for ever. Death anticipated.
17. The broken, contrite heart oppress'd. Promises of God.
18. Thou art near, yes, Lord, I feel it. Divine Support.
19. Would'st thou learn the depths of sin? Passiontide.

iii. Appeared in his Spiritual Songs, 1857.
20. A few bright leaders of her host. All Saints.
21. A happy, happy [merry, merry] Christmas. New Year's Day.
22. Blessed hope, that we the fallen [sinful]. Hope.
23. Heart in heart, and hand in hand. SS. Simon and Jude.
24. Jesus, my loving Lord! I know. Resignation.
25. Last Sunday of the work-day year. Sunday after Christmas Day.
26. Loved by God the Father. Holy Baptism.
27. Mercy, mercy, God the Father. Lent.
28. My head is low, my heart is sad. Confirmation. (Penitential.)
29. Oft doth the Christian's heart inquire. Christian Duty.
30. 0 God, most mighty, listen now. Charities. From "When languid frame or throbbing pulse."
31. 0 holy Sabbath day. Sunday.
32. 0 Lord, what records of Thy love. St. Barnabas. Sometimes, “Lord God, what records of Thy love."
33. 0 love, divine and golden. Holy Matrimony. From this, "Love divine and tender" is taken.
34. One lesson more the Church must learn. Waiting on God. From this, “One lesson Christ His own would teach" is taken.
35. Proudly in his [the] hall of judgment. Tuesday before Easter.
36. Sinful, sighing to be blest. Lent.
37. The Church of God, with equal care. St. James.
38. The journey done; The rest begun. Burial.
39. The simple trust that can confide. Trust.
40. Weary and sad, a wanderer from Thee. Lent.

iv. Appeared, in his Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863, and 2nd ed., 1866.
41. Bounteous blesser of the seedtime. Sexagesima. Seed Time.
42. Brightly hopeful for the future. God's mercy through life.
43. Christ is risen! Alleluia! Easter.
44. Come and deck the grave with flowers. Easter Eve.
45. Fight the good fight with all thy might. Fight of Faith.
46. Holy Spirit, long expected. Whitsuntide.
47. Hours and days and months and years. The Circumcision.
48. I have no comfort but Thy love. The Comfort of Love.
49. I knew Thee in the land of drought. A Song of Love.
60. I think of Thee, my God by night. Evening.
61. Jesu, gentle Sufferer, say. Good Friday.
52. Labouring and heavy-laden. Lent.
53. Light of the world, we hail Thee. Missions.
54. Lord, to whom except to Thee? Holy Communion.
55. My sins, my sins, my Saviour. Ash Wednesday.
56. O'er the distant mountains breaking. Second Advent.
57. Other Name than our dear Lord's. Jesus All and in All.
58. Pity on us, heavenly Father. Litany Hymn for Lent.
59. Praise the Lord, rejoice, ye Gentiles. Advent, or Missions.
60. Rest of the weary, joy of the sad. Jesus, the Saviour and Friend.
61. Shadow of a mighty Rock. Jesus, the Rock of Ages.
62. Sing, 0 heaven; 0 earth rejoice. Ascension.
63. Sweet is the gentle voice of spring. Seed Time.
64. Sweet is Thy mercy, Lord. Divine Mercy.
65. Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth Thee. Divine Teaching.
66. The good old times, how glorious. Advent.
67. The world may in its wealth delight. Rejoicing in the Lord. An altered form of "Let others in their wealth delight."
68. Though Thou slay me, I will trust. Faith.
69. To Christ the Lord! The Incarnate Word. Christmas.
70. When I had wandered from His fold. The Love of God.

v. Appeared in his Litany Hymns, 1869.
71. Lay the precious body, In the quiet grave. Burial.
72. My sins have taken such a hold on me. Litany of Repentance.

vi. Appeared in his Parish Hymnal, 1873.
73. I hunger and I thirst. Septuagesima.

