Georg Werner

Short Name: Georg Werner
Full Name: Werner, Georg, 1589-1643
Birth Year: 1589
Death Year: 1643

Werner, Georg, born March 22, 1589, at Preussisch-Holland, near Elbing, Prussia. In 1614 he became a master in the Löbenicht school at Königsberg, and in 1616 rector of the school at Preussisch-Holland. He was then appointed, in 1621, diaconus of the Löbenicht church at Königsberg. He died at Königsberg, July 15, 1643 (Koch, iii., 206, v. 659; Goedeke's Grundriss, vol. iii., 1887, p. 134, &c). He edited the Königsberg Gesang-Buch of 1643 (earliest copy now extant has title dated 1650, and preface dated 1643), to which he contributed a number of hymns. He also contributed to B. Derschau's Gesang-Buch, 1639 (p. 1248, ii.). His Psalm versions are noted under Psalters, German. The only hymn by him which has passed into English is a translation from the Latin, and is noted at p. 1187, i. [Rev. James Mearns]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Georg Werner (13)sort descendingAsInstances
Der Tod hat zwar verschlungenDr. Georg Werner (Author)1
Freut euch, ihr Christen alle, Gott schenkt uns seinen SohnGeorg Werner (Author)4
Geist vom Vater und vom Sohne Der du unser Tröster bistGeorg Werner (Author)12
I Døden Jesus blundedGeorg Werner (Author)5
I Kristne, som bekjendeGeorg Werner (Author)5
Ihr Aten mit den JugenGeorg Werner (Author)2
Ihr Christen auserkoren, hoert gute neue M'hrG. Werner (Author)4
Ihr Menschen, auserkoren, Hoert gute neue M'hr'Georg Werner (Author)3
Lord Jesus, who, our souls to saveG. Werner (Author)14
Nu træde vi til et nyt aarGeorg Werner (Author)5
Nun liebe seel', nun ist es zeit, wach' aufGeorg Werner (Author (attributed to))1
Nun treten wir ins neue JahrDr. Georg Werner (Author)9
Though death had sore impededGeorg Werner (Author)3
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