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F. A. Blackmer

Short Name: F. A. Blackmer
Full Name: Blackmer, F. A. (Francis Augustus), 1855-1930
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1930

Blackmer, Francis Augustus. (Ware, Massachusetts, February 17, 1855--October 8, 1930, Somerville, Massachusetts). Advent Christian musician. His parents, Augustus and Jane Blackmer, were among those caught up in the excitement of the Millerite Movement. One son, Fred, became an Advent Christian minister. Francis, with a talent recognized at an early age, consecrated his own life to Christian service as a musician. He was immersed in baptism at the Adventist campmeeting in Springfield, Massachusetts, by Elder Miles Grant.

His early years were spend in central Massachusetts, his schooling at Wilbraham Academy. He was largely self-taught in harmony and musical composition. He wrote the words and music to his first gospel song, "Out on the fathomless sea," at the age of sixteen. Altogether he wrote over 300 gospel songs about the Second Coming, witnessing and working for the Lord, and praises to God's Holy Name. A few of these have circulated widely outside his own denomination. His final text, "I shall see him, And be like him," came when he was so weak that his friend, Clarence M. Seamans, had to supply the music. He used the pseudonym, A. Francis, with some of his early songs.

Blackmer's first anthology was The Gospel Awakening, (1888). Subsequent gospel songbooks with which he was associated were: Singing by the Way (1895), Carols of Hope (1906), The Golden Sheaf, No. 2 (1916), and Songs of Coming Glory (1926).

Most of his adult life was spent in Somerville, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, where he had a prosperous piano business. In the 1890s, his "Francis A. Blackmer Pianos" were made for him by the Washington Hall Piano Company of Boston. Later, his "Good as Gold Pianos" were manufactured by the Christman Piano Company of New York City and shipped directly to his customers throughout New England.

In Somerville, Blackmer served as choirmaster and song-leader in the Advent Christian Church for many years. He was also an elder of the church until his death. From 1914 until his death, he was songleader at the mid-summer Alton Bay Campmeeting on Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hapshire. There his High Rock Hill was both a salesroom and a summer cottage over the years. He was a member of the board of directors of the campmeeting association for several years. Very popular were his singing sessions on the campground square between suppertim and evening services, and a final sing into the small hours of the night following the final service of the campmeeting.

