Albert B. Simpson

Albert B. Simpson
Short Name: Albert B. Simpson
Full Name: Simpson, A. B. (Albert Benjamin), 1843-1919
Birth Year: 1843
Death Year: 1919

Albert B. Simpson was the founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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Wikipedia Biography

Albert Benjamin Simpson (December 15, 1843 – October 29, 1919), also known as A. B. Simpson, was a Canadian preacher, theologian, author, and founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), an evangelical denomination with an emphasis on global evangelism.

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這個榮耀信息何甜,相信要簡單;(Zhège róngyào xìnxī hé tián, xiāngxìn yào jiǎndān;)Albert B. Simpson (Author)2
أمجد الآيات غنواAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
A hundred thousand souls a dayAlbert B. Simpson (Author)9
Ante Pilato Jesús estáAlbert Simpson (Author)2
Are you living for the coming of the LordA. B. S. (Author)2
Are you oppressed with the burden of sinA. B. S. (Author)3
Are you tempted, troubled or discouragedA. B. S. (Author)2
Art thou sunk in depths of sorrowAlbert B. Simpson (Author)10
As I sadly look around meAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
As the glorious orb of lightA. B. S. (Author)2
Blessed be the glorious tidingsAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
O Lord, breathe Thy Spirit on meAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
Bringt die Botschaft von dem HeileAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
Come, blessed, holy, heavenly DoveAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
Crucified with Christ my SaviorA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Cruel was the cross where they nailed himA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Do you know the fellowship of Jesus?A. B. Simpson (Author)2
Do you know why I'm longing for the coming of the lordRev. A. B. Simpson (Author)3
Down by the house of the PotterA. B. S. (Author)2
Down in the valley midst lilies sweet scentedAlbert B. Simpson, 1843-1919 (Author)1
Ein Hilferuf ergebetAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Fainting soldier of the LordAlbert B. Simpson (Author)6
Go to all the world and preach the gospelA. B. S. (Author)3
God is love, O wondrous messageA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Gracious heavenly Father, hear thy people's cryAlbert B. Simpson (Author)5
Guds naade er som et guddommeligt havA. B. Simpson (Author)2
He died for me that I might liveA. B. S. (Author)2
哦!主耶穌要再來 (Ó! Zhǔ yēsū yào zài lái)Albert B. Simpson (Author)2
How can your Father love youA. B. Simpson (Author)2
I am crucified with JesusAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
I am longing for the gathering of the ransomedAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
I am waiting for the coming of the bridegroom in the airAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
I clasp the hand of love divineAlbert B. Simpson (Author)7
I have come to the Fountain of LifeAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
I have found a heaven belowRev. A. B. Simpson (Author)10
I have learned the wondrous secretAlbert B. Simpson (Author)30
I will say Yes to Jesus, Oft it was No beforeAlbert B. Simpson (Author)9
I'll sing of the wonderul promiseAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
I'm resting on the finished work of JesusA. B. S. (Author)2
In the secret of his presence Hast thou found this blest retreatA. B. S. (Author (chorus))1
Jesus, breathe thy spirit on meAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Jesus is able to save meA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Jesus is able to save you Though you have goneAlbert B. Simpson (Author)5
Jesus is coming again, they sayA. B. S. (Author)2
Jesus is standing in Pilate's hallAlbert B. Simpson (Author)16
Jesus only is our messageAlbert B. Simpson (Author)13
Kristus min konung 'r vordenAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Let us go and preach the gospelA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Like a golden censer glowingAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Lingering soul at mercy's gateAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
Looking for the coming of the masterA. B. S. (Author)2
Lord, thou hast given to me a trustA. B. S. (Author)7
Many an earthly friend may leave meA. B. Simpson (Author)2
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineA. B. S. (Author (Chorus))2
Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exaltedA. B. Simpson (Author)26
O cease, my wandering soulA. B. S. (Adapter)1
O Christ, my Lord and KingAlbert B. Simpson (Author)5
O comforter, gentle and tenderAlbert B. Simpson (Author)6
O doubting, strugglingAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
O fire of God begin in meA. B. Simpson (Author)8
O how sweet the glorious messageAlbert B. Simpson, 1843-1919 (Author)36
O let us rejoice in the Lord evermoreA. B. S. (Author)2
O Love that gave itself for meAlbert B. Simpson (Author)5
O sinner, the Savior is calling The Spirit isAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
