Daniel Otis Teasley

Daniel Otis Teasley
Short Name: Daniel Otis Teasley
Full Name: Teasley, Daniel Otis, 1876-1942
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1942

Daniel Otis Teasley, 1876-1942
Died: November 15, 1942, Santa Ana, California.
Teasley en­tered the min­is­try of the Church of God de­nom­in­a­tion in 1896, and pas­tored in New York. Some­time af­ter 1910, he be­came Gen­er­al Man­a­ger of the Gos­pel Trump­et Com­pa­ny, where he worked un­til 1917. He then worked as gen­er­al man­ag­er of War­ner Press (1917-18). His works in­clude:

Historical Ge­o­graphy of the Bi­ble, 1898, 1917
The Ho­ly Spir­it and Other Spir­its, 1904
How to Con­duct a Sun­day School, 1911
The Go­spel Guide-book, 1918
The Bi­ble and How to In­ter­pret It, 1918

At the Cross of Je­sus Bow­ing
Back to the Bless­èd Old Bi­ble
Be Rea­dy When He Comes
I Am the Lord’s
I Know in My Heart What It Means
I Will Praise Him, Hal­le­lu­jah!
In Ho­ly Rev­er­ence, Lord
Song of Joy, A
We’ll Crown Him Lord of All
We’ll Praise the Lord

