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Hymns of Consecration and Faith

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Come in, O come! the door stands open nowMORECAMBEPage Scan
2Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole[Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole]Page Scan
3Speak, Lord, in the stillness[Speak, Lord, in the stillness]Page Scan
4Be Thou supreme, O Jesus ChristREDCLIFFEPage Scan
5Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face[Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face]TextPage ScanAudio
6Love of Jesus, all divine[Love of Jesus, all divine]Page ScanAudio
7Let me come closer to Thee, Jesus[Let me come closer to Thee, Jesus]Page Scan
8Low at Thy pierced feet[Low at Thy pierced feet]TextPage ScanAudio
9No, not despairingly[No, not despairingly]Page Scan
10To Thee, O blessed Saviour[To Thee, O blessed Saviour]TextPage Scan
11I hunger and I thirst[I hunger and I thirst]Page Scan
12My sins, my sins, my SaviourGOLDEN CITYPage Scan
13Hark, my soul, it is the Lord[Hark, my soul, it is the Lord]Page Scan
14Forever here my rest shall beMIZPAHPage ScanAudio
15Thou hidden love of God, whose heightST. CATHERINEPage Scan
16Weary of earth, and laden with my sinELLERSPage Scan
17O Lord, I come to TheeSOUTHWELLTextPage Scan
18Is it indeed too late, too lateANGELUSTextPage Scan
19I thirst, Thou wounded Lamb of God[I thirst, Thou wounded Lamb of God]Page Scan
20My God, my Father, dost thou callPage Scan
21Jesus, thy boundless love to mePATER OMNIUMPage Scan
22Search me, O God, my actions try[Search me, O God, my actions try]Page Scan
23Jesus calls us; o'er the tumultST. OSWALDPage Scan
24I want that adorning Divine[I want that adorning Divine]TextPage ScanAudio
25Oh that my life may henceforth be[Oh that my life may henceforth be]TextPage ScanAudio
26Wearied in the strife of sinINFANTS' PRAYERTextPage ScanAudio
27O love that casts out fearORIENTPage Scan
28O love divine, how sweet thou artPEMBROKEPage Scan
29Come, Jesus, Lord, with holy fire[Come, Jesus, Lord, with holy fire]Page Scan
30My Saviour, Thou hast offer'd restRESTPage ScanAudio
31Lord, I believe a rest remainsPage Scan
32O for a heart to praise my GodST. BERNARDPage Scan
33When wounded sore, the stricken heartPage Scan
34Love Divine, all love excellingSARDISTextPage Scan
35Oh, my Father! take me, make me[Oh, my Father! take me, make me]Page Scan
36O Light of light, shine in[O Light of light, shine in]Page Scan
37Bless'd are the pure in heartBOYLSTONPage Scan
38Jesus, my Strength, my HopePage Scan
39O Everlasting LightPage Scan
40Nothing unclean can enter in[Nothing unclean can enter in]Page ScanAudio
41Seek ye first, not earthly pleasurePRIUS PETENDAMPage Scan
42Nothing between, Lord, nothing between[Nothing between, Lord, nothing between]TextPage Scan
43There is sin in the camp, there is treason today[There is sin in the camp, there is treason today]TextPage ScanAudio
44Precious Saviour, may I live[Precious Saviour, may I live]TextPage ScanAudio
45Thine, Lord, forever[Thine, Lord, forever]Page Scan
46Anywhere with Jesus, says the Christian heartTECUM DOMINEPage Scan
47Bond which cannot alterDOULOSTextPage ScanAudio
48Sweet the moments, rich in blessingST. OSWALDPage Scan
49Thou dear Redeemer, I am ThineEAGLEYTextPage Scan
50Come enter, Lord, and take Thy restTextPage Scan
51Full consecration! heart and spirit yieldedEIRENEPage Scan
52I gave My life for theeBACAPage ScanAudio
53Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow[O the bitter shame and sorrow]Page Scan
54Holy, happy separationST. JUDEPage Scan
55In the cleansèd templeZADOKPage Scan
56Father, Son and Holy GhostPETRAPage Scan
57Jesus, Master, Whose I amPage Scan
58My glorious Victor, Prince DivineSTAINCLIFFEPage Scan
59Lord, I was blind: I could not seePage Scan
60The way of the Cross means sacrifice[The way of the Cross means sacrifice]Page Scan
61O love that will not let me go[O love that will not let me go]Page Scan
62Closer, dear Lord, to theeBETHANYPage Scan
63Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exalted[Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exalted]Page ScanAudio
64Lower and lower, dear Lord, at Thy feet[Lower and lower, dear Lord, at Thy feet]Page Scan
65My spirit, soul, and body[My spirit, soul, and body]Page Scan
66I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice[I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice]Page Scan
67Ready to go, ready to wait[Ready to go, ready to wait]TextPage ScanAudio
68My life is Thine, Lord Jesus[My life is Thine, Lord Jesus]Page Scan
69True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal[True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal]Page ScanAudio
70Make me a captive, LordLEOMINSTERPage Scan
71Thy mighty love, O God, constraineth meRIBERPage ScanAudio
72Take my life, and let it beNOTTINGHAMPage Scan
73When I survey the wondrous crossROCKINGHAMPage Scan
74Thine forever:—God of loveNEWINGTONPage Scan
75This day the Lord has spokenBREMENPage Scan
76Lord, I make a full surrender[Lord, I make a full surrender]Page ScanAudio
77O Jesus! I have promised[O Jesus, I have promised]Page Scan
78Jesus, I my cross have taken[Jesus, I my cross have taken]TextPage ScanAudio
79I love, I love my MasterHAPPY PILGRIMSPage ScanAudio
80Art thou weary, sad, and lonelyEVENFALLPage ScanAudio
81Not by wrestling, but by clingingPage Scan
82We sing the praise of Him Who diedANGELUSPage Scan
83My heart is fixed, eternal God[My heart is fixed, eternal God]Page ScanAudio
84Sad and weary with my longing[Sad and weary with my longing]Page Scan
85I give my heart to TheeST. MICHAELTextPage Scan
86My Saviour's call I hearTextPage Scan
87God of all love and pityKNOCKERTextPage Scan
88In full and glad surrenderPage Scan
89Alas! and did my Saviour bleedDUNDEEPage Scan
90O Master, when Thou callestCHEBARPage ScanAudio
91Command thy blessing from aboveMELCOMBEPage Scan
92O blessèd Life—the heart at restPage Scan
93Oh happy day, that fixed my choicePage Scan
94"Not your own!" but His ye areMAIDSTONETextPage Scan
95Simply trusting ev'ry day[Simply trusting ev'ry day]Page Scan
96Safe in the arms of Jesus[Safe in the arms of Jesus]Page Scan
97Since thy Father's arm sustains thee[Since thy Father's arm sustains thee]TextPage ScanAudio
98O child of the Kingdom in doubt and distress[O child of the Kingdom in doubt and distress]TextPage ScanAudio
99When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word[When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word]Page Scan
100Beneath the cross of Jesus[Beneath the cross of Jesus]Page Scan

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