Dr. Monsell’s hymns are as a whole bright, joyous, and musical; but they lack massiveness, concentration of thought, and strong emotion. A few only are of enduring excellence.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology 1907


Monsell, J, S. B., p. 762, ii. Additional hymns in common use include:—
1. Blessed Lord, Who, till the morning. Holy Scriptures. From his Spiritual Songs, 1857.
2. Christ incarnate in His poor. Christ in His Poor. From his Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863.
3. We ask for life, and mean thereby. Life and Work. From his Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Monsell, J. S. B. Since the article on pp. 762-3 was written, copies of the original editions of Dr. Monsell's works have come into our hands, and from them we have to make the following corrections, the numbers following being those given to the first lines of the hymns on pp. 762-3:—
15. So teach me, &c. Hymns and Misc. Poems, 1837, p. 30.
17. The broken, &c. Hymns and Misc. Poems, 1837, p. 49.
18. Thou art near, &c. Hymns and Misc. Poems, 1837, p. 21.
19. Would'st thou, &c. Hymns and Misc. Poems, 1837, p. 14.
26. Loved by God, &c. Parish Hymnal, 1873, No. 181.
27. Mercy, mercy, &c. Prayers and Litanies, 1861,
p. 119.
28. My head is low, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1866,
p. 125.
33. O Love divine, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, p. 131.
38. The journey done, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, p. 134.
40. Weary and sad, &c. Parish Hymnal, 1873, No. 209.
41-50. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863.
51. See "Day of loss," &c, p. 282, i.
52. Labouring, &c. Prayers and Litanies, 1861, p. 116. 53-57. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863.
58. Pity on us, &c. Prayers and Litanies, 1861, p. 125.
59. Praise the Lord, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863,
p. 13.
60. 61, 62, 64, 65. Prayers and Litanies, 1861.
63, 66-70. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1863.
72. My sins, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1866, p. 34.
73. I hunger, &c. Hymns of Love and Praise, 1866, p. 128.
It will be seen from this list of additions and corrections that Dr. Monsell multiplied his works by giving much the same material under new titles, and that his Prayers and Litanies of 1861 were unknown to us when the original article was written. "We can sincerely add that few hymn writers are so perplexing to the annotator as Dr. Monsell. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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John Samuel Bewley Monsell (2 March 1811 - 9 April 1875) was an Irish Anglican clergyman and poet.

