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O God, we bear the imprint of your faceMatthew 25:31-461
When I Had Not Yet Learned of JesusMatthew 25:14-301
Almighty Father of All Things That BeMatthew 25:14-301
All go to God when they are sorely placedMatthew 25:31-461
We Thank Thee, LordMatthew 25:401
Come Now, You Blessed, Eat at My TableMatthew 25:31-363
We turn to God when, we are sorely pressedMatthew 25:35-401
I greet thee, who my sure Redeemer artMatthew 25:31-461
Eternal God, Lord of All Space And TimeMatthew 25:31-461
Eternal Spirit of the Living ChristMatthew 25:31-461
The Risen ChristMatthew 25:35-401
What is the World LikeMatthew 25:1-131
Because the Saviour prayed that we be oneMatthew 25:31-461 with refrain
Make love happen by God's grace and by God's powerMatthew 25:31-461 with refrain
He Understands; He'll Say, "Well Done"Matthew 25:321
'Yet there is room!'--The Lamb's bright hall of songMatthew 25:101
The Kingdom of God Is Justice and JoyMatthew 25:341
We Meet You, O ChristMatthew 25:31-401
Renewed devotednessMatthew 25:251
Will Jesus Find Us Watching?Matthew 25:71
Light One Candle to Watch for MessiahMatthew 25:1-131 with refrain
When the Bridegroom ComesMatthew 25:131
Too late!Matthew 25:101 D
We Are the Household That Gathers Round Jesus (The Household of God)Matthew 25:351 with coda
So Send I You -- by Grace Made StrongMatthew 25:211
The Children ComeMatthew 25:31-461
You Came to Us, Dear JesusMatthew 25:401
O Jesus Christ, may grateful hymns be risingMatthew 25:31-461
Lord, for the years your love has kept and guidedMatthew 25:311
Jesus Christ is waitingMatthew 25:402
Who Would Steal a Life (Who Would Hurt a Child)Matthew 25:451 with refrain
Behold the BridegroomMatthew 25:1-131
God of All LivingMatthew 25:35-401
Look forward in faithMatthew 25:401
God of CreationMatthew 25:31-461
Saints, See the Cloud of WitnessesMatthew 25:211 with refrain
Blessed Are the Poor Among YouMatthew 25:31-461 with refrain
To Be Lost in the NightMatthew 25:301
12.11.12 with refrain
When a Poor OneMatthew 25:35-366
When the hungry who have nothing share with strangersMatthew 25:401
Heaven shall not waitMatthew 25:31-461
I Was Sick, I Was Sad (You Visited Me)Matthew 25:391 with refrain
Amen to the Body of Christ (Amén, Recibimos el Cuerpo del Señor)Matthew 25:31-461
13.10 with refrain
And the creed and the colourMatthew 25:31-462
The Golden MorningMatthew 25:61
There's a light upon the mountains, and the day is at the springMatthew 25:1-131
Here Am IMatthew 25:31-461
Come, Labor OnMatthew 25:213
Pray, Brethren, Pray!Matthew 25:61
5.5.11 D
Together We ServeMatthew 25:34-401


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