Scott Werdebaugh

Short Name: Scott Werdebaugh
Full Name: Werdebaugh, Scott
Birth Year: 1951 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Scott Werdebaugh (43)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As for me and my house, we will serve You, LordScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LordScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Come, Holy Spirit of my Lord Jesus ChristScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Come, Lord Jesus, come; Our world seeks all but You aloneScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Dear one, you are weary and tiredScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Father God, Jehovah is Your NameScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
For God so loved the world That He gave His only begotten Son (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
For such a time as this, Lord, You’ve comeScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
God has promised to love us, He sent His only SonScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Hail all the birth of our Infant RedeemerScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
He is risen! He is risen indeed!Scott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Holy is the LORD God AlmightyScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
I will sing to the LORD, for He is highly exaltedScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Jesus, Savior, our risen LordScott Werdebaugh (Author)2
Jesus, Your Name is far above every name, I knowScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lamb of God; Lamb of God. Lord you areScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Let us do unto othersScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Life is full of ups and downsScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, I come now before You, to lay my life at Your feetScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, I confess all my sin to YouScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, show me what it meansScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, we have come to worship YouScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, we worship You and You aloneScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Lord, You alone are worthyScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
My Father God of pow’r and mightScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Nothing between, nothing betweenScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
O God, our light, shine on us todayScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
O Lord, descend upon my heartScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
O Lord, I humbly come to YouScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
O my God, when I consider allScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
One special night, one holy nightScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
See, where in shame the God of glory hangsScott Werdebaugh (Author)1
Sov’reign God, to You aloneScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Sov’reign Lord, it’s You alone I seek to know and loveScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
To You, Holy Lord, I come to YouScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Today we celebrate Jesus’ birthScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Today we celebrate Jesus’ birthdayScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
We bless Thee for Thy peace, O GodScott Werdebaugh (Adapter)English1
We have come to sing Your praises, LordScott Werdebaugh (Adapter)English2
When life brings you to the end of your ropeScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Whom have I in heaven but You, my God?Scott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
With thanksgiving, Lord, we comeScott Werdebaugh (Author)English2
Worthy is the Lamb, the hosts of heaven singScott Werdebaugh (Author (refrain))English1
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