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Sing of Mary, pure and lowly
Jesus, Our Divine Companion
Lord, thou dost love
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service
For the Life That You Have Given
Jesus Calls Us
Holy Patron, Thee Saluting
Jesus Heard with Deep Compassion
Sing, My Soul (Mary's Song of Praise)
Thou true Vine, that heals
Cradled in a manger, meanly
Mary, First among Believers
Can You Hate the Saviour?
Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing
Hail, Thou once despised Jesus
When We Wonder
If My People's Hearts Are Humbled
Christians All, Your Lord Is Coming
We Have Come at Christ's Own Bidding
For the Faithful Who Have Answered
As We Gather at Your Table
All the Way My Savior Leads Me
Far Away in Old Judea
In This House by Men Constructed
It was Jesus Christ, our Saviour!
Lord, with Glowing Heart
Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean
Spirit, Come, Dispel Our Sadness
Living Lord of Love's Dominion
Thank Our God for Sisters, Brothers
Show Us How to Stand for Justice
See My Hands and Feet
Jesus, Be My Guide and Teacher
God, You Spin the Whirling Planets
Lavish Love, Abundant Beauty
Sing to God as Sings the Ocean
Light of those whose dreary dwelling
Sing the gospel of salvation
Lord of Light, Whose Name Outshineth
Full of trembling expectation
Sing Your Praises to the Father
Heavenly Father, may Your blessing
Sing of Eve and sing of Adam
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
I Believe in God Almighty
Love Enduring Evermore
In the Wonder Found In Loving
O LORD God, My Heart Is Steadfast
Over the sea there are little brown children

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