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Away in a Manger
Al Pobre Pesebre
Away in a manger
Allá en el pesebre
Kawadia Siku Za Kuzaliwa
One Candle Is Lit
The Lord is my shepherd
We Enter Your Church
O Mercy Divine, O Couldst Thou Incline
We Rear Not a Temple
Nằm yên trong máng chiền kia
Alvenu, ho Jesuo (Jen unu kandel')
Whatever You Do
En duro pesebre mirad vuestro Dios
How Blest Is The Season
Venid, pastorcillos, venid a adorar
Al rústico pesebre
Today Earth Is Singing
Allá en el pesebre
The House of My God
In Sweet Fields of Autumn
Njëherë Në Një Stallë
බෙත්ලෙහෙමේ ගව මඩුවේ අප යේසුස් බිළිඳා
மாடடை குடில் ஒன்றில்
Jesús en pesebre

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