No Friend Like Je­sus


Texts by Daniel Otis Teasley (135)sort descendingAsInstances
قف يا جندي جانب الصليبDaniel O. Teasley (Author)1
All who love our precious SaviorDaniel Otis Teasley (Author)2
Are you sheltered in the cross, O my brother?D. O. T. (Author)2
Are you walking where the Master's feet have trod?D. O. T. (Author)4
At the cross of Jesus bowing,D. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)4
Babel's walls, so long obscuringD. O. T. (Author)3
Back to the blessed old BibleD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)9
Bist du in dem Herrn geborgen, mein BruderD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
By the living grace of GodD. O. T. (Author)4
Church of the Living God, The pillar of the truthDaniel O. Teasley (Author)3
Come, children, oh, will you listenD. O. T. (Author)2
Come, children, to the SaviorD. Otis Teasley (Author (refrain))2
Come, take these eyes, dear LordD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Coming home all weary, broken-heartedD. O. T. (Author)4
Consider the lilies, how they bloomD. O. T. (Author)5
Cuando leo que Cristo murío en la cruzD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Den Weg zum Verderben hinabD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Dir, Herr, sei Dank fuer Hab' und GutD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Down from the glory of Father's shining kingdomDaniel O. Teasley (Author)4
Drifting away from Jesus, Far from his gentle foldD. O. T. (Author)4
Drifting, drifting, sadly driftingD. O. T. (Author)2
Every hour of the passing dayD. O. T. (Author)4
Faith is believing, the promise is trueD. O. T. (Author)3
Farewell, brother, we shall neverD. O. T. (Author)5
Farewell, dear friends, I bid youD. O. T. (Author)5
Gepriesen sei des Menschen SohnD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Go forth and tell the whole wide worldDaniel O. Teasley (Author)2
God omniscient, God all-wiseDaniel O. Teasley (Author)4
Gott allwissend', Gott all weis'D. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Hail the Prince of Peace eternalD. O. Teasley (Author)2
Halte mich heilig, Vater, und reinD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Hark! hark! outside your doorD. O. T. (Author)1
Hark! my soul, seraphic musicD. O. T. (Author)7
Hast du keine Zeit fuer JesumD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Hasten, brother, to the harvestD. O. T. (Author)3
Have you any time for JesusDaniel O. Teasley (Author)7
Holy is the church of GodD. O. T. (Author)2
Hvad vil du svare JesusD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
I am here a pilgrim strangerD. O. T. (Author)7
I came defiled and guiltyD. O. T. (Author)5
I came to Jesus lost, undone, Confessed to him my sinD. O. Teasley (Author)2
I know, I know my Savior diedD. O. T. (Author)2
I stood at the time-beaten portalsD. O. T. (Author)9
Ich bin hier ein armer PilgerD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
If the sinful ways of lifeDaniel O. Teasley (Author)5
I'm happy in Jesus and tell it I mustD. O. T. (Author)3
I'm happy in Jesus my Savior todayD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
I'm healed, oh, hallelujah!D. O. T. (Author)4
I'm under the blood of Emanuel's crossDaniel O. Teasley (Author)4
In Gethsemane Jesus I can seeD. O. T. (Author)2
In holy reverence, Lord, we comeD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)5
In the morning of grace, when the Sun first aroseD. O. T. (Author)5
In this world I found no restD. O. T. (Author)4
In your pathway have you found some cruel thorns?D. O. T. (Author)4
I've found a refuge now from every sorrowD. O. T. (Author)4
Jesus, du bist mein bester FreundD. Otis Teasley (Author)3
Jesus fuehrt wieder mit m'chtiger HandD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Jesus has been so good to meD. O. T. (Author)4
Jesus in mercy is calling, Hear the kind message of loveD. O. T. (Author)4
Jesus is calling His people againD. O. T. (Author)4
Jesus is our Shepherd and we're his little sheepD. Otis Teasley (Author)3
Jesus is passing this way todayD. O. T. (Author)2
Jesus nur, mein lieber JesusD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Just across the crystal riverD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
King Jesus reigns from pole to poleD. O. T. (Author)2
Lebt wohl, lebt wohl, ich bieteD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Light is streaming from aboveD. O .T. (Author)2
Lobt den herren der mich erkauft o hallelujaD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Lockt die welt auf suendgen pfadD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Loud Jehovah's praises swellD. O. T. (Author)2
Low in the grave He sleepsD. O. T. (Author)4
Many souls today are dyingD. O. T. (Author)4
More than a conqueror through the mighty GodD. O. T. (Author)6
My soul followeth hard after theeD. O. T. (Author)2
Neunundneunzig Sch'flein lagen schonD. Otis Teasley (Author)1
Nieder von Himmel aus Gottes heilgem ReicheD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Ninety-nine were safely shelteredD. O. T. (Author)6
No room for the Savior Who knocks at your doorD. O. T. (Author)3
Nothing but leaves, no golden sheavesD. O. T. (Author)2
O doubting soul, wait not too longD. O. T. (Author)2
O herre store herre du har gjort allting v'lD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
O I praise the Lord who bought meD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)6
O sinner, where art thou?D. O. T. (Author)4
O vi venter paa dig, voe FrelserD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Oh, keep me holy, Father divineD. O. T. (Author)2
Oh, we are little reapers for the SaviorD. O. T. (Author)2
O we'll sing and shout his praiseD. O. T. (Author)2
Oh, wonderful salvationD. O. T. (Author)2
On the throne of David Christ is reigning nowD. O. Teasley (Author (refrain))2
Once I wandered far away from God and homeD. O. T. (Author)2
Once I wandered sad and lonelyD. O. T. (Author)2
Once oppressed by sin I longed for restD. O. T. (Author)2
Only Jesus, precious JesusDaniel O. Teasley (Author)4
Sagt mir nichts von den Freuden der SuendD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Salvation's free, glad joy to allD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)6
Sanft in der erde ruhtD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Savior, guide my little feetD. O. T. (Author)3
Sender vil du dog vedbliveD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Should we meet no more till at the judgmentD. O. T. (Author)6
Sollten wir uns hier nicht wiedersehenD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Someday we'll cease our toiling hereD. O. T. (Author (refrain))4
Soon time will be ended, eternity's nearD. O. T. (Author)5
Speak softly, let no angry wordD. Otis Teasley (Author)4
Spread the glad tidings to all who will hearD. O. T. (Author)2
Stand by the cross when the morning sunD. O. T. (Author)4
Steh fuer den Herrn, wenn die Sonne hellD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Syndare vill de fortfaraD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Tell me not of the pleasures of sinD. O. T. (Author)4
Tell me, watchman, oh, what of the morningD. O. T. (Author (refrain))4
The harvest is great, the laborers are fewD. O. T. (Author)2
The house of God, built by his handsD. O. Teasley (Author)2
The Magi of the East, All coming from afarD. O. T. (Author)3
There is a blessed fount of bloodD. O. T. (Author)4
There is joy, glad joy among the angelsD. O. T. (Author)3
There's a heaven to gainD. O. T. (Author)4
Time is fleeting fast awayD. O. T. (Author)2
To Jerusalem the newD. O. T. (Author)5
Vi hoert om en stad kallad SionD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Vi uppst'mma hoegljudt Jesu prisD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
Vi vil synge hoeit vor Frelsers PrisD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
We are sailing, sailing, sweetly sailingD. O. T. (Author)2
We are waiting for thee, Lord JesusD. O. T. (Author)2
We have found the great MessiahD. O. T. (Author)2
We raise to thee, Lord JesusD. Otis Teasley (Author)3
We thank Thee, Lord, for life and breathD. O. T. (Author)3
We'll praise the Lord for sins forgiven,D. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)5
We'll shout and sing our Redeemer's praise,D. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)9
When all the dear children get homeD. Otis Teasley (Author)2
When I read how my Savior was nailed to the crossD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)5
Who is this that cometh from the wildernessDaniel O. Teasley (Author)3
Why not now? O sinner, listenD. O. T. (Author)4
Wonderful Savior, my blessed RedeemerD. O. T. (Author)3
Would you flee from sin and serve the LordD. Otis Teasley, 1876-1942 (Author)11
Zions Siegeslieder hoerenD. Otis Teasley (Author)3
Zion's songs of peace are soundingD. O. T. (Author)3
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