Judson W. Van DeVenter

Judson W. Van DeVenter
Short Name: Judson W. Van DeVenter
Full Name: Van DeVenter, Judson W. (Judson Wheeler), 1855-1939
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1939

Judson W. Van DeVenter was born 15 December 1855 on a farm near the village of Dundee, Michigan. He was educated in the country and village schools, and at Hillsdale College. He later moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. He wrote about 100 hymns.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Judson W. Van DeVenter (134)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ضللت في ليل الخطاJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Arabic1
كل ما عندي لربيJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Arabic1
كل مالي وحياتيJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Arabic1
A little while to tarry hereJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
A little while with JesusJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English3
All my sins I bring to JesusJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
All to Jesus I surrenderJudson W. Van DeVenter, 1855-1939 (Author)English321
Alles Jesus ich befehleJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)German1
Alles will ich Jesus weihenJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)2
Allt at Jesus vill jag l'mnaJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)2
Almost persuaded, weary of sinningJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Alone in the world are you roaming tonightJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English3
Always in the front lineJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Amin, Jesus, idatoncoJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Tagalog2
Andando en la luz de DiosJudson W. Van Deventer (Author)Spanish2
Arouse! ye Christian soldiers, and sound the battle cryJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English3
Arouse, ye men of warJ. W. V. (Author)English2
As we watch the sails appearingJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
Awake from your slumber, for danger is nearJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
By the quiet waters flowingJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English3
Can I forget the story oldVan (Author)English3
Death and darkness hovered over meJ. W. V. (Author)English2
Çdo gjë unë të dorëzoj, ZotJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)Albanian2
Don’t answer unkindly when tempted and triedJ. W. V. (Author)English2
Down at the cross the Savior found meJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English8
Each step forward, forward day by dayJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
Fall in, ye soldiers of the LordJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English3
Farewell, we now must severJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English4
Give me a love that knows no illJ. W. V. (Author)4
Hear the Savior calling: dear ones, look this wayJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
Hide me, Savior, from the stormJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Ho, my brother, hear the callJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Home, Home, for the wearyJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
How often in moments of sorrowJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
I am free from condemnation, Fully saved and satisfiedJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English9
I am going up, dear papaJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)English5
I am weak and heavy ladenJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
I have found a Friend divine, and His saving grace is mineJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English12
I journey over mountain and desertJ. W. V. (Author)2
I never can forget the day I heard my mother kindly sayJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English84
I never will leave my SaviorJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
I see the days glide down the westJudson Wheeler Van DeVenter (Author)English6
I stand on the banks of the riverJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
I wandered in the shades of nightJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)English164
I want to know more about Jesus, I want to get nearer His sideJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
I was a slave in the bondage of sinJ. W. V. (Author)English2
I was once a child in bondageJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
I will follow Jesus where He leads meJ. W. V. (Author)English3
I will go to sleep with JesusJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
I will work for Jesus, trust Him and obeyVan. (Author)English3
Ich ging einher in DunkelheitJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)German3
Ich wanderte im dunkler NachtJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)German2
Ich wanderte in tiefer RachtJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)German1
If you only knew my Savior, You would never treat Him soJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
In a weather worn old cottageJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
In the Master's vineyard [service] labor day by dayJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English4
Ĉion al Jesu' mi cedosJudson W. Van Deventer (Author)Esperanto2
இயேசுவிடமே சரணடைந்தே (Iyēcuviṭamē caraṇaṭaintē)Judson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Tamil2
盡我所有歸給耶穌 (Jǐn wǒ suǒyǒu guī gěi yēsū)Judson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Chinese2
Jenseits des Stromes, weit von hierJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)German1
Jesus knows how much I need HimJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, Keep me ever near Thy sideJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English13
