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10.10.10 with alleluias
For All the SaintsLuke 12:81
Fare well. We come to send you on your wayLuke 12:32-381
Spirit of God, Who Dwells Within my HeartLuke 12:71
This World, My God, Is Held within Your HandLuke 12:32-481
Where Your Treasure IsLuke 12:22-341 with refrain
Will Jesus Find Us Watching?Luke 12:371
Blest be God, blest be God for everLuke 12:321 D
Here on the threshold of a new beginningLuke 12:351 with refrain
Father eternal, Ruler of creationLuke 12:151
This Is My SongLuke 12:321
As Powers of GoodLuke 12:22-341
O worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessLuke 12:13-211
How Firm a Foundation, Ye Saints of the LordLuke 12:321
As the disciples, when thy Son had left themLuke 12:351 with refrain
Only a Step to the GraveLuke 12:201 D
Let All Things Now LivingLuke 12:22-341
We Gather TogetherLuke 12:61
Leave It ThereLuke 12:6-71
Sing for God's glory that colours the dawn of creationLuke 12:32-401
Jesus, Lead Thou OnLuke 12:321 D
While the Sun Is ShiningLuke 12:35-401
Christian, work for JesusLuke 12:431 D
Lift Up Your Heads, RejoiceLuke 12:54-561
God’s Son came to bless usLuke 12:81
Author of life divineLuke 12:371
March on, my soul, with strengthLuke 12:191
Have No Fear, Little FlockLuke 12:325
The Watchful ServantLuke 12:35-388
My soul be on thy guardLuke 12:35-381
Rise Up, O Saints of God!Luke 12:311
Have faith in God, my heartLuke 12:321
Help us, O Lord, to learnLuke 12:13-211
True Faith needs No DefenceLuke 12:111 D with refrain
We Plow the FieldsLuke 12:243 D
O Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee?Luke 12:331
Sometimes a light surprisesLuke 12:24-283
O Jesus, I Have PromisedLuke 12:321
Stand Up! - Stand Up for JesusLuke 12:81
Pull Down Your Barns, O LandlordLuke 12:13-211
How Lovely, Lord (Psalm 84)Luke 12:32-341 with refrain
All Things Bright and BeautifulLuke 12:22-341 with refrain
Your hand, O God, has guidedLuke 12:321
In heavenly love abidingLuke 12:342
Lo! I Come with JoyLuke 12:341
Time EnoughLuke 12:19-201 D
See How Great a Flame AspiresLuke 12:493
Bigger BarnsLuke 12:13-211
More Like Jesus Would I BeLuke 12:71
Children of the Heavenly KingLuke 12:324
Come, my way, my truth, my lifeLuke 12:32-381

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