Stanley M. Wiersma

Stanley M. Wiersma
Stanley M. Wiersma
Short Name: Stanley M. Wiersma
Full Name: Wiersma, Stanley M. (Stanley Marvin), 1930-1986
Birth Year: 1930
Death Year: 1986

Pseudonym: Sietze Buning

Wiersma was educated at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin (PhD 1959). He was a professor of English at Calvin College from 1959 until his death. He is remembered as a poet. His works include:

Purpaleanie and Other Permutations, 1978
Style and Class, 1982
More Than the Ear Discovers: God in the Plays of Christopher Fry
All Will Be New, 1982

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Texts by Stanley M. Wiersma (11)sort descendingAsInstances
ReadingsStanley Wiersma (Author)1
Awake, all who sleep, and arise from the deadStanley M. Wiersma (Translator)2
Be merciful, be merciful, O GodStanley Wiersma (Versifier)3
Daughters of Jerusalem, Come at dawn and look for himStanley M. Wiersma (Translator)2
Give thanks to God for all his goodnessStanley Wiersma (Versifier)4
LORD, to you my soul is liftedStanley Wiersma (Versifier)6
O LORD, I call for help by dayStanley Wiersma (Versifier)2
O Lord, our Lord, thy name alone is holyStanley M. Wiersma, 1930- (Author)2
Our faithful God makes plans which cannot failStanley Wiersma (Translator)2
Praise is your right, O God, in ZionStanley Wiersma (Versifier)5
With all my heart I thank you, LORD, I worship you with song and praisingStanley Wiersma (Versifier)4
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