Jesus, see me at thy feet, Nothing but Thy blood can save meJ. W. Van De Venter (Arranger)English2
Jesus, the Master, came downJ. W. V. (Author)2
Lead me, O Thou blessed JesusJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Lo, the enemy advances, let the mighty men ariseJ. W. V. (Author)English2
Long is the night but morning is nighJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)English3
Lord of the living harvestJ. W. V. (Author (chorus))English1
Mein Heiland, er hat mich gefundenJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)German2
Muy bendecido es el varónJudson W. van DeVenter (Author)Spanish2
My Savior is with me wherever I go (DeVenter)Judson W. Van De Venter (Author)English3
നല്കിടുന്നു യേശുവിന്നായ് [Nalkiṭunnu yēśuvinnāy]Judson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Malayalam2
Niemals vergess' ich jenen TagJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)German3
Not my will, but thine, dear SaviorJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
O I know that the blessed RedeemerJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
O mother, don't weep for your boyJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
O sinner, take heed when scattering seedJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English7
O the cross of Jesus lifts meJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
O weary one fallingJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
Over the ocean of time is a beautiful landJ. W. V. (Author)English2
On Calvary despised aloneJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Once my heart was filled with sadnessJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Onward up the highwayJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English6
Our Savior, 'tis of TheeJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English3
Out in the streets and bywaysJ. W. Van DeVEnter (Author)English4
Out on the barren mountainJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Over the river faces I seeJ. W. V. (Author)English109
Perdido eu andei, na escuridãoJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)Portuguese2
Press on, renew the battleJ. W. V. (Author)English2
Salvador a ti me rindoJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Spanish13
Send the news, O tell the storyJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Some day my earthly sun will waneJ. W. V. (Author)English3
Some day, when time shall be no moreJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English3
Sometime, some day, we'll flee awayJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English5
Sometime we'll stand before the judgment barJ. W. V. (Author)English69
Sunshine, sunshine in my soul to-dayJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English3
Sweetly comes the holy greetingJ. W. V. (Author)English1
The dear loving Savior has found meJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English65
The debt I owed I could not payJ. W. V. D. (Author)5
The gospel songs of saving graceJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
The Holy Ghost has fallenJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
The little deeds of kindnessJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English4
The loving Savior found me Upon the mountain coldJ. W. V. (Author)English3
The Savior calls for volunteers (Van De Venter)Judson W. Van de Venter (Author)English5
The Savior found me dyingJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
The storm sweeps over GalileeJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
There are foes that must be conqueredJ. W. V. (Author)English24
There are friends I recall That are dear to my memoryJ. W. V. (Author)English5
There came from the skies in the days long agoJ. W. V. (Author)35
There is a city made of goldJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
There is only a veil interposing our viewJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
There is work that must be done, And the Master sends the callJ. W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
There waits a crown beyond the skiesJ. W. V. (Author)English4
There's a form walking with me wherever I goJ. W. V. (Author)English2
This life is beset with temptationJudson Wheeler Van DeVenter (Author)English4
Though a sinner, sick and dyingJ. W. V. (Author)English5
Todo a Cristo yo me rindoJudson Wheeler Van DeVenter (1855-1939) (Author)Spanish2
Up from the dark gloomy vale of the riverJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Vagaba yo en obscuridadJudson W. Van de Venter, 1855-1939 (Author)Spanish3
Все Иисусу отдаю я (Vse Iisusu otdayu ya)Judson W. Van DeVenter (Author)Russian2
Wake the strain the glad refrainJudson W. Van de Venter (Author)English7
We are soldiers of the Lord, Trusting in His precious wordJudson W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
We are told of a wonderful city, Where the meek and the lowly find restJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English2
We lay our dear ones down to restJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
We may tarry awhile here as strangersJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English18
We're volunteers for JesusJ. W. V. (Author)English5
We've enlisted in the army, of the LordJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English4
When friends grow old and prove untrueJ. W. Van DeVenter (Author)English2
When Jesus descends from glory on highJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English2
When sorrow and trouble like sea billows rollJ. W. Van de Venter (Author)English5
When the days are dark and dreary, And my load is hard to bearJ. W. V. (Author)English4
When we see the King of kings appearJudson W. Van De Venter (Author)English5
Who will testify for Jesus?Judson W. Van De Venter (Author)English2
Wszystko Tobie dziś oddajeJudson Wheeler Van De Venter (Author)Polish2
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