Shirley Erena Murray

Short Name: Shirley Erena Murray
Full Name: Murray, Shirley Erena, 1931-
Birth Year: 1931
Death Year: 2020

Shirley Erena Murray (b. Invercargill, New Zealand, 1931) studied music as an undergraduate but received a master’s degree (with honors) in classics and French from Otago University. Her upbringing was Methodist, but she became a Presbyterian when she married the Reverend John Stewart Murray, who was a moderator of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Shirley began her career as a teacher of languages, but she became more active in Amnesty International, and for eight years she served the Labor Party Research Unit of Parliament. Her involvement in these organizations has enriched her writing of hymns, which address human rights, women’s concerns, justice, peace, the integrity of creation, and the unity of the church. Many of her hymns have been performed in CCA and WCC assemblies. In recognition for her service as a writer of hymns, the New Zealand government honored her as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit on the Queen’s birthday on 3 June 2001. Through Hope Publishing House, Murray has published three collections of her hymns: In Every Corner Sing (eighty-four hymns, 1992), Everyday in Your Spirit (forty-one hymns, 1996), and Faith Makes the Song (fifty hymns, 2002). The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust, for which she worked for a long time, has also published many of her texts (cf. back cover, Faith Makes the Song). In 2009, Otaga University conferred on her an honorary doctorate in literature for her contribution to the art of hymn writing.

I-to Loh, Hymnal Companion to “Sound the Bamboo”: Asian Hymns in Their Cultural and Liturgical Context, p. 468, ©2011 GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago

