The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book: for use in divine worship

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1301Hold to the helm, sailor, when the skies are clearHOLD TO THE HELMTextPage Scan
1302Stand by the law once proclaimed from SinaiTextPage Scan
1303Hear the words our Saviour hath spokenBLESSED ARE THEY THAT DOTextPage Scan
1304Not one single jot or tittleBLESSED ARE THEY THAT DOTextPage Scan
1305What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?WHAT SAYS THE BIBLE?TextPage Scan
1306Searching the Scriptures, the blessed ScripturesGO AND INQUIRETextPage Scan
1307Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutesTEACH ME, O LORDTextPage Scan
1308To obey is better than sacrifice, the Lord hath saidTO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICETextPage Scan
1309Ask for the Guide Book, the Bible from heav'nASK FOR THE GUIDE BOOKTextPage Scan
1310Ask for the old paths, by the prophets trodASK FOR THE OLD PATHSTextPage Scan
1311Look upon the golden imageTHE FAITHFUL THREETextPage Scan
1312We love to tell the storyMORE TO DOTextPage Scan
1313Holy day, Jehovah's RestJEHOVAH'S RESTTextPage Scan
1314Open thou mine eyes OPEN THOU MINE EYESTextPage Scan
1315Thy word is a lamp unto my feet"THY WORD IS A LAMP UNTO MY FEET"TextPage Scan
1316Let us hear the conclusionHEAR THE CONCLUSIONTextPage Scan
1317Are you doers of the word, O my brothers?ARE YOU DOERS OF THE WORD?TextPage Scan
1318It may be at morn, when the day is awakingCHRIST RETURNETHTextPage Scan
1319Called to the feast by the King are weWHEN THE KING COMES INTextPage Scan
1320When Jesus shall gather the nationsHE WILL GATHER THE WHEAT IN HIS GARNERTextPage Scan
1321We know not the hour of the Master's appearingWE KNOW NOT THE HOURTextPage Scan
1322O Christian! have you heard it?HE'S COMING SOONTextPage Scan
1323We know not the time when he comethWAITING AND WATCHINGTextPage Scan
1324When thou comest in thy kingdomWHEN THOU COMESTTextPage Scan
1325The coming king is at the doorEVEN AT THE DOORTextPage Scan
1326Are you ready for the Bridegroom BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOMTextPage Scan
1327Only waiting till the shadowsWAITINGTextPage Scan
1328Oh, glory to God! it is coming againTHE YEAR OF JUBILEETextPage Scan
1329At the sounding of the trumpet, when the saints are gathered homeWHAT A GATHERING THAT WILL BE!TextPage Scan
1330Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ringJESUS IS COMING AGAINTextPage Scan
1331Sweet promise, I will come againHAPPY DAYTextPage Scan
1332In the glad time of the harvestWHEN THE KING SHALL CLAIM HIS OWNTextPage Scan
1333O'er all the land have the signs now appearedCOME, SAVIOUR, COMETextPage Scan
1334Watch, ye saints, with eyelids wakingJESUS COMESTextPage Scan
1335One sweetly solemn thoughtNEARER MY HOMETextPage Scan
1336The golden morning is fast approachingGLEAMS OF THE GOLDEN MORNINGTextPage Scan
1337The judgment has set, the books have been openedHOW SHALL WE STAND IN THE JUDGMENT?TextPage Scan
1338These words, said the Master, "I'm coming again"THE THREE MESSAGESTextPage Scan
1339Sweet promise is giv'n to all who believe"HOLD FAST TILL I COME"TextPage Scan
1340I am waiting for the morning ONLY WAITINGTextPage Scan
1341I am waiting for Jesus to welcome me homeWAITING FOR THEETextPage Scan
1342He is coming, yes, he's coming, with the holy angel bandCOMING ON THE CLOUDTextPage Scan
1343Shall we stand at His coming, His glorious comingSHALL WE STAND AT HIS COMING?TextPage Scan
1344Look for the way-marks as you journey onLOOK FOR THE WAY-MARKSTextPage Scan
1345When the Judge shall weigh our motivesWEIGHED AND WANTINGTextPage Scan
1346Beautiful valley of EdenBEAUTIFUL VALLEY OF EDENTextPage Scan
1347Beyond the smiling and the weepingBEYONDTextPage Scan
1348"Land ahead!" its fruits are wavingSAFE WITHIN THE VAILTextPage Scan
1349The sands of time are sinkingIMMANUEL'S LANDTextPage Scan
1350I'll sing you a song of a cityTHE HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLDTextPage Scan
1351I think of a home in the kingdom of restKINGDOM OF RESTTextPage Scan
1352When we hear the music ringing SHALL WE KNOW EACH OTHER THERE?TextPage Scan
1353There's a land that is fairer than daySWEET BY AND BYTextPage Scan
1354When the mists have rolled in splendorWE SHALL KNOWTextPage Scan
1355When Jesus calls his jewels[When Jesus calls his jewels] TextPage Scan
1356Oh, think of the home over thereTHE HOME OVER THERETextPage Scan
1357I will sing you a song of that beautiful landHOME OF THE SOULTextPage Scan
1358"Forever with the Lord!"FOREVER WITH THE LORDTextPage Scan
1359I'm going home; the tidings comeGOING HOMETextPage Scan
1360On Jordan's stormy banks I standON JORDAN'S STORMY BANKSTextPage Scan
1361There is a land of corn and wineBEULAH LANDTextPage Scan
1362Shall we gather at the riverSHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER?TextPage Scan
1363Cheer up, weary heart, with joy you may runTHEY SHALL SHINE AS THE SUNTextPage Scan
1364Angel voices sweetly singingHEAVEN AT LASTTextPage Scan
1365We are joyously voyaging over the mainTHE EVERGREEN SHORETextPage Scan
1366O the beautiful hills where the saints will restTHE BEAUTIFUL HILLSTextPage Scan
1367This is not my place of restingREST YONDERTextPage Scan
1368Shall we meet beyond the riverSHALL WE MEET?TextPage Scan
1369Shall we meet beyond the riverBEYOND THE RIVERTextPage Scan
1370Shall we meet beyond the riverBEYOND THE RIVERTextPage Scan
1371We shall meet beyond the riverWE SHALL MEETTextPage Scan
1372Go bury thy sorrowGO BURY THY SORROWTextPage Scan
1373When peace, like a river, attendeth my wayIT IS WELL WITH MY SOULTextPage Scan
1374When we lay our burdens downSOMETIMETextPage Scan
1375Sorrow and care may meetHE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEPTextPage Scan
1376Sorrowful mourner, silently weepSHE SLEEPS HER LAST SLEEPTextPage Scan
1377Cast thy burden on the Lord"CAST THY BURDEN ON THE LORD"TextPage Scan
1378Water, pure water, that sparkles so brightWATER, PURE WATERTextPage Scan
1379Sound the battle crySOUND THE BATTLE CRYTextPage Scan
1380Ring it out! ring it out on ev'ry handRING IT OUTTextPage Scan
1381There's a battle song to singKEY NOTE SONGTextPage Scan
1382Yield not to temptationYIELD NOT TO TEMPTATIONTextPage Scan
1383Look not upon the wine LOOK NOT UPON THE WINETextPage Scan
1384Launch the life-boat! see; the ship is stranding!LAUNCH THE LIFE-BOAT!TextPage Scan
1385Standing by a purpose trueDARE TO BE A DANIELTextPage Scan
1386Pure, cold water! PURE, COLD WATERTextPage Scan
1387Out from the campfire's red glowingSLEEPING ON GUARDTextPage Scan
1388Brittannia, rouse thee! queen Isle of the OceanINTERNATIONAL TEMPERANCE HYMNTextPage Scan
1389Raise the standard high RAISE THE STANDARD HIGHTextPage Scan
1390Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging[Wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging]TextPage Scan
1391Hear the temp'rance callTHE TEMPERANCE CALLTextPage Scan
1392Master, the tempest is raging!PEACE, BE STILL!TextPage Scan
1393We lay us calmly down to sleepWE LAY US DOWN TO SLEEPTextPage Scan
1394It was not sleep that bound my sightDREAM OF PILATE'S WIFETextPage Scan
1395Let us gather up the sunbeamsSCATTER SEEDS OF KINDNESSTextPage Scan
1396O Galilee, sweet GalileeGALILEE, SWEET GALILEETextPage Scan
1397Onward, Christian soldiers!ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERSTextPage Scan
1398O'er the hill the sun is settingNEARER HOMETextPage Scan
1399The Lord in Zion reignethTHE LORD IN ZION REIGNETHTextPage Scan
1400aSound an alarm, all ye watchmen, for the day of the Lord is nearUNION ANTHEMTextPage Scan

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