John Wesley Work

Short Name: John Wesley Work
Full Name: Work, John Wesley, 1873-1925
Birth Year: 1873
Death Year: 1925

John Wesley Work II (sometimes Jr.) was born, educated, worked and died in Nashville. He majored in history and Latin at Fisk University (B.A. 1895, M.S. 1898), after which he was instructor of Greek and Latin until 1906 when he was appointed chair of the department. Work and his brother, Frederick Jerome (1879-1942), were leading figures in the preservation, performance and study of African-American spirituals. They published several collections of slave songs and spirituals, including New Jubilee Songs as Sung by Fisk Jubilee Singers (1901) and Folk Songs of the American Negro (1907). John Work II’s treatise The Folk Song of the American Negro (1915) was one of the earliest studies of African-American music undertaken by a descendant of an ex-slave. Work was named president of Roger Williams University, a position he held at the time of his death.

--The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion

Texts by John Wesley Work (8)sort descendingAsInstances
I'm gonna lay down my sword and shieldJohn W. Work Jr., 1873-1925 (Author)1
Knocks like JesusJohn W. Work (Author)13
Listen, poor sinner Somebody's knocking at your doorJohn W. Work (Author)1
Lord, I want to be a ChristianJohn W. Work, Jr. (Adapter)5
Nasceu na estrebariaJohn Wesley Work, Jr. (Author (stanzas))2
Pastores sus rebañosJohn W. Work (Adapter)3
Voy a retirar mis armasJohn W. Work Jr., 1873-1925 (Author)2
While shepherds kept their watchingJohn W. Work II, 1872-1925 (Author (stanzas))48

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