James M. Black

James M. Black
Short Name: James M. Black
Full Name: Black, James M. (James Milton), 1856-1938
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1938

James Milton Black (19 August 1856 – 21 December 1938) was an American composer of hymns, choir leader and Sunday school teacher.

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Are you walking in the light of GodJames M. Black (Author)11
As I sat by mother's sideJames M. Black (Author)4
Come back to the homepathJ. M. B. (Author)2
Cuando la trompeta sueneJames M. Black (Author)5
Cuando suene la trompeta en el día del SeñorJaime M. Black (Author)2
Every passing day, all along life's wayJames M. Black (Author)2
Far above the starry sky tonightJames M. Black (Author)2
God is here, and that to bless usJames Milton Black (Author)2
Guds basun skall ljuda snartJ. M. B. (Author)2
He knows the trials of each dayJ. M. B. (Author)2
How he ever came to save meJames M. Black (Author)2
I am facing homeward todayJames M. Black (Author)1
I am not afraid to go with Christ, my LordJ. M. B. (Author)2
I have anchored my soul inJames M. Black (Author)2
I have been upon the mountainJ. M. B. (Author)2
I have heard of a city whose builder is GodJames M. Black (Author)2
I have walked On the mountain of gladness and joyJ. M. B. (Author)2
I must tell the precious story of Christ my KingJ. M. B. (Author)2
I need Jesus every dayJames M. Black (Author)2
I was wandering far astrayJames M. Black (Author)2
I would be faithful to Jesus each dayJ. M. B. (Author)2
I would be true to Christ my LordJames M. Black (Author)2
I'm walking with Jesus from day to dayJames M. Black (Author)1
In the deepest grief and painJames M. Black (Author)2
In the morning I will singJames M. Black (Author)2
Jesus will be near to dispel all fearJames M. Black (Author)2
Leaning on Jesus, can aught betide meJames M. Black (Author)4
My Savior is my Staff and ShieldJames M. Black (Author)2
N'r de ljuda, Guds basuner, och ej tidJames M. Black (Author)2
O make me a blessing, dear Savior, for theeJ. M. B. (Author)2
O the love of JesusJames M. Black (Author)2
Our sorrows all, will be over when we get homeJames M. Black (Author)2
Quando Cristo a trombeta lá do céu mandar tocarJames Milton Black (Author)2
Since Jesus my Savior from sin rescued meJames M. Black (Author)3
Since the Savior came into my heartJames M. Black (Author)2
Some sweet day we'll meet up yonder, Far beyondJames M. Black (Author)2
Suffering Savior, hear my cryJames M. Black (Author)2
The world is growing better every dayJ. M. B. (Author)2
There is a blessed home aboveJames M. Black (Author)2
There is no other Friend like JesusJames M. Black (Author)2
There's a beautiful land in the somewhere of GodJ. M. B. (Author)2
There's a joy in my heart since the Savior cameJ. M. B. (Author)2
Time with its tempests is passing away (Black)James M. Black (Author)6
'Tis sweet to know that Jesus loves us (Black)James M. Black (Author)2
We shall reign with him in gloryJames M. Black (Author)2
Wenn beim Schalle der Posaunen die Erlösten sich dem ThronJames M. Black (Author)1
When Jesus walks beside meJames M. Black (Author)2
When our work on earth is done, and the crownJames M. Black (Author)2
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no moreJames M. Black, 1856-1938 (Author)365
While the busy days are passingJ. M. B. (Author)3

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