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Edward W. Poitras

Short Name: Edward W. Poitras
Full Name: Poitras, Edward W. (Edward Whitney), 1932-
Birth Year: 1932 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Edward W. Poitras (20)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
아 주 먼 옛 날 하 늘 에 서 는 (Very long ago up in heav'n above)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
Soft rains of spring flow through the fieldsEdward Poitras (Translator (English))3
Everyone who longs for the boundless love of GodEdward Poitras (Translator (English))English3
갈 릴 리 맑 은 바 다 (My heart is little Galilee)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
감 감 한 밤 증 에 빈 들 에 서 (In deepest darkness I wandered alone)Edward Poitras (Translator)English, Korean2
고 요 히 머 리 숙 여 (Jesus, I think of you now)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
As dew falls gently at dawnEdward Poitras (Translator (English))3
장 의 가 강 물 처 럼 (Justice comes as river waters flow)Edward Poitras (Transaltor (English))English, Korean2
좋 은 날 기 쁜 날 (Blessed day, happy day)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
주 의 형 상 따 라 서 (We who bear the image of God)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
많 은 사 람 들 참 된 진 리 를 모 른 채 (Though so many have gone astray far from the Lord)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English2
믿 음 의 서 한 싸 움 (All the saints who've fought the battle)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
나 비 록 연 약 하 지 만 (Even though I'm forever weak)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
나를위해험한산길오르신그발 (Jesus, who for my sake walked the road to Calvary)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean3
하 늘 나 는 새 를 보 라 (See the birds as they fly thru the air)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English3
Praise to the Lord and glory to God (하나님을찬양하세)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))2
평 희 의 니 라 임 하 시 니 (God brings the kingdom)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
사 랑 으 노 천 지 만 물 (God who created all by your Word)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
사 랑 의 주 님 여 수 (Loving Lord Jesus, today)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
예 수 그 리 스 도 (Jesus, he is the Christ)Edward Poitras (Translator (English))English, Korean2
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