John E. Bode

John E. Bode
John Ernest Bode
Short Name: John E. Bode
Full Name: Bode, John Ernest, 1816-1874
Birth Year: 1816
Death Year: 1874

Bode, John Ernest, M.A., son of Mr. William Bode, late of the General Post Office, b. 1816, and educated at Eton, the Charter House, and at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating B.A. 1837, and M.A. in due course. Taking Holy Orders in 1841, he became Rector of Westwell, Oxfordshire, 1847; and then of Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire, 1860. He was also for a time Tutor of his College, and Classical Examiner. His Bampton Lectures were delivered in 1855. He d. at Castle Camps, Oct. 6, 1874. In addition to his Bampton Lectures, and Ballads from Herodotus, he published Hymns from the Gospel of the Day for each Sunday and Festivals of our Lord, 1860; and Short Occasional Poems, Lond., Longmans, 1858. In addition to his well-known hymn, “O Jesu, I have promised " (q. v.), the following from his Hys. from the Gospel are also in common use:—
1. God of heaven, enthroned in might. H. Trinity.
2. Spirit of Truth, indwelling Light. Whitsuntide.

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bode, John E. , p. 151, ii. Additional pieces from his Hys.from the Gospel of the Day, &c, 1800, are in common use :— (1) "Sweetly the Sabbath bell" (Sunday); (2) "Thou Who hast called us by Thy word" (20th S. after Trinity).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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John Ernest Bode (February 13, 1816 – October 6, 1874) was an Anglican priest, educator, poet, and hymnist.

Texts by John E. Bode (12)sort descendingAsInstances
نذرت يا يسوعJohn E. Bode (Author)2
All wondering on the desert groundJohn E. Bode (Author)2
Eu resolvi seguir-te, Jesus, até o fimJohn Ernest Bode (Author)2
Jesús, yo he prometidoJohn E. Bode (Author)9
O Jesus, give me courage to serveJohn Ernest Bode (Author)2
O Jesus, I have promisedJohn E. Bode (Author)500
O let me feel thee near meJohn E. Bode (Author)2
O Savior, I have promisedJohn Ernest Bode (Author)3
Spirit of truth, indwelling LightJohn E. Bode (Author)2
Sweetly the Sabbath bell steals on the airJohn E. Bode (Author)17
Thou, who hast called us by thy wordJohn E. Bode (Author)4
Ua ho'opa'a au e IesuJohn E. Bode, 1816-1874 (Author)2

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