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Scripture:acts 2:1-21
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Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song

Author: Carl P. Daw, Jr.Meter: in 31 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2First Line: Like the murmur of the dove's songLyrics: 1 Like the murmur of the dove's song, like the challenge of her flight, like the vigor of the wind's rush, like the new flame's eager might: Come, Holy Spirit, come. 2 To the members of Christ's body, to the branches of the Vine, to the Church in faith assembled, to her midst as gift and sign: Come, Holy Spirit, come. 3 With the healing of division, with the ceaseless voice of prayer, with the power of love and witness, with the peace beyond compare: Come, Holy Spirit, come. Topics: Singing God's Story Pentecost and the Holy SpiritUsed With Tune: BRIDEGROOM

Spirit Divine, Inspire Our Prayer

Author: Andrew ReedMeter: in 343 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:2-3First Line: Spirit divine, inspire our prayerLyrics: 1 Spirit divine, inspire our prayer and make our hearts your home; descend with all your gracious power; come, Holy Spirit, come! 2 Come as the light; reveal our need, our hidden failings show, and lead us in those paths of life whereon the righteous go. 3 Come as the fire and cleanse our hearts with purifying flame; let our whole life an offering be to our Redeemer's name. 4 Come as the dove and spread your wings, the wings of peace and love, until your church on earth below joins with your church above. Topics: Prayer; Pentecost; Illumination; Holy Spirit; Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Illumination; SanctificationUsed With Tune: GRÄFENBERG

Lord God, the Holy Ghost

Author: James MontgomeryMeter: DAppears in 248 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:1-4First Line: Lord God, the Holy GhostLyrics: Lord God, the Holy Ghost, In this accepted hour, As on the day of Pentecost, Descend in all Thy power; We meet with one accord In our appointed place, And wait the promise of our Lord, The Spirit of all grace. Like mighty rushing wind Upon the waves beneath, Move with one impulse every mind, One soul, one feeling breathe: The young, the old inspire With wisdom from above; And give us hearts and tongues of fire To pray, and praise, and love. Spirit of light, explore, And chase our gloom away, With lustre shining more and more Unto the perfect day: Spirit of truth, be Thou In life and death our guide; O Spirit of adoption, now May we be sanctified.

O Spirit of the Living God

Author: James MontgomeryMeter: in 347 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:17First Line: O spirit of the living GodLyrics: 1 O Spirit of the living God, in all thy plenitude of grace, where'er the foot of man hath trod, descend on our apostate race. 2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love to preach the reconciling word; give pow'r and unction from above, whene'er the joyful sound is heard. 3 Be darkness, at thy coming, light; confusion, order in thy path; souls without strength inspire with might; bid mercy triumph over wrath. 4 O Spirit of the Lord, prepare all the round earth her God to meet; breathe thou abroad like morning air, till hearts of stone begin to beat. 5 Baptize the nations; far and nigh the triumphs of the cross record; the name of Jesus glorify, till every kindred call him Lord. 6 God from eternity hath willed all flesh shall his salvation see: so be the Father's love fulfilled, the Savior's sufferings crowned through thee. Topics: Holy Spirit Baptism of ; Holy Spirit Prayers to; Holy Spirit Regenerator; Ministry Ordinations; Supplication For MissionsUsed With Tune: MENDON

Filled with the Spirit's Power

Author: John R. PeaceyMeter: in 32 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:2-3First Line: Filled with the Spirit's power, with one accordTopics: Pentecost; Peace; Nation; Missions; Joy; Holy Spirit; Commitment & Dedication; Church; Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Commitment & Dedication; WitnessUsed With Tune: FARLEY CASTLE

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts

Author: Ray PalmerMeter: in 484 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:21First Line: O Jesus, joy of loving heartsLyrics: 1 O Jesus, joy of loving hearts, the fount of life, the light of men, from fullest bliss that earth imparts we turn unfilled to you again. 2 Your truth unchanged has ever stood; you save all those who on you call. To those who seek you, you are good; to those who find you, all in all. 3 We taste you, ever-living Bread, and long to feast upon you still; we drink of you, the fountainhead, our thirst to quench, our souls to fill. 4 Our restless spirits yearn for you where'er our changeful lot is cast; glad when you smile on us anew, blest that our faith can hold you fast. 5 O Jesus, ever with us stay; make all our moments calm and bright! Chase the dark night of sin away; shed o'er the world your holy light! Topics: Lord's Supper; Light; Joy; Bread of Life; Lord's Supper; Bread of Life; Word of GodUsed With Tune: QUEBECText Sources: Latin, 12th Cent.

Come, Holy Spirit, Our Souls Inspire

Author: Rabanus Maurus; John CosinMeter: in 213 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:3First Line: Come, Holy Spirit, our souls inspireLyrics: 1 Come, Holy Spirit, our souls inspire, And lighten with celestial fire; Thou the anointing Spirit art, Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart. 2 Thy blessèd unction from above Is comfort, life, and fire of love; Enable with perpetual light The dullness of our mortal sight. 3 Teach us to know the Father, Son, And Thee, of both, to be but one; That through the ages all along This may be our endless song: 4 Praise to Thine eternal merit, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen Used With Tune: VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS

Wind Who Makes All Winds That Blow

Author: Thomas H. Troeger, b. 1945Meter: DAppears in 14 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:4First Line: Wind who makes all winds that blowTopics: PentecostUsed With Tune: ABERYSTWYTH

On Pentecost They Gathered

Author: Jane Parker HuberMeter: DAppears in 9 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2:11First Line: On Pentecost they gatheredUsed With Tune: MUNICH

Spirit of the Living God

Author: Daniel Iverson; Michael BaughenMeter: IrregularAppears in 68 hymnalsScripture: Acts 2First Line: Spirit of the living GodTopics: Pilgrimage & Conflct; Love Our Love for Others; Humility; Commitment & Dedication; Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Songs for Children Hymns; Love Our Love for Others; Commitment & Dedication; Word of GodUsed With Tune: IVERSON