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O God, we bear the imprint of your faceMatthew 25:31-461
When I Had Not Yet Learned of JesusMatthew 25:14-301
Almighty Father of All Things That BeMatthew 25:14-301
All go to God when they are sorely placedMatthew 25:31-461
Glory to His Name1
Come Now, You Blessed, Eat at My TableMatthew 25:31-363
We turn to God when, we are sorely pressedMatthew 25:35-401
I greet thee, who my sure Redeemer artMatthew 25:31-461
Eternal God, Lord of All Space And TimeMatthew 25:31-461
Eternal Spirit of the Living ChristMatthew 7:7-111
These Things Did Thomas Count as Real1 Corinthians 15:3-81
What is the World LikeMatthew 13:31-321
Because the Saviour prayed that we be oneMatthew 6:101 with refrain
Make love happen by God's grace and by God's powerMatthew 25:31-461
Nearer, My God, to TheeIsaiah 57:191
'Yet there is room!'--The Lamb's bright hall of songLuke 14:16-241
The Kingdom of God Is Justice and JoyMatthew 25:341
We Meet You, O ChristMatthew 25:31-401
Renewed devotedness2 Timothy 4:71
Will Jesus Find Us Watching?Matthew 25:71
Light One Candle to Watch for MessiahIsaiah 40:1-111 with refrain
When the Bridegroom ComesMatthew 25:131
Too late!Matthew 25:101 D
We Are the Household That Gathers Round Jesus (The Household of God)Luke 7:31-321 with coda
So Send I You -- by Grace Made StrongMatthew 25:211
Give us a well of tearsJohn 4:101
You Came to Us, Dear JesusMatthew 25:401
O Jesus Christ, may grateful hymns be risingMatthew 25:31-461
Lord, for the years your love has kept and guidedMatthew 25:311
Jesus Christ is waitingMatthew 25:402
Who Will Be There to Sing1 with refrain
Behold the BridegroomMatthew 25:1-131
God of All LivingMatthew 25:35-401
Look forward in faithMatthew 25:401
God of CreationMatthew 8:23-271
Saints, See the Cloud of WitnessesMatthew 25:211 with refrain
Blessed Are the Poor Among YouMatthew 25:31-461 with refrain
To Be Lost in the NightMatthew 25:301
12.11.12 with refrain
When a Poor OneMatthew 25:35-366
When the hungry who have nothing share with strangersMatthew 25:401
Heaven shall not waitMatthew 25:31-461
God, Bless the Ones Who Watch and Wait (A Hymn about Caregiving)1 with refrain
Bread of Life from Heaven (Pan de Vida Eterna)John 61
13.10 with refrain
And the creed and the colourMatthew 25:31-462
The Golden MorningMatthew 25:61
There's a light upon the mountains, and the day is at the springMatthew 1:231
Here Am IMatthew 25:31-461
Come, Labor OnMatthew 25:213
Pray, Brethren, Pray!Matthew 25:61
5.5.11 D
Together We ServeMatthew 5:141

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