John Swertner

Short Name: John Swertner
Full Name: Swertner, Johannes, 1746-1813
Birth Year: 1746
Death Year: 1813

Swertner, John, b. Sept. 12, 1746, at Haarlem, in Holland, Moravian minister at various places in England and Ireland; d. at Bristol, March 11, 1813.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by John Swertner (42)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
According to Thy mercy, LordJohn Swertner (Author)2
Believing souls, rejoice and singJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)8
Christ is the vine, we branches areJohn Swertner (Translator)English4
Fit us for Thy service, LordJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Recast)English3
God's holy word, which ne'er shall ceaseJohn Swertner (Author)1
Grace and peace from God, our blessed SaviorJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author (stanza 3) and Translator (stanzas 1-2))8
Gracious Lord, our Shepherd and SalvationJohn Swertner (Author)6
Head of thy church, thy fatherly correctionJohn Swertner (Author)2
Here in thy presence we appearJohn Swertner (Author)2
Highly favored congregation Founded firm on Christ the RockJohn Swertner (Author)4
Holy Lord, by thy body-given natureJohn Swertner (Author)2
Holy Lord, Holy Lord, Holy and Almighty LordJ. Swertner (Translator)English1
Holy Lord, Holy Lord, Thanks and praise be ever ThineJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Translator (stanza 2))English2
In humble, grateful laysJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)1
Jesus, by thy Holy SpiritJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Translator)4
Jesus' mercies never failJohn Swertner (Author)English8
Jesus, Thyself to us revealJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Translator (stanza 2))2
Lord, God, our SalvationJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)3
Lord Jesus, 'mid thy flock appearJohn Swertner (Author)5
Lord Jesus, with thy children stayJohn Swertner (Author)1
Make my calling and electionJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Translator (stanza 2))2
May the stream from thee, the RockJohn Swertner (Author)3
Most holy Lord, mankind's CreatorJohn Swertner (Author)2
Mount Zion, where the lamb of GodJohn Swertner (Author)5
My God a man, a man indeedJohn Swertner (Author)English4
My portion is the LordJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Translator)1
My Redeemer, overwhelmed with anguishJohn Swertner (Author)5
Now with joyful songs appearJohn Swertner (Author)3
O Eternal word, Jesus Christ, our LordJohn Swertner (Author)English7
O Lord, who numberest all our daysJohn Swertner (Author)6
Our children, gracious Lord and GodJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)7
Praise, thanks, and adorationRev. John Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)1
Praises thanks and adorationJ. Swertner (Author)English5
Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord! Sing with a cheerful voiceJohn Swertner (Author)English55
Storms of trouble may assail usJohn Swertner (Author)4
To thee, Lord Christ, all praise be givenJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)7
To thee our vows with sweet accordJohn Swertner (Author)3
To thy brethren ever be propitiousJohn Swertner (Author)3
We in one covenant are joinedJohn Swertner, 1746-1813 (Author)7
What human mind can trace the condescensionJohn Swertner (Author)4
When Christ, our Lord and Savior dwellethJohn Swertner (Author)3
With thy presence, Lord, our head and SaviorJohn Swertner (Translator)English4
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