Johann Baptist von Albertini

Short Name: Johann Baptist von Albertini
Full Name: Albertini, Johann Baptist von
Birth Year: 1769
Death Year: 1831

Albertini, Johann Baptist. s. of Jakob Ulrich v. Albertini, a native of the Grisons, Switzerland, who had joined the Moravians, and settled among them at Neuwied, near Coblenz, b. at Neuwied Feb. 17, 1769. After passing through the Moravian school at Niesky, and their Theological Seminary at Barby, in both of, which he had Friedrich Schlciermacher as a fellow-student, he was, in 1788, appointed one of the masters in the Moravian school at Niesky, and in 1789 at Barby. In 1796, he was appointed tutor at the Theological Seminary at Niesky, and ordained as diaconus of the Moravian Church. Up to this time he had devoted himself chiefly to the study of the Oriental languages, and of botany, but now his studies of Holy Scripture for his theological lectures and for the pulpit, brought him to the feet of Christ, whose earnest and devoted disciple and witness he henceforth became. In 1804 he relinquished his tutorial work to devote himself entirely to ministerial labour in Niesky, where he was, in 1810, ordained presbyter. In Feb. 1814 he went to Gnadenberg, near Bunzlau, Silesia, as head of the Girls' School, and preacher; and while on a visit to Herrnhut, was, Aug. 24, 1814, constituted a bishop of the Moravian Church. By the synod of 1818, he was appointed to Gnadenfrei, near Reichenbach, Silesia, and after three years of faithful and successful labour, was chosen one of the heads of the Moravian Church (one of the UnitatS'Aeltesten-Conferenz), his special department being the oversight of their charitable and educational establishments ; and in 1824 President of the Conference. In love and meekness he ruled and visited the churches till, in Nov. 1831, an illness seized him, which terminated fatally at Berthelsdorf, near Herrnhut, Dec. 6, 1831. (Koch, vii. 330-334; Allg. Deutsche Biog., i. 216-217.) Distinguished as a preacher beyond the bounds of his church, he was, in the estimation of Koch, apart from Novalis, the most important hymn-writer of his time— spiritual, simple, and childlike. Yet it must be said that his brother Moravian, G. B. Garve, and E. M. Arndt, are more fully represented in hymnals since 1820. Albertini's hymns appeared to the number of 400, (many, however, being single verses,) in his Geistliche Lieder fur Mitglieder und Freunde der Bruder-yemeine, Bunzlau, 1821 (2nd ed. 1827). None of them have passed into English common use, and the only three we have to note are:—

    i. Brenne hell, du Lampe meiner Seele. [Second Advent.] On the Lamp of the Wise Virgin. 1st pub. 1821, as above, p. 139, in 3 stanzas of 8 lines. The only translation is, "Lamp within me! brightly burn and glow," by Miss Winkworth, 1869, p. 311.
    ii. Freund, komm in der Fruhe. [Morning.] 1st pub. 1821, as above, p. 273, in 5 st. of 10 1. Tr. as, " Come at the morning hour," by Miss Borthwick in Hymns from the Land of Luther 1862 (cd. 1862, p. 256; 1884, p. 190).
    iii. Langst suchtest du, mein Geist! ein nahes Wesen. [Christmas.] 1st pub. 1821, as above, p. 9, in 5 stanzas of 6 lines. Translated as, "Long in the spirit world my soul had sought," by Miss Winkworth, 1855, p. 191 (later eds. p. 193), assigned to St. Thomas's Day.

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Johannes Baptista von Albertini (17 February 1769 – 6 December 1831) was a German botanist, mycologist and clergyman of the Moravian Church. He was born in the town of Neuwied. He studied theology in Niesky and at the seminary in Barby. During this period he became a friend of Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834), who later became a renowned theologian. In 1796 Albertini became a lecturer at the seminary in Niesky, and in 1804 was a minister in Niesky. In 1814 he was elected bishop, and in 1824 was chairman of the Unitätsältestenkonferenz, the denomination's executive board, in Berthelsdorf. He was a gifted speaker and a highly influential minister, and in 1805 a compilation of his sermons was published as 30 Predigten für Freunde und Mitglieder der Brüdergemeine (Thirty Sermons for Friend

Texts by Johann Baptist von Albertini (15)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Auf, ihr HandelsleuteJohann B. von Albertini (Author)3
Brenne hell du lampe meiner seeleJohann B. von Albertini (Author)2
Deine Todten sollen leben, So toents, und MeerJohann B. von Albertini (Author)4
Ehre sei, Ehre sei Gott in der Hoeh'Johann B. von Albertini (Author)2
Geh und säe Tränen-SaatJohann B. von Albertini (Author)German8
God, Who madest earth and heaven, Father, Son and Holy GhostH. Alberti (Author)English1
Hjem jeg længes, Ak, i VerdenJohann B. von Albertini (Author)Norwegian5
Ihr Hirten, auf wir wollen frohJohann Baptist von Albertini (Author)2
In stiller AbendstundeJohann Baptist von Albertini (Author)2
Long in the spirit world my soul had soughtJohann B. von Albertini (Author)English3
Moege deine sel'ge LiebeJohann Baptist von Albertini (Author)2
O Liebe, du fuer michJohann B. von Albertini (Author)4
Reicht, Brüder, euch die HändeJohann Baptist von Albertini (Author)2
Stuermen, o du GottesboteJohann B. von Albertini (Author)2
Wollt ihr weggehen, fragt der MeisterJohann B. von Albertini (Author)3

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