Texts by Shirley Erena Murray (156)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A single grain of wheatShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
All my being and all that I possessShirley Erena Murray (Translator (English))English2
And Jesus said: don't be afraidShirley Erena Murray (Author)5
As the wind song through the treesShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Athi shudha, athi shudha (O most holy, O most holy)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Sinhala2
Because you came and sat beside usShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
Because You live, O ChristShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)English8
Bring in the Christmas that lights up the ages!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Bring the bread, bring the wineShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Carol our Christmas, an upside-down ChristmasShirley Murray (Author)English5
Celebrate each generationShirley Murray (Author)English2
Child of Christmas storyShirley Murray (Author)English3
Child of joy and peaceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English6
Christ is alive, and the universe must celebrateShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English4
Christ is our peace, Christ is our healthShirley E. Murray (Author)English4
Christ Jesus, in your nameShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
Christ, let us come with youShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)English4
Christmas comes closeShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Church of the living ChristShirley Murray (Author)English2
Come and find the quiet centerShirley Erena Murray, b. 1931 (Author)English11
Come, Christian people, sing your praises, shout!Shirley Murray (Alterer)3
Come, Christmas Child, come again in your wonderShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Come in, come in, New YearShirley Murray, 1931- (Author)2
Come into the streets with me!Shirley Murray (Author)English4
Come now, Lord JesusShirley Murray (Author)English3
Come, on this wedding dayShirley Murray (Author)English2
Come, teach us, Spirit of our GodShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
Come the day, come the sunShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Come to a weddingShirley Erena Murray, b. 1931 (Author)English6
Come to our land, come to our heartsShirley Murray (Author)English2
Come to this Christmas singingShirley Murray (Author)English4
Community of ChristShirley Erena Murray (Author)English6
Creation sings! And we are in the musicShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Cuando vienen a la vidaShirley Erena Murray (Author)Spanish2
Dream a dream, a hopeful dreamShirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
Every day, I will offer youShirley Murray (Author)English2
Everything that has voiceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
For everyone born, a place at the tableShirley Erena Murray (Author)English12
For the bread and wine and blessingShirley Murray (Author)English2
For the music of creationShirley Erena Murray (Author)English9
Forgive us, forgive us, holy God!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)2
From mothers' arms, we see the worldShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
From the apple in the gardenShirley Murray (Author)English3
From the waiting comes the signShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English5
Gentle God, when we are drivenShirley Murray (Author)3
Give thanks for life, the measure of our daysShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English12
Give us this day our daily bread, The right to work that all be fedShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
God, bless the ones who watch and waitShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
God, give me time to learn the wordsShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
God in whose memory no one is lostShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
God of all time, all seasons of our livingShirley Erena Murray (1931-) (Author)English4
God of freedom, God of justiceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English12
God of our every dayShirley Murray (Author)English2
God of the Bible, God in the GospelShirley Murray (Author)English8
God of the galaxies spinning in spaceShirley Murray (Author)English3
God weeps at love withheldShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English8
Great God of earth and heavenShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Here in the busy cityShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)2
Here is the place, now is the timeShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English4
Here to the house of God we comeShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English5
Here we bring, small or greatShirley Murray (Author)English3
Hiru sandawa tharu mal bara liya thuru (Sun and moon and stars above, the flowers and the fruits that grow)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Sinhala2
Holy Presence, Holy TeacherShirley Erena Murray (Author)3
How happy you who work for peace!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
How shall we find you, God who is HolyShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
How small a spark has lit a living fire!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
I am standing, waitingShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)2
I am your mother: Do not neglect me!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
I was sick, I was sad, and you visited meShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
In a garden, God blessed creationShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
In the name of Christ we gatherShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English7
In the singing, in the silenceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English6
Into the hands that blessed the childrenShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Ish war ko pri ya putra phrabhu Khrist (Savior in heaven, Christ Jesus, God's Son)Shirley Murray (Translator (English))English, Nepali2
It is time! Let the white poppies bloomShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Jagotho tharono korono Karono (Your throne of glory you gave up to save all peopleShirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))Bengali, English2
Jesus, I come trusting your kindnessShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English4
Jesus, Savior, Spirit, Sun!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
Jesus walked on to CalvaryShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Just as a mother sings her baby to sleepShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Leftover people, in leftover placesShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Let my spirit always singShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Let our earth be peacefulShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Let's praise the Creator who gave us each otherShirley Murray (Author)English7
Little one, born to bring us such loveShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)English2
Look at me, O God!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Lord Jesus, when my courage failsShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Love is your way, love is your nature Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Loving Spirit, loving SpiritShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English24
May the rainbow always touch your shoulderShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Mera tan man aor dhan tere lie Shirley Erena Murray (Translator)Urdu2
More than we know, God works within usShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Nagŭnee yangshik (Food for pilgrim people)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean3
Natha thithee nathi soka biya (This is the story of the sheep who went astray)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Sinhala2
New child of God, come to be blessedShirley Murray (Author)English2
Niño: es astroShirley Erena Murray (Author)Spanish2
No obvious angels sing through the night skiesShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
Nouv knong duong chiet knhom men preas Yesu (Now my heart is sure that Jesus lives)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Khmer2
Now a mighty tree has fallenShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Now as we go, kind Spirit keep usShirley Murray (Author)English2
Now thank we all our GodShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Now to Your table spreadShirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
O beauty ever ancientShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
O Christ, who by a cross made peace your signShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
O Christ, you hang upon a crossShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
O God, to you I cry in painShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
O God, we bear the imprint of Your faceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English8
O little Love, who comes againShirley Murray (Author)English5
Of women, and of women's hopes we singShirley Erena Murray (Author)2
On this good earth, God's generous creationShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Open wide the church's door!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Our life has its seasonsShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
[Paul's Goodbye]Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Peace comes crying through the worldShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Peace that no word or secret can tellShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Set us free for freedomShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Siir Yesu nadhenukku (O Jesus, we would praise you)Shirley Erena Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Sing a happy hallelujahShirley Erena Murray (Author)English4
Sing green for the good sweet earthShirley Murray (Author)English2
Sing to celebrate the city!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
Small things count, so Jesus saidShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
Spirit of love, you move within creationShirley Erena Murray (Author)English5
Spirit who broodsShirley Murray (Author)English4
Star-Child, earth-ChildShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)English, Spanish14
Startle us, God, by the signs of Your Spirit around us!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Take my gifts and let me love youShirley Erena Murray (Author)English5
Tama ngakau marie (Son of God, whose heart is peace)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser)Maori3
Tama ngakau marie (Son of God, whose heart is peace)Shirley Erena Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Maori3
Teach us, O loving heart of ChristShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English4
The garden of the world, the paradise we shareShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
The grain is ripe: the harvest comes!Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
The spring has comeShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English5
This is the day of joy and peaceShirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))English2
This is the mindset of one who has comeShirley Murray (Author)English2
This thread I weave, this step I danceShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
Through all the world a hungry ChristShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
To Christ, whose hands will blessShirley Erena Murray, 1931- (Author)2
Tomar akash, tomar batash (Joy in your sky, joy in your wind)Shirley Murray (Paraphraser (English))Bengali, English2
Touch the Earth LightlyShirley Erena Murray (Author)English23
Un le hami lai pre ma gari (For he loved and suffered on Calvary)Shirley Erena Murray (Paraphraser (English))English, Nepali2
Vem, ó tu que fazes novos (Come, O come, creating Spirit)Shirley Erena Murray, n. 1931 (Translator (English))French, German, Portuguese, Spanish2
We are the household that gathers round JesusShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
We wait for youShirley Murray (Author)English2
When at this table I receive a blessingShirley Erena Murray (Author)3
When human voices cannot singShirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)English5
[When I Was a Child] (Murray)Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
When our lives know sudden shadowShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
When we lift our pack and goShirley Murray (Author)English3
Where are the voices for the earth?Shirley Erena Murray (b. 1931) (Author)3
Where is the roomShirley Murray (Author)English2
Where mountains rise to open skiesShirley Murray (Author)English2
Who Is My Mother?Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English9
Who is the child that is to be bornShirley Murray (Author)English2
Who will there be to singShirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Who would steal a life to satisfy a greed?Shirley Erena Murray (Author)English2
Wounded world that cries for healingShirley Erena Murray (Author)English3
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