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Texts by F. A. Blackmer (126)sort descendingAsInstances
A land by faith I seeF. A. B. (Author)27
A little more rough tossingF. A. B. (Author)2
A pilgrim worn and wearyF. A. B. (Author)2
A warfare is ragingF. A. B. (Author)2
All glory to the Savior'sF. A. B. (Author)2
All glory to the Savior's nameF. A. B. (Author)1
All praise to the Son for what he has doneF. A. B. (Author)2
An angel came down to Bethesda's poolF. A. B. (Author)6
Are you lonely and worn and sadF. A. B. (Author)2
As a Christian bandF. A. B. (Author)8
"At some convenient season,"a young man saidFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)6
Bear the cross for Jesus, bear the cross todayF. A. B. (Author)3
Behold that mother's waywardFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Behold that mother's wayward sonFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
Behold, what love, what boundless love, The Father hath bestowed (MSS)F. A. B. (Author)19
Bless the Lord! praise his name! hallelujah!Francis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Brother to a feast invitedF. A. B. (Author)2
Christian, are you growing wearyF. A. B. (Author)10
Christian soldier, worn with serviceF. A. B. (Author)8
Come over, lost one, come over the line todayF. A. B. (Author)3
Drifting on to judgmentF. A. B. (Author)2
Father, now hear me prayF. A. B. (Author)2
Glorious scene, those three appallingF. A. B. (Author)2
Glory to Jesus, He saves even meFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)8
Go, when the morning shinethF. A. Blackmer (Author (v. 3))1
Hail, thou once rejected Jesus, Now the everlastingFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
How far, how far to the city of goldF. A. B. (Arr. & author (v. 4))5
How precious the thought when with sorrows we meetFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)5
I came to the Savior, found rest to my soulF. A. B. (Author)2
I do believe the Bible, the blessed word of GodF. A. B. (Author)19
I have been redeemed from the power of sinF. A. B. (Author)1
I hear thy voice, O LordFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)4
I know that Jesus saves me, O wondrous, wondrous thoughtF. A. B. (Author)2
I shall see him and be like himFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
I will bless the Lord forevermoreF. A. B. (Author)3
I will build my house upon the rockF. A. B. (Author)3
I will not shrink from fiery trialsF. A. B. (Author)3
I would do each duty hereF. A. Blackmer (Author)8
In darkness I wandered till Jesus I foundF. A. B. (Author)5
In that country which lies over JordanF. A. B. (Author)5
In the dark and cloudy dayFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
It is sweet to think of the Saviour's wordsF. A. B. (Author)2
Jesus calls, your heart would winFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)5
Jesus is calling thee, O, hearF. A. B. (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, is coming againFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Just beyond these earthly scenes, Past the vail that intervenesFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Like Lot and his kindred vain worldlingF. A. B. (Author)2
List to the sentry's call Who goes thereF. A. B. (Author)2
Lo here another ChristmasF. A. B. (Author)2
Look away to Calvary there behold the agonyFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Lord, in thy vineyard as helpers each dayF. A. B. (Author)2
My feet are so weary with the marchFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)5
Not wailing cries nor bells that tollF. A. B. (Arranger)1
Now will I praise thy name and singF. A. B. (Author)4
O come to the blessed SaviorF. A. B. (Author)3
O prodigal, now returnFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
O the promise of the blessed wordF. A. B. (Author)3
O what a loving Friend have IF. A. B. (Author)3
O where are the toilers for Jesus todayFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
O would you share the blessingsFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
Oft when tossed on ocean's foamF. A. B. (Author)2
O beautiful city, O glorious cityF. A. B. (Author)1
O soul oppressed with sin and guiltF. A. B. (Author)3
O the promise, blessed promiseF. A. B. (Author)5
O while the moments lingerF. A. B. (Author)4
On sin's dark mountain lyingFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
On the Savior I've believedF. A. B. (Author)2
On thy journey to the homelandF. A. B. (Author)5
Once again on the old camp meeting groundFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Once I thought I walked with JesusF. A. B. (Author)40
Once to the Lord, there came a trembling soulF. A. B. (Author)2
Only believe, how can I, Lord F. A. B. (Arranger)1
Our God shall pour on usF. A. B. (Author)2
Out on the highways wherever we goF. A. Blackmer (Author (vs. 3))1
Paz con Dios, busqué ganarlaFrancis A Blackmer (Author)3
Pilgrims in a hostile landF. A. B. (Author)2
Rejoice, ye sons of men! Your brightest praises yieldF. A. B. (Author)1
Save Master that we perish notF. A. B. (Author)2
Savior, dear, I have heard of Thy wonderful wordF. A. B. (Author)3
Say, is your lamp burning, my brotherF. A. B. (Alterer)1
See, a sail amid the fearful breakersF. A. B. (Author)5
Seek the Lord, we invite you, brotherF. A. B. (Author)2
Simply trusting Christ my LordF. A. B. (Author)4
Swing back for one moment, fair portalsFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)17
Take my hand, O Father, take itF. A. B. (Arranger)1
Tell me the old, sweet story of JesusF. A. B. (Author)4
The Crucified of Calvary has taken all my loadF. A. B. (Author)8
The great day is nearingFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)4
The love of Christ is boundlessF. A. B. (Author)4
The Savior knocksF. A. B. (Author)2
There are memories that cluster in my heartF. A. B. (Author)2
There is a country just over thereFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)4
There is a place most dear to thoseFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
There is no work that I can doF. A. B. (Author)4
There was no room for him in the innF. A. B. (Author)2
There'll be a shout in the camp some dayF. A. B. (Author)2
There's a better world than this just over yonderF. A. B. (Author)2
There's a glad song welling up within my soulF. A. B. (Author)2
There's a pathway that leads unto lifeF. A. B. (Author)2
There's a promised future, a golden ageF. A. B. (Author)2
There is never a day so sunnyF. A. B. (Author)4
They crucified my blessed LordF. A. B. (Author)2
This is the old time gospelF. A. B. (Author)2
Thou dear Redeemer, dying LambF. A. B. (Author)1
Together they are growingF. A. B. (Author)1
Unto thy Father's dwellingF. A. B. (Author)3
Upon the broad highway, brotherF. A. B. (Author)3
Upon the King's highwayFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)5
Wanderer, Jesus calls, O hear his voiceFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
We are marching along, Bound for Canaan and gloryFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
We shall not all sleepF. A. B. (Author)2
Wenn dereinst die Erlösten sich scharenF. A. B. (Author)2
What is that in thine hand, child, discouraged and sad?Francis A. Blackmer (Author)5
When I was far away and lostFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
When our Lord was here in the olden timeF. A. B. (Author)5
When the hosts redeemed to Zion comeFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
When the hosts redeemed to Zion come With gladness and with songF. A. B. (Author)3
When the Savior in his gloryFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)4
When the servants of God have been calledF. A. B. (Author)3
When we enter the portals of glory, And the great host of ransomed we seeF. A. B. (Author)24
When we gather at last over JordanF. A. B. (Author)14
While here on the earth as a pilgrimF. A. B. (Author)3
Who are those pilgrimsF. A. B. (Author)2
Why, in darkness gropeF. A. B. (Author)2
Wondrous the favor of Christ to meFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)3
Would you have the Lord in the last great dayFrancis A. Blackmer (Author)2
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