O sinner, the Savior is callingA. B. S. (Author)1
O souls that are seeking for pleasureA. B. Simpson (Author)6
O struggling, doubting ChristianAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
O thou, whose thoughts are brightest lightAlbert B. Simpson (Adapter)2
O troubled soul, beneath the rodA. B. S. (Author)3
O what a wonderful place Jesus has given to me!Albert B. Simpson (Author)5
O wie suess mit Jesu wandelnAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Off the coast of AsiaA. B. S. (Author)2
Oft I hear a gentle whisper o'er me stealingA. B. Simpson (Author)8
Oft our trust has known betrayalAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Oft there comes a gentle whisper o'er meAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
Oft there comes a wondrous messageA. B. Simpson (Author)7
Once it was the blessingAlbert B. Simpson (Author)24
Once on earth he healed the sick and lameA. B. Simpson (Author)2
Redeem the time, for the days are evilA. B. Simpson (Author)5
Rise with thy risen LordAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Saving and serving our watchword shall beA. B. Simpson (Author)5
Search me, O God, search me and know my heartAlbert B. Simpson (Author)8
Send the gospel of salvationA. B. S. (Author)11
Sinner, would you know the heart of the FatherA. B. S. (Author)2
Soldiers of the heavenly legionRev. A. B. Simpson (Author)2
Some sweet morn the day will breakRev. A. B. Simpson (Author)13
Somebody chose the better partA. B. S. (Author)2
Fainting in the desertAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
Star of hope for hearts forlornAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
Step by step, step by step, I would walkAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
Take thou the heart I can not giveA. B. S. (Adapter)1
Tell me not of earthly pleasures Tempt me not with sordid gainA. B. Simpson (Author)5
The days of heaven are peaceful daysAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
The joy of the Lord is the strength of his peopleAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
The Lord is leading forth his legionsA. B. Simpson (Author)2
The mercy of God is an ocean divineAlbert B. Simpson (Author)62
The wild wind swept the mountain heightA. B. S. (Adapter)1
There are other sheep, the Master saidA. B. S. (Author)2
There is a healing branch that growsAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
There is a healing branch that grows Where every bitter Marah flowsAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
There is a name to Jesus givenA. B. S. (Author)3
There is cleansing in JesusAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
There is cleansing in Jesus for guilt and for sinAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
There is mercy for the sinnerA. B. S. (Author)3
There is much I cannot understandA. B. S. (Author)2
There is one amid all changes who standeth ever fastAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
There shall be no more cryingAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
There's a battle raging in the heavenly placesA. B. S. (Author)8
There's a little secret worth its weight in goldA.B. Simpson (Author)3
There's a secret God has whisperedAlbert B. Simpson (Author)7
There's a song I love to singA. B. Simpson (Author)1
They are falling on the field of battleAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
They tell of the bliss of the ransomed aboveAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
This is my wonderful storyAlbert B. Simpson (Author)10
Though Christ a thousand times In Bethlehem be bornA. B. S. (Author (chorus))1
'Tis so sweet to walk with Jesus step by stepRev. A. B. Simpson (Author)22
To the regions beyond I must go, I must goAlbert B. Simpson (Author)32
To those that fear Jehovah's nameAlbert B. Simpson (Author)2
To those who fear Jehovah's nameAlbert B. Simpson (Author)3
Traue ruhend deinem HeilandAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
'Twas the promise of the Lord to his chosen raceA. B. S. (Author)2
We are going forth from the school of JesusAlbert B. Simpson (Author)6
We are waiting for the dawnA. B. Simpson (Author)3
We are waiting for the dayA. B. S. (Author)2
We are waiting for the Promise of the FatherA. B. Simpson (Author)3
We do not need at mercy's gateA. B. S. (Author)3
Weil ich auf Erden hier walleAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
When Christ in my heart, in his fulness divineA. B. S. (Author)1
When Christ of old with healing powerAlbert B. Simpson (Author)4
When floods of sorrow o'er my soulA. B. S. (Author)2
When I shall reach my home in gloryA. B. S. (Author)5
When Jesus died on Calvary I too was thereA. B. S. (Author)2
When the clouds of sorrow o'er you rollAlbert B. Simpson (Author)1
Where shall we go when our spirit is sinkingA, B. Simpson (Author)2
Will you meet me in the airA. B. S. (Author)2
Would you be saved by the precious bloodA. B. S. (Author)2
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the sameAlbert B. Simpson (Author)10

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