Texts by John S. B. Monsell (120)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
جاهد جهادا حسناJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)Arabic1
A happy, happy ChristmasJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Abide with us, the shades of eveJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)3
Alway in the Lord rejoiceJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
Ask ye what great thing I knowJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English29
Awake, glad soul, awake, awakeRev. John S. B. Monsell (Author)English41
Birds have their quiet nest, foxes their holesJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English13
Cantad alegremente loores al SeñorJohn Monsell (Author)Spanish3
Christ is risen, hallelujah, Risen our victorious headJohn S. B. Monsell, 1811-1875 (Author)English47
Christ is the foundation John Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)11
Come and deck the grave with flowersJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)3
Cristo vive, ¡Aleluya! John S. B. Monsell (Author)Spanish2
Da gloria al Señor, de rodillas adórraleJohn S. B. Monsell (1811-1875) (Author)Spanish2
"Deceivers" as the world may deemJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Earth below is teemingJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English44
Erst in Eden's happy gardenJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Eternal Father, I adoreJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
Father, blessing every seedtimeJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English5
Fight the good fight with all thy mightRev. John S. B. Monsell (Author)English441
Gently think and gently speakJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English5
Gift of Father's living loveJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
Glory be to God on high! peace on earth to those of good willJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
God bless the calm and holy cheerJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
God bless these hands unitedJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
God is love, by Him upholdenJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English22
God is love, that anthem oldenJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English25
God is love, the heavens tell itJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
God of that glorious gift of graceJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English9
God the Father, hear and pardonJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
God's dear child, returning homeJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Goodness I have none to pleadJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English3
Heap on His sacred altarJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)1
Holy offerings, rich and rareJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English45
Holy Spirit, long expectedJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Hours and days, and months and yearsJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English4
I believe in Human Kindness Large amid the sons of menJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English3
I hunger and I thirstJohn Samuel Beweley Monsell, 1811-1875 (Author)English55
I knew thee in the land of droughtJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
I think of Thee, my God, by nightJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English12
I would that I were fairer, LordJ. B. Monsell (Author)3
In the Lord I put my trust, He is gentle, He is justJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
In the Lord put I my trustJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
In Thee my trust abidethJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English7
Jerusalem, the holy!J. S. B. Monsell, 1811-1875 (Author)English2
Jesus, gentle Sufferer, sayJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)3
Jesus! my loving Lord, I knowJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Kämpfe des Glaubens Siegsgefecht!John S. B. Monsell (Author)German1
Kommt, bringt dem Herrn der ErnteJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)German2
Laboring and heavy laden, Wanting help in time of needJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English17
Lay the precious body in the quiet graveJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English4
Light of the world, we hail TheeJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English120
Lord! how oft shall I forgive?John S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Lord, my portion thou shalt beJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
Lord of the living harvestJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English106
Lord, to Thy holy TempleJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Lord, to whom except to theeJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)9
Mercy, mercy, God the FatherJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
Mighty Father, blessed SonJohn Monsell (Author)1
Minaġi kiŋ, inajiŋ yoJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)Dakota1
My blessed Savior, is Thy loveJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English1
My Father and my God, O set this spirit freeJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English4
My head is low, my heart is sadJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English10
My sins have taken such a hold on meJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English5
My sins, my sins, my Savior!Rev. John S. B. Monsell (Author)English73
Ô mystère insondableJohn S.B. Monsell (1811-1875) (Author)French2
Mysterious is thy presence, LordJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)3
நல்லப்போராட்டம் போராடு (Nallappōrāṭṭam pōrāṭu)John S. B. Monsell (Author)Tamil2
No more laboring, heavy ladenJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English3
Now all is done, that love, and careJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Now the church's songs of gladnessJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
O God, thou in thy love dost makeJohn S. B. Monsell (1811-1875) (Author)2
O Love Divine and golden, Mysterious depth and heightJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English37
O love, divine and tender, That through our homes doth moveJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English14
O Love, which lightens all distressJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
O my God, how thy salvation, fills my soul with peace and joyJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English8
O Savior, who in love didst takeJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English3
Over the distant mountains breakingJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English106
On our way rejoicing, as we homeward moveJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English163
One in one hundred lost! and ninety-nineJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Thou art near, yes, Lord I feel itJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)4
Pity on us, heavenly FatherJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Por el derecho lucha bienJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)Spanish2
Rest of the weary, Joy of the sadRev. John S. B. Monsell, LL.D. (Author)English71
Shadow of a mighty RockJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English9
Sinful, sighing to be blestJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English33
Sing, O heavens, O earth, rejoiceJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English21
Sing to the Lord a joyful song, Lift up your hearts, your voices raiseJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell, 1811-1875 (Author)English85
Sing to the Lord a joyful song, hear his commandJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Sing to the Lord of harvest, Sing songs of love and praiseRev. John S. B. Monsell (Author)English117
Sing to the Lord of heaven and earthJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English3
So Matthew left his golden gainsJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Soon, and forever, such promise our trustJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English7
Soon and forever the breaking of dayJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English7
Soon, soon and forever our union shall beJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)4
Soon, soon and forever our union shall surelyJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Stood the mournful mother weepingJ. S. B. Monsell (Translator)2
Sweet evening starJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Sweet is Thy mercy, LordJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English106
Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth TheeJohn S. B. Monsell, 1811-1875 (Author)English20
The rich and poor together meetJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
The shade and gloom of life are fledJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)1
The springtide hour brings leaf and flowerRev. J. S. B. Monsell (Author)English31
This day the Church commemoratesJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Thou the grace of life supplyingJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
To Christ the Lord! The incarnate Word!John S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
To Thee, O blessed Savior, My spirit turns for restDr. J. S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
To thee, O dear, dear Savior! My spirit turns for restJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English75
Trim the lamp, the light is fadingJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)2
Weary and sad, a wanderer from TheeJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
When cold our hearts, and far from TheeJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English30
When friend from friend is partingJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell (Author)English3
When I had wandered from His foldJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)English8
When my feet have wanderedJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Where life is waking all aroundJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English2
Why restless, why so weary?J. S. B. Monsell (Author)English3
Why should these eyes be tearfulJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)2
With my lamp well-trimmed and burningJ. S. B. Monsell (Author)2
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down before Him, His glory proclaimJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)English121
Wouldst thou learn the depthJohn S. B. Monsell (Author)4
Yes, I do feel, my God, that I am ThineJohn Samuel Bewley Monsell, 1811-75 (Author)English9

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