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All good gifts around us are sent
We Plow the FieldsLuke 12:243
All that is hidden will be made clear
All That Is HiddenLuke 12:2-31
All things bright and beautiful
All Things Bright and BeautifulLuke 12:22-341
And, yes, I praise you
I Love You, Lord, TodayLuke 12:8-121
Be ready to go, for sure He is coming!
Be Ready To GoLuke 12:401
Behold, behold the wood of the cross
Behold the WoodLuke 12:241
Children, don't grow weary
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and BurningLuke 12:351
Eternity is drawing nigh
Watch, Brethren, Watch!Luke 12:351
Eternity’s beggar! the call he had heard
Eternity’s BeggarLuke 12:16-211
Gather them in, oh, gather them in
Away from Our Father's KingdomLuke 12:321
Give of your best to the Master
Give of Your Best to the MasterLuke 12:481
Glad day! Glad day! Is it the crowning day?
Jesus May Come TodayLuke 12:371
God made the lilies
The LiliesLuke 12:271
He loves me too, he loves me too
God Sees the Little Sparrow FallLuke 12:6-72
He sent me to give the good news to the poor
He sent me to give the good news to the poorLuke 12:11-121
His eye is on the sparrow
His Eye Is on the SparrowLuke 12:6-74
Hold me close
Hold me closeLuke 12:321
I must labor for my neighbor
Ere the sun goes downLuke 12:491
I sing because I'm happy
Someone Asked the Question (Why We Sing)Luke 12:4-71
If we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
If We ConfessLuke 12:81
I'm spotless, pure and white
Fear NotLuke 12:321
In a spirit of thankfulness
Serving YouLuke 12:371
In my Father's blessed keeping
Not One ForgottenLuke 12:62
It is only a step to the grave
Only a Step to the GraveLuke 12:201
Juntos cantando la alegría (Singing in joy we come together)
Juntos Cantando la Alegría (Singing in Joy We Come Together)Luke 12:311
Knowing you, Jesus
Knowing you, JesusLuke 12:13-211
Leave it there, leave it there
Leave It ThereLuke 12:6-71
Let the lower lights be burning!
Let the Lower Lights Be BurningLuke 12:351
Many things about tomorrow
I Know Who Holds TomorrowLuke 12:241
O can we say we are ready, brother
Will Jesus Find Us Watching?Luke 12:372
O God of mercy, hear our prayer
Where Armies Scourge the Countryside (Bring Peace to Earth Again)Luke 12:49-531
one Church, one faith, one Lord
one Church, one faith, one LordLuke 12:321
Peace now I give to you
Peace, Be Not AnxiousLuke 12:22-281
Sinful man, thy days are few
Time EnoughLuke 12:19-201
So ev'ry day we're on our way
Moses, I know you're the man (The people of God)Luke 12:41
The world is a garden you made
The world is a garden you madeLuke 12:61
There's a rainbow in the sky, and it's okay!
There's a rainbow in the skyLuke 12:27-281
To whom much has been given
To Whom Much Has Been GivenLuke 12:481
Todo lo que tento te (All we have and all we are)
Todo Lo Que Tengo (All We Have and All We Are)Luke 12:22-341
Unless you love the Lord (Sino amas al Señor)
Give the Lord Your HeartLuke 12:16-211
Wait for the Lord
Wait for the LordLuke 12:311
Waiting and watching
Waiting and WatchingLuke 12:35-371
We are waiting for the morning
We are watchingLuke 12:371
When he comes back, when he comes back
When he comes back, when he comes backLuke 12:32-381
Where your treasure is, there your heart shall be
Where Your Treasure IsLuke 12:22-342
Who share one living bread
Who share one living breadLuke 12:32-401
Yes, I resolve to give it all
Yes, I resolve to give it allLuke 12:481
You alone are my strength, my shield
You alone are my strength, my shieldLuke 12:13-211

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