D. T. Niles

D. T. Niles
Short Name: D. T. Niles
Full Name: Niles, D. T. (Daniel Thambyrajah), 1908-1970
Birth Year: 1908
Death Year: 1970

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Daniel Thambyrajah Niles (4 May 1908 – 17 July 1970) was a Ceylonese pastor, evangelist and president of the Ceylon Methodist Conference.

Texts by D. T. Niles (51)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Aayenum se gaayenum (You are shepherd, comforter)D. T. Niles (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Brother He, me brother callsD. T. Niles (Translator)English2
Brothers, hear, sisters hear, hear you allD. T. Niles (Author)2
Clap your hands, ye peoples clapD. T. Niles (Author)2
Come in man's flesh for his nature's adorningD. T. Niles (Author)2
Come, let us sing unto the LordD. T. Niles (Author)2
Ever and always be praiseD. T. Niles (Paraphraser (English))English3
Father God, hallowed be thy nameD. T. Niles (Translator)1
Father in heaven, Grant to your childrenD. T. Niles (Author)English19
Father, in the dawning lightD. T. Niles (Author)2
Father, Son and Spirit, Everywhere adoredD. T. Niles (Author)2
For forty days Thou didst fast in the wildernessD. T. Niles (Translator)English2
God created heaven and earthD. T. Niles (Author)2
God everlasting, Christ everlastingD. T. Niles (Author)2
God loves--He sets His fireD. T. Niles (Author)2
Golden breaks the dawnDaniel Niles (Translator (v. 1))English2
Holy Ghost! come to our heartsD. T. Niles (Author)2
Holy, most holy Lamb of GodD. T. Niles (Author)4
In Jesus we are oneD. T. Niles (Author)2
In the midst of foes I cry to TheeD. T. Niles (Author)English, Tamil12
In Thy Church, Where the saints of yore have livedD. T. Niles (Author)2
Jesus Lord of life, we gatherD. T. Niles (Author)2
Jesus rose, where, O death, is thy sting?D. T. Niles (Author)English2
Kaaleithall llaade oftaar (Never would he let me fall)D. T. Niles (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Lift your hearts, oh liftD. T. Niles (Author)2
Lo! the day of triumph, bringD. T. Niles (Author)2
Long ago in little Nazareth lived the Son of ManD. T. Niles (Translator)English2
Lord God, in Thy nest how safe are Thy little onesD. T. Niles (Author)2
Lord, there is work to be done in Thy great KingdomD. T. Niles (Author)2
Made through Thy almighty wordD. T. Niles (Author)2
My soul doth magnify the Lord, My spirit doth rejoice (Niles)D. T. Niles (Author)English4
O bless the Lord, bless Him my soul, for He is GodD. T. Niles (Author)2
O Christ, the great foundationD. T. Niles (Translator (Vs. 4, 5))English1
O God in heaven, whose loving planD. T. Niles (Translator)English1
O God in heaven, restore your childrenD. T. Niles (Translator)3
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderD. T. Niles (Author (vs. 4))English1
Oh bitter memory! What shame, what vain regrets!D. T. Niles (Translator)English2
On a day when men were countedD. T. Niles (Author)7
Paar pottrum thuuye thuuye dheeveneemei (In the midst of foes I cry to your)D. T. Niles (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him. D. T. Niles (Author)English4
Slaves of Christ, His mercy we rememberD. T. Niles (Author)2
Spirit God, to our prayers attendD. T. Niles (Author)2
Spirit, who doth our prayers attendD. T. Niles (Author)2
Thandhaanei Thudhippoomee (Praise God from whom all belssings flow)D. T. Niles (Alterer)English, Thamilz4
The great love of God Is revealed in the SonDaniel Thambyrajah Niles (1908-1970) (Author)6
THe seed of life is sownD. T. Niles (Author)2
The sower's seed is swiftly sownD. T. Niles (Author)2
Varuthep pattu baarem sumen dhorei (Calling all, the toiling and the laden)D. T. Niles (Alterer)English, Thamilz4
We bring to Thee, O LordD. T. Niles (Author)2
Won, the victor’s crownD. T. Niles (Author)3
Word of the Father by whom was creationD. T. Niles (Author)2

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