Robert M. Offord

Short Name: Robert M. Offord
Full Name: Offord, Robert M., 1846-1924
Birth Year: 1846
Death Year: 1924

Offord, Robert M., son of an English "open-communion" Baptist, was born at St. Austell, Cornwall, Sept. 17, 1846. In 1870 he removed to America, where he was associated for some time with the Methodists, but subsequently joined the Reformed Dutch Church in 1878. He is editor of the New York Observer. To that paper he contributed:—
1. Jesus, heed me, lost and dying. Lent.
2. It is no untried way. Christ's Burden.
No. 1 appeared on Jan. 25th, and No. 2 on Feb. 1st, 1883. They were revised for Laudes Domini, N. Y., 1884 (Duffield's English Hymns, N. Y., 1886).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Robert M. Offord (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A mother dear is weepingRobert M. Offord (Author)English7
Come, my soul, thy songs prepareR. M. Offord (Author)English2
Come unto me, O precious wordsRobert M. Offord (Author)English3
Die Mutter einsam weinetRobert M. Offord (Author)German1
Help me sing my Savior's worthRobert M. Offord (Author)English5
How brief the life we live belowRobert M. Offord (Author)English7
It is no untried wayRobert M. Offord (Author)English2
Jesus, heed me, lost and dyingRobert M. Offord (Author)English12
Jesus weeping, sinner, seeRobert M. Offord (Author)2
Just as I am, O Lord, Come I to TheeRobert M. Offord (Author)English2
Lo a risen Lord we sing, HallelujahR. M. Offord (Author)English4
Niemand hat je mein Elend gekanntR. M. Offord (Author)German3
Niemand lasse sich erschreckenRobert M. Offord (Author)2
Nobody knows the burdens I bearR. M. Offord (Author)English6
Not in some cloistered cell dost Thou, Lord, bid me dwellRobert M. Offord (Author)6
O how much to Thee I oweRobert M. Offord (Author)English2
O what could I do with my sorrowsRev. R. M. Offord (Author)English2
O carry thy burden no longerR. M. Offord (Author)English3
Our God hath not forsaken usRobert M. Offord (Author)2
Preach the gospel as you goRobert M. Offord (Author)English5
Tell the story! wondrous story!Rev. R. M. Offord (Author)English2
Thy mercy, Lord, is like the seaRobert M. Offord (Author)English2
We give Thee thanks, O God, this dayRobert M. Offord (Author)English13
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