The Silver Chime: a cluster of Sabbath school melodies, tunes, sentences, chants, etc., for the use of children and teachers in their school exercises, devotions, and recreations, to which is added...

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3Ring out, ring out, sweet silver bellsPage Scan
4We come with joyful songPage Scan
5O bless us, heavenly Father Page Scan
6The Sunday school that blessed placePage Scan
7Sweet day of sacred restPage Scan
8Where do we love to goPage Scan
10Praise to thee, thou loving FatherPage Scan
11We come, we come, we come, From mountain and from valleyPage Scan
12The angel ranks that gird the thronePage Scan
13Hark, the Sabbath bells, How their music swellsPage Scan
14Sunday, sacred day of restPage Scan
15Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to theePage Scan
16We're a happy band of scholarsPage Scan
17With spirit tuned arightPage Scan
18Come, ye children, hearken unto mePage Scan
19Why should I be sad or fearfulPage Scan
20Children of the Savior's carePage Scan
21Would you be as angels arePage Scan
22On watchtower high the Christian's foundPage Scan
23aPleasant is the Sabbath bellPage Scan
23bChildren of the heavenly KingPage Scan
24I am so happy all day longPage Scan
25A life with Jesus, O, how sweetPage Scan
26Jesus, would that I could tell theePage Scan
27There is a river we all must crossPage Scan
28There's a song the angels singPage Scan
29Blessed is he that considereth the poorPage Scan
30Sweet 'tis to sing of theePage Scan
31Come, schoolmates, don't grow [be] wearyPage Scan
32Yes, every cloud has a silver [sunny] sidePage Scan
33The God who built the lofty skyPage Scan
34aI love them that love mePage Scan
34bRemember now thy CreatorPage Scan
35Father, I have wandered farPage Scan
36No mortal eye that land hath seenPage Scan
37No night shall be in heaven, no gathering gloomPage Scan
38There's a light in the window for thee, brotherPage Scan
40Keep to the right, the law thus directsPage Scan
42Jerusalem, so bright and fairPage Scan
44I never will speak a wicked wordPage Scan
45Whither go ye, pilgrim strangersPage Scan
46Withhold the angry wordPage Scan
47My days are gliding swiftly byPage Scan
48Came a stranger, sad and wearyPage Scan
49This world is all full of joy to mePage Scan
50Open wide the garden gatePage Scan
51Come unto Him and He will give you rest;Page Scan
52O we are volunteers in the army of the LordPage Scan
54We are but minutes, little thingsPage Scan
55There are angels ever near usPage Scan
56The way to heaven is narrow and its blessedPage Scan
57Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep, watch around his flockPage Scan
58O how lovely, O how lovely, Zion, city Page Scan
60I'm going to be a soldierPage Scan
61Hast thou heard of the land where no sorrowPage Scan
62Soldier of Christ, be not cast downPage Scan
63There is a Friend, a faithful FriendPage Scan
64O forgive and forget, all the wrongs thou hast metPage Scan
65Children of the Sabbath SchoolPage Scan
66The children are gathering from near and from farPage Scan
68There's a home for the poor on that beautiful shorePage Scan
70Of thy love some gracious token Page Scan
71Children, do you love each otherPage Scan
72Now the Sabbath eve decliningPage Scan
73One place is vacantPage Scan
74How blest the happy evening's closePage Scan
75Weep not for him, motherPage Scan
76Welcome, welcome, pastor dearPage Scan
77Lord, we come to bless thy goodnessPage Scan
78God of the nations, hear usPage Scan
79Hear the tidings blestPage Scan
80Joy, joy, joy, come sing with us the storyPage Scan
82Another year has told its fourfold talePage Scan
83Hail to the opening yearPage Scan
84Away to the forest gladePage Scan
85Come and join us, dear companionsPage Scan
86Never forget the dear onesPage Scan
87One sweetly solemn thoughtPage Scan
88aI will lift up mine eyes unto the hillsPage Scan
88bThy will be done Page Scan
89aThe earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereofPage Scan
89bThe Lord is my shepherdPage Scan
90aGod bless our native land, Firm may shePage Scan
90bBeneath these broad blue skiesPage Scan
91aAround the throne of God in heaven, thousandsPage Scan
91bO gracious Lord, whose mercies risePage Scan
91cCalm on the bosom of thy GodPage Scan
92aLord, what offering [offerings] shall we bringPage Scan
92bPraise, O praise the name divinePage Scan
92cBless us, Father, at this hourPage Scan
93aStill one in life and one in deathPage Scan
93bBe you to others kind and truePage Scan
93cJesus, Thou Shepherd of the sheepPage Scan
93dDismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, HelpPage Scan
94Peace on earth, peace on earth, peace on earth, Page Scan
95Lift your hearts in adorationPage Scan
96Joy, joy to the nationsPage Scan
97O happy day of peace and lovePage Scan
98Lo the promised day is breakingPage Scan
99Lovely children of the gracesPage Scan

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