C. K. Solberg

Short Name: C. K. Solberg
Full Name: Solberg, C. K. (Carl Knutson), 1872-1954
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1954

Solberg, Cark K. (Rushford, Minnesota, June 2, 1872--June 15, 1954). Lutheran. St. Olaf College, B.A. Graduate of Norwegian Lutheran Seminary. Ordained in 1900. Pastorates at Vermillion and Yankton, South Dakota, 1900-1906; Chicago, Illinois, 1906-1911; Minneapolis, Minn., 1911-1918. Evangelist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1937-1935 [sic]. Author of several books and many hymns in Norwegian and English.

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

Texts by C. K. Solberg (14)sort descendingAsInstances
Amen, be his word and spiritC. K. Solberg (Author)3
Care for me, O God of graceC. K. Solberg (Author)3
Christian Leaguers, rally at the Lord's commandC. K. Solberg (Author)5
Christmastide again is hereC. K. Solberg (Author)3
Dearest Jesus, draw Thou near meC. K. Solberg (Translator)7
Fellow Christians, let us gatherC. K. Solberg (Author)2
Friends of Jesus in their partingC. K. Solberg (Author)3
Lift up your eyes, ye ChristiansC. K. Solberg (Author)2
Lord, bless today [tonight] each heartC. K. Solberg (Author)3
Now Jesus at the door is knockingCarl K. Solberg, 1872-1954 (Translator)1
O blessed Light from heavenC. K. Solberg (Author)2
Ride on, ride on, O Savior KingC. K. Solberg (Author)5
There is a sea of mercyC. K. Solberg (Author)6
When sinners see their lost conditionCarl K. Solberg, 1872-1954 (Translator)1
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