New Hymn and Tune Book: an Offering of Praise for the Use of the African M. E. Zion Church of America

Editor: Philip Phillips
Publisher: A.M.E. Z. Book Concern, New York, 1889
Denomination: African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Language: English
Notes: Some of the pages in the hymnal scan come from the 1866 New Hymn and Tune Book (Methodist Episcopal Church). Hymns are listed by page number, Appendix and Chants follow hymns.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
243aThou very paschal LambPage Scan
243bIn expectation sweetPage Scan
243cJesus, my Lord, attendPage Scan
243dThou, the eternal LordPage Scan
243eThe power to bless my housePage Scan
243fJesus, to thee we flyPage Scan
245aThe nations of the earthPage Scan
245bO my offended God!Page Scan
245cOur sins on Christ were laidPage Scan
245dJesus, thou Source divinePage Scan
245eO Thou that wouldst not havePage Scan
245fEnthroned is Jesus nowPage Scan
247aNow is the accepted timePage Scan
247bHow perfect is thy wordPage Scan
247cLord God, the Holy Ghost! Page Scan
247dMy Maker and my KingPage Scan
247eTo bless thy chosen racePage Scan
247fJesus, the word bestowPage Scan
247gThe praying spirit breathe!Page Scan
249aHow can a sinner knowPage Scan
249bThe thing my God doth hatePage Scan
249cThy word, almighty LordPage Scan
249dO come, and dwell in mePage Scan
249eJesus, my truth, my wayPage Scan
249fThis is thy will, I knowPage Scan
251aWhere is the Hebrews' GodPage Scan
251bWe know, by faith we knowPage Scan
251cSaviour of sinful menPage Scan
251dI listen for the voicePage Scan
251eLet party names no morePage Scan
251fGracious Redeemer, shakePage Scan
251gCall'd from above, I risePage Scan
253aSow in the morn thy seedPage Scan
253bA goodly formal saintPage Scan
253cHad I the gift of tonguesPage Scan
253dAll yesterday is gonePage Scan
253eO may thy powerful wordPage Scan
253fWhen shall thy love constrainPage Scan
253gOur children thou dost claimPage Scan
255aLord, if at thy command Page Scan
255bRedeemer of mankind! Page Scan
255cO Jesus! full of gracePage Scan
255dO all-creating GodPage Scan
255eThou seest my feeblenessPage Scan
255fGod of almighty lovePage Scan
255gJesus, I fain would findPage Scan
257aBehold the throne of gracePage Scan
257bFather, I dare believePage Scan
257cLord of the harvest, hearPage Scan
257dLord, if thou hast bestow'd Page Scan
257eThou, Lord, art God alonePage Scan
257fFather, our hearts we liftPage Scan
257gOur great Creator, GodPage Scan
259aAwake, and sing the songPage Scan
259bHark, how the watchmen cry!Page Scan
259cWe lift our hearts to theePage Scan
259dJesus, we thus obeyPage Scan
259eMy son, know thou the LordPage Scan
259fYe praying souls, rejoicePage Scan
261aI love thy kingdom, LordPage Scan
261bO speak that word againPage Scan
261cLord, let me know mine endPage Scan
261dThou very-present aidPage Scan
261eO what a mighty changePage Scan
261fLord, in the strength of gracePage Scan
263aMy soul be on thy guardPage Scan
263bEquip me for the warPage Scan
263cIn every time and placePage Scan
263dSpirit of holinessPage Scan
263eSpirit of faith, come downPage Scan
263fLord, how shall sinners darePage Scan
265aCome, O thou Traveller unknownPage Scan
265bPris'ners of hope, lift up your headsPage Scan
265cThis slumber from my spirit shakePage Scan
265dI call the world's Redeemer minePage Scan
265eTo thee, great God of love, I bowPage Scan
267aIn that sad, memorable nightPage Scan
267bLo! God is here! let us adorePage Scan
267cStill, nigh me, O my Saviour, standPage Scan
267dWhen Israel out of Egypt camePage Scan
267eWatch'd by the world's malignant eyePage Scan
269aThou hidden Source of calm reposePage Scan
269bAnd can it be that I should gainPage Scan
269cJesus, was ever love like thine!Page Scan
269dO Jesus, full of truth and gracePage Scan
269ePeace, doubting heart, my God's I amPage Scan
271aAll things are possible to himPage Scan
271bWould Jesus have the sinner die?Page Scan
271cThou hidden love of God, whose heightPage Scan
271dSaviour from sin, I wait to provePage Scan
271eCome, O thou universal GoodPage Scan
273aThy ever suff'ring servant, LordPage Scan
273bCaptain of our salvation, takePage Scan
273cFather of everlasting gracePage Scan
273dLet God, who comforts the distress'dPage Scan
273eO thou, whom fain my soul would lovePage Scan
273fSaviour of all, what hast thou done?Page Scan
275aGreat God! what do I see and hearPage Scan
275bJesus, thou sov'reign Lord of allPage Scan
275cJesus, to thee our hearts we liftPage Scan

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