D. B. Purinton

Short Name: D. B. Purinton
Full Name: Purinton, D. B.
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Texts by D. B. Purinton (47)sort descendingAsInstances
At the palace gate confessingD. B. P. (Author)3
Beyond the rolling seaD. B. P. (Author)2
Beyond this vale of sense and sinD. B. Purinton (Author)3
Bring in the children, one and allD. B. Purinton (Author)4
Christmas bells are chiming merrilyD. B. Purinton (Author)5
Come, O come to Jesus, Weary one, wandering oneD. B. Purinton (Author)6
Far away from home we wanderD. B. Purinton (Author)9
Glowing in the sunlightD. B. Purinton (Author)3
God, our Father, bids us proclaimD. B. P. (Author)2
Haste thee, pilgrim, on thy journeyD. B. P. (Author)2
Hear the Savior gently calling, Come to me, come to meD. B. Purinton (Author)2
Held in the arms of the Father's loveD. B. Purinton (Author)2
Holy Spirit, now descend, Fill this sacred placeProf. D. B. Purinton (Author)2
I know in whom I have believed that he is able to saveD. B. Purinton (Author)2
If graven on thy palm, dear LordD. B. Purinton (Author)6
If the Savior journey with meD. B. Purinton (Author)17
In the name of Jesus Marching onD. B. Purinton (Author)3
Is it nothing to thee, is it nothing to theeD. B. Purinton (Author)7
Jesus loved the children, Loved them soD. B. Purinton (Author)3
Jesus loves the children, Loves them soDaniel Boardman Purinton (Author)1
Keep the love light ever shiningD. B. Purinton (Author)2
Life, love and laborD. B. P. (Author)2
Lord, I am longing to beD. B. Purinton (Author)2
My Savior bids me bravely fightD. B. Purinton (Author)2
O mother dear, JerusalemD. B. Purinton (Author)32
O the friend that you need is JesusD. B. Purinton (Author)2
O'er the rolling waves of the oceanD. B. Purinton (Author)1
O the rushing tide of the rolling yearsD. B. Purinton (Author)2
On a still, cl'ar nightD. B. Purinton (Author)2
On to the conflict, battle for the rightD. B. Purinton (Author)3
On to the victory, brave heartedD. B. P. (Author)2
Say, shall we meetD. B. Purinton (Author)3
Shall we meet one another againD. B. Purinton (Author)6
Take blessed Jesus, my hand in thineD. B. Purinton (Author)4
There's one little word, if with courage you speakD. B. Purinton (Author)2
Though the wind and the galeD. B. P. (Author)2
We are a little pilgrim band, Trav'ling on, trav'ling onD. B. P. (Author)9
We are soldiers of the Lord (Purinton)D. B. P. (Author)3
Weeping will not save me Though in sorrow's wearyD. B. Purinton (Author)2
Welcome the days of springtimeD. B. P. (Author)4
Welcome the tidingsD. B. P. (Author)2
We're a little pilgrim band, Trav'ling onD. B. P. (Author)2
When dreary my way, and weary my feetD. B. Purinton (Author)2
When I am wearyD. B. P. (Author)2
When Jesus lives withinD. B. Purinton (Author)4
When Jesus proclaimed his evangel to earthD. B. Purinton (Author)2
When the day is ended and the night has comeD. B. Purinton (Author)2
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