Psalmodia Germanica: or, The German Psalmody: translated from the high Dutch together with their proper tunes and thorough bass (2nd ed., corr. and enl.)

Editor: John Christian Jacobi
Publisher: G. Smith (Printer), London, 1732
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Some pages are missing.
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1Now the Savior comes indeed[Now the Saviour comes indeed]TextPage ScanAudio
3How shall I meet my Saviour?TextPage Scan
6Due Praises to th' incarnate Love[Due Praises to th' incarnate Love]TextPage ScanAudio
7Shepherds, rejoyce, lift up your Eyes[Shepherds, rejoyce, lift up your Eyes]TextPage ScanAudio
9With this New Year we raise New Songs[With this New Year we raise New Songs]TextPage ScanAudio
10Come, let us All, with Fervour[Come, let us All with Fervour]TextPage ScanAudio
12My Father! form thy Child according to thine Image[My Father! form thy Child according to thine Image]TextPage ScanAudio
16He reigns, the Lord our Saviour reignsTextPage Scan
17Sweet Jesu! when I think on theeTextPage Scan
24Christ, by whose all-saving Light[Christ, by whose all-saving Light]TextPage ScanAudio
27Christ, thy sacred Wounds and PassionTextPage Scan
29Jesu, Source of my Salvation[Jesu, Source of my Salvation]TextPage ScanAudio
31O Lamb of God, our Saviour![O Lamb of God, our Saviour]TextPage ScanAudio
32When Christ hung on the cursed Tree[When Christ hung on the cursed Tree]TextPage ScanAudio
34When Guilt and Shame are raising[When Guilt and Shame are raising]TextPage ScanAudio
36O boundless Grief[O boundless Grief]TextPage ScanAudio
38Christ was to Death abased[Christ was to Death abased]TextPage ScanAudio
40To Day, the Lord in Triumph reigns[To Day the Lord in Triumph reigns]TextPage ScanAudio
41Raise your Devotion mortal Tongues[Raise your Devotion mortal Tongues]TextPage ScanAudio
42Come Holy Ghost! Come, Lord our God![Come Holy Ghost! Come, Lord our God]TextPage ScanAudio
43O Thou sweetest Source of Gladness!TextPage Scan
45In me resume thy Dwelling[In me resume thy Dwelling]TextPage Scan
50To our Almighty gracious God[To our Almighty gracious God]TextPage ScanAudio
51God the Father, our Defence[God the Father, our Defence]TextPage ScanAudio
52To God let all the Human Race [To God let all the Human Race]TextPage ScanAudio
54Now come, ye Christians all and bringTextPage Scan
56Lord, thine Image thou hast lent me[Lord, thine Image thou hast lent me]TextPage ScanAudio
58Christ the eternal Lamb of GodTextPage Scan
60Is God withdrawing? all the Cost[Is God withdrawing? all the Cost]TextPage ScanAudio
61He that confides in his Creator[He that confides in his Creator]TextPage ScanAudio
63Commit thy Ways and Goings[Commit they Ways and Goings]TextPage ScanAudio
64All my Hope is firmly grounded[All my Hope is firmly grounded]TextPage ScanAudio
66Why thus with Grief opprest, my Heart[Why thus with Grief opprest my Heart]TextPage ScanAudio
69Lord Christ, reveal Thy holy face[Lord Christ, reveal thy holy Face]TextPage ScanAudio
70Blest's the Man, whose upright WalkingTextPage Scan
72Dearest Jesu, we are here[Dearest Jesu, we are here]TextPage ScanAudio
73O Jesu, Bridegroom of my soulTextPage Scan
75Come and hear the sacred StoryTextPage Scan
78Father, thine eternal Kindness[Father, thine eternal Kindness]TextPage ScanAudio
84Vain foolish Men profanely boastTextPage Scan
86When Adam fell, the Frame entire[When Adam fell, the Frame entire]TextPage ScanAudio
89O God, my Lord![O God, my Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
91In Thee, Lord CHRIST, is fix'd my Hope[In Thee, Lord CHRIST, is fix'd my Hope]TextPage Scan
93Sure as I live, thy Maker saithTextPage Scan
95Shew Pity LORD! O LORD, forgive![Shew Pity, Lord! O Lord, forgive]TextPage ScanAudio
97Out of the Deeps of dark Distress[Out of the Deeps of dark Distress]TextPage ScanAudio
98O my God, avert the Storm[O my God, avert the Storm]TextPage ScanAudio
100Our whole Salvation doth depend[Our whole Salvation doth depend]TextPage ScanAudio
105Lord, raise in me a constant Flame[Lord, raise in me a constant Flame]TextPage ScanAudio
107Our Father! who from Heav'n above[Our Father, who from Heav'n above]TextPage ScanAudio
110Alone in God put thou thy trustTextPage Scan
114To Thee, O Lord, I send my Cries[To Thee, O Lord, I send my Cries]TextPage ScanAudio
116Great God! in Thee I put my Trust[Great God! in Thee I put my Trust]TextPage ScanAudio
117Faithful God! I lay before Thee[Faithful God! I lay before Thee]TextPage ScanAudio
121Come hither! saith our blessed Lord[Come hither! saith our blessed Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
125O Lord, how many Miseries[O Lord, how many Miseries]TextPage ScanAudio
128Jesu, Source of gladness[Jesu, Source of Gladness]TextPage ScanAudio
130Greatest High-Priest, Saviour CHRIST[Greatest High-Priest Saviour Christ]TextPage ScanAudio
131Soul, what Return has thy CreatorTextPage Scan
132Never will I part with Christ[Never will I part with Christ]TextPage ScanAudio
134From God, the Lord my SaviourTextPage Scan
136In God, the Lord most just[In God the Lord most just]TextPage ScanAudio
138God is our Refuge in Distress[God is our Refuge in Distress]TextPage ScanAudio
139Is God for me? what is itTextPage Scan
144Now let us praise the Lord with Body, Soul and Spirit[Now let us praise the Lord with Body, Soul and Spirit]TextPage ScanAudio
145My Soul! exalt the Lord thy God[My Soul, exalt the Lord thy God]TextPage ScanAudio
147What Thanks can I repay to Thee, my God, my SaviourTextPage Scan
149Wonderful Creator[Wonderful Creator]TextPage ScanAudio
151All Glory to the Sov'rein GoodTextPage Scan
153Sha'nt I sing to my Creator?[Sha'nt I sing to my Creator]TextPage ScanAudio
157With what Fervour of DevotionTextPage Scan
162How bright appears the Morning-Star[How bright appears the Morning-Star]TextPage ScanAudio
165O Lord, in Mercy cast an Eye[O Lord, in Mercy cast an Eye]TextPage ScanAudio
167My Soul, awake, and tender[My Soul, awake, and tender]TextPage ScanAudio
169God, the Lord of the Creation[God, the Lord of the Creation]TextPage ScanAudio
171Before thy Throne I now appear[Before thy Throne I now appear]TextPage ScanAudio
174And now another Day is gone[And now another Day is gone]TextPage Scan
176Rouse thy self, my Soul, and gather[Rouse thy self, my Soul, and gather]TextPage ScanAudio
179Christ, everlasting Source of Light[Christ, everlasting Source of Light]TextPage ScanAudio
181Now give Thanks, ye Old and Young[Now give Thanks, ye Old and Young]TextPage ScanAudio
183Father, Lord of Mercy![Father, Lord of Mercy]TextPage Scan
184When we are under great Distress[When we are under great Distress]TextPage ScanAudio
186Lord Jesu, blessed Prince of Peace[Lord Jesu blessed Prince of Peace]TextPage ScanAudio
188Remove from us, O faithful GodTextPage Scan
190Sleep well, my Dear, sleep safe and freeTextPage Scan
192Ye Christians, pluck your courage up[Ye Christians, pluck your courage up]TextPage ScanAudio
194Thee, Lord, I love with sacred Awe[Thee, Lord, I love with sacred Awe]TextPage ScanAudio
195Lord Jesu, Fountain of my LifeTextPage Scan
198Christ is my Light and Treasure[Christ is my Light and Treasure]TextPage ScanAudio
199My Life I now to God resign[My Life I now to God resign]TextPage Scan
202'Tis sure, that awful Time will comeTextPage Scan
205Eternity! tremendous Word[Eternity! tremendous Word]TextPage ScanAudio
209Eternity, delightful Sound!TextPage Scan
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