James Quinn

Short Name: James Quinn
Full Name: Quinn, James, 1919-2010
Birth Year: 1919
Death Year: 2010

James Quinn (b. Glasgow, Scotland, April 21, 1919; d. Edinburgh, Scotland, April 8, 2010) was a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who was ordained in 1950. As a consultant for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, sparked by Vatican II, he has exerted influence far beyond his native Scotland. A collection of his hymn texts is available from Selah Publishing company.

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James J. Quinn SJ (21 April 1919 – 8 April 2010) was a Scottish Jesuit priest, theologian and hymnwriter.
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Texts by James Quinn (67)sort descendingAsInstances
Angel voices richly blendingJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Adapter)2
Around the throne of God I heardJames J. Quinn (Author)2
[Before All Creation the Word Had Been Born]James Quinn (Author)2
Blest be the God of Israel, The ever living LordJames Quinn, S.J. (Author)9
Christ be beside meJames Quinn (Adapter)18
[Christ Gave His Life For You]James Quinn (Author)2
[Christ Is the Likeness that Reveals]James Quinn (Author)2
Come adore this wondrous presence (Tantum ergo Sacramentum)James Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Translator)11
Come, O Spirit, from on highJames Quinn 1919- (Translator)2
Creator Spirit, Lord of graceJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Translator)5
Cristo a mi ladoJames Quinn, SJ, 1919-2010 (Translator (English))2
Darkness has faded, night gives way to morningJames Quinn (Author)2
Day is done, but love unfailingJames Quinn, S.J. (Author)21
Easter glory fills the sky, alleluiaJames Quinn (Author)3
Father in heaven, smile upon your childrenJames Quinn 1919- (Author)2
Father, Lord of earth and heavenJames Quinn, SJ. b. 1919 (Author (verses))4
Father most loving, listen to your childrenJames Quinn (b. 1919) (Author)2
Father of mercy, God of consolationJames Quinn (Author)5
[Forgive Them, Father Dear]James Quinn (Author)2
Forth in the peace of Christ we goJames Quinn, S.J. (Author)19
Give thanks to God, the FatherJames Quinn, S.J. (Versifier)3
Here in Christ we gather, love of Christ our callingJames Quinn (Author)12
[God the Father Sends His Angel]James Quinn (Author)2
God’s holy people, gathered in his presenceJames Quinn 1919- (Author)2
Hail our Savior's glorious Body (Pange lingua gloriosi)James Quinn, SJ, 1919- (Translator)7
How deep the riches of our GodJames Quinn, 1919- (Author)5
[I Am the Bread of Life]James Quinn (Author)2
I am the holy vineJames Quinn, S.J. (Versifier)4
I am the Word that spoke and light was madeJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author (verses))13
I call, O Lord, on youJames Quinn, SJ (Author)2
Jesus on the cross is dyingJames Quinn, B. 1919 ()2
Jesus’ soul, make holyJames Quinn 1919- (Paraphraser)2
Let all be one in mind and heartJames Quinn (Author)4
[Let Your Might Be the Lord Almighty]James Quinn (Author)2
Lord, bid Your servant go in peaceJames Quinn, S.J. (Paraphraser)18
Lord, Make Us Servants of Your PeaceJames Quinn, b. 1919 (Author)15
[Love Is Long Suff'ring; Love Is Kind]James Quinn (Author)2
May flights of angels lead you on your wayJames Quinn, 1919- (Paraphraser)4
Now at the daylight's endingJames Quinn, SJ, 1919-2010 (Author)2
[Now Before the Throne]James Quinn (Author)2
Now fades all earthly splendorJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)2
Now from the heavens descendingJames Quinn (Author)6
Now let us all with one accord, In company with ages pastJames Quinn, SJ (1919-) (Translator)4
O Child of promise, come!James Quinn, S. J. (Author)4
O Father, take in sign of loveJames Quinn (Author)2
O God of light, the dawning dayJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)2
O Mary, conceived in the grace of your SonJames Quinn 1919- (Author)2
O praise, my soul, the Lord!James Quinn (Author)3
[Our Gospel Is the Risen Christ]James Quinn (Author)2
[Peace, My Own Peace, Is the Gift I Leave with You]James Quinn (Author)2
Peace with the Father, peace with Christ his SonJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)5
Remember those, O LordJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)3
Risen to life with ChristJames J. Quinn (Author)2
Sing all creation, sing to God in gladnessJames Quinn, b. 1919 (Author)6
Sing to God the Father, all creationJames J. Quinn (Author)2
Sing to God with gladness, all creationJames Quinn (b. 1919) (Author)2
[The Bread that We Break]James Quinn (Author)2
This day God gives meJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)21
This is my will, my new commandJames Quinn (Author)9
To God with gladness singJames Quinn, b. 1919 (Author)5
We praise you, God, confessing you as LordJames Quinn 1919- (Author)2
[We Who Live in Christ Were Born in His Death]James Quinn (Author)2
[Where True Love is Dwelling]James Quinn (Translator)2
Word of God, come down on earthJames Quinn, SJ, b. 1919 (Author)19
Word of God, from Mary's wombJames Quinn (Author)2
You appeared, O ChristJames J. Quinn (Author)2
[You Give, Lord, the Sign to Your Servant] (Quinn)James Quinn (Author)2

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