The Shenandoah Harmony: A collection of shape-note tunes, ancient and modern, for singing groups large or small

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0When Jesus wept, the falling tearWHEN JESUS WEPTTune Info
1ALord, what is man, poor feeble manDUBLIN
1BSweet is the work, my God, my KingROCKBRIDGE
2AMy God, thy boundless love we praiseRHODE ISLAND
2BThou great mysterious God unknownRHODE ISLAND
3AO for a closer walk with GodWALK WITH GOD
3BI sing a song which doth belongNORTH CAROLINA
4ARejoice my friends, the Lord is KingKNOXVILLE
4BO happy day, that fix'd my choiceGRAVITY
5AThe lands that long in darkness layANGEL’S HYMN
5BStay, thou insulted Spirit! Stay!BREAKER
6ABehold, the Savior of mankindASBURY
6BWelcome, sweet day of restLISBON
7AO thou that hear'st when sinners crySUPPLICATION
7BMy God, accept my early vowsWINCHESTER
8One night, as I lay musingSWEET MESSENGER
9AAwake, my heart; arise, my tongueBRAY
9BLord, shall we part with gold for drossISLE OF WIGHT
10Since man by sin has lost his GodSOMETHING NEW
11Come away to the skies, my beloved ariseEXULTATION
12ADeath! What a solemn word to all!LIBERTY HALL
12BThy way, O God, is in the seaSTROUDWATER
13AI cannot bear thine absence, LordBOURBON
13BLet Zion and her sons rejoiceBETHEL
14In the deserts let me laborMISSIONARY'S FAREWELL
15I'm tired of visits, modes, and formsCONVERSE
16They who long in sin have lainTHE MARTIAL TRUMPET
17The Lord is great, ye host of heav'n adore himTHE LORD IS GREAT
18AThat glorious day is drawing nighCANAAN
18BO thou in whose presence my soul takes delightA SONG OF TEXAS
19Happy the city where their sonsWOODBURY
20Come, saints and sinners, hear me tellHEAVENLY UNION
21Arise, my tender thoughts, ariseTENDER THOUGHT
22ABehold th'afflicted manAFFLICTED MAN
22BAnd am I born to die?PSALM 30
23With inward pain my heartstrings soundWESLEY
24AOnce more, my soul, the rising dayCONSOLATION
24BIs not thy name melodious stillHAPPINESS
25We are passing away from this beautiful earthDAMASCUS
26As on the cross the Savior hungDYING PENITENT
27Twas on that dark, that doleful nightBROOKFIELD
28ACome, holy spirit, heav'nly doveHEAVENLY DOVE
28BAt anchor laid, remote from homePEACEFUL SHORE
29Naked as from the earth we cameHATFIELD
30Say, mighty love, and teach my songFEW HAPPY MATCHES
31Soldiers of the cross, ariseBRUCE'S ADDRESS
32Save me, O God! the swelling floodsSUTTON NEW
33Sinners hear the Savior's callFLORILLA
34Remember, sinful youth, you must die!SOLEMN THOUGHT
35There is a land of pleasureROSE TREE
36Jesus, full of all compassionOUR JOURNEY HOME
37The people called ChristiansSPIRITUAL SAILOR
38Farewell, honor's empty prideROME
39Show pity Lord, O Lord forgiveWILLIAMSTOWN
40Blessed are the sons of GodROAD'S TOWN
41The finest flow'r that e'er was knownFLOWER
42The Prince of salvation is coming, prepareBLOOMING WILDERNESS
43ABegin, my soul, the lofty strainBARBY
43BBlest are the men of peaceBOTETOURT
44Not a drum beat was heard, not a funeral noteBURIAL
45Hail, sov'reign love, which first beganHIDING PLACE
46O when shall I see JesusCONQUERING SOLDIER
47The Lord hath eyes to give the blindPSALM 46
48Thro' all the world belowCAPTAIN KIDD
49Well might the sun in darkness hideMARIETTA
50To shepherds, as they watch'd by nightFREWSBURGH
51The man that views his guilt and sinSUSSEX
52Hark, my soul! It is the LordDAVID'S VICTORY
53Farewell, dear brethren of the Lord!LISBON
54Christians, awake! salute this happy mornWALWORTH
55Come, dear friend, and don't neglect itBALL HILL
56Salvation, through our dying GodMARYVILLE
57Why do we mourn departing friendsNEW ORLEANS
58Death is to us a sweet reposeSAINTS' REPOSE
60AThy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songVERSAILLES
60BIn evil long I took delightIN EVIL LONG
61Tis winter now; the fallen snowWABASH
62Wrapt in the silence of the nightRAPTUROUS SCENE
63Hail! scenes of felicity, transport, and joyCOLDWATER
64I hear the voice of woe!FOSTER
65ABreak off your fears, ye saints, and tellSALEM
65BI love the holy son of GodI LOVE THE HOLY SON OF GOD
66Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no moreNIGHT OF THE GRAVE
67God is our refuge in distressGREENFIELD
68In all my vast concerns with theeWARD
69Hosanna, with a cheerful soundALSTEAD
70AI love thee my Savior, I love thee my LordIMANDRA
70BSweet is the mem'ry of thy graceMARCUS HOOK
71O God, why hast thou thusHICKMAN
72A fierce unrest seethes at the coreSALVATION
73Burst, ye em'rald gates, and bringEXULTATION
74Come on, my fellow-pilgrims, comeCOME ON, MY FELLOW-PILGRIMS
75My friends, I bid you all farewellFAREWELL
76ABehold! with awful pompDOOMSDAY
76BDeath shall not destroy my comfortMOUNT WATSON
77O hearken, sinners, we have causeCOLLINS
78Come, Holy Spirit, come!STAFFORD
79Ye sons of earth prepare the plowHECK
80When peace, like a river, attendeth my wayPOMERANIA
81Hail the blest morn when the great mediatorSHEPHERD